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  1. I am seriously considering an ebike. I had a tough battle with Covid and it seems my lung capacity is not where it used to be before. I want to continue my bike riding, but at my age (56) and coming out of Covid I may have to make some modifications. Thanks for the video

  2. There’s commuter e bikes. I wouldn’t submerge the motor in water but they can hold up against splashes and riding in the rain. That’s one bad ass e mtb.

  3. Hi there I hired the exact trek model in the 突 Cannock Chase
    I absolutely loved it
    Only bad point hard to wheelie
    Just saving to purchase one know
    2020 model most like the one I purchase..

  4. thanks for making this video, enjoyed it

  5. So did you go home and buy an Ebike? And great video. Thanks

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