12 Tips For Riding Your Electric Bike in Winter

12 Tips For Riding Your Electric Bike in Winter

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  1. YesSiRr!! Winter in Australia is a little different mate!! Haha!! We pretty much Ryde 24/ 7, 365days a year!! Sorry bro!! 20tWeNty1 heRe we gO!!

  2. None of "your" tips actually apply to an ebike more than any standard bike being ridden in winter. These are the same common-sense tips winter riders have been using for decades now, since long before you were born. You should have addressed battery charging in cold temps. That’s the only real difference that ebike owners have to deal with over any standard bike riders. But it goes to show how much of a pain in the ass changing rubber is with a hub-motor when you won’t even do it for a potentially money-making video. I know, I know, a possible trip somewhere, sometime stopped you. Got it. You really should expand your horizons… you only have one way to go, up. To everyone else… Do Not listen to people that profit from You spending Your money. Low-end bikes and low-end gear is going to leave you disappointed at the least and stranded at the worst. If you want to buy an ebike, and when you regularly shop for something you only look at the cheapest priced versions of that item (Spam over Ham), then Ariel and Rad will be happy to take your money… with a little on the side for people that try to sway your decision by shouting their praise even if only through a lack of experience. It’s even worse when they do it for personal profit and know what they are saying is BS. Everyone stay safe. – https://photos.app.goo.gl/ADgC6oyPM2gyrCq27

  3. Schwalbe studded! Now I have to put them on now. I have them in the box but the holidays got me behind on installation. Great tips.

  4. Anthony’s trains and stuff January 7, 2021 @ 10:40 pm

    1st btw great vid

  5. I think those tips you offer are great!
    The only thing is that my experience is different as regards tip # 8; whether to choose a long jacket or a short jacket.
    I have found that a long jacket tends to get caught on the back of the saddle; so now for riding, I would choose only a waist level jacket.

  6. Great tips. These are some of the tips I used when winter hiking, so keep it up !!

  7. Yes absolutely ride in winter but, I live in Florida. We do have cold spells here in winter but we only take a short break from summer activities when the winter cold spells happen. Move south my friend!

  8. Great suggestions! Thank you!

  9. Thanks for the video Ryan! Do I ride in the winter? Definitely! I was one of those crazy kids who kept riding until the snow got too deep. No much has changed, lol. I stopped snow riding for a while because I didn’t have a suitable bike, and I certainly didn’t want my marathon bike getting wet. That all changed with the RadMini. I made a mistake on my very first electric snow ride, assuming that a shiny parking lot was just wet. Nope! It was black ice and I went down hard. But I got back up and started practicing. Ice is no problem now.

    For clothing on the lower half, I wear thermal underclothes, thick regular pants, thick socks, and water resistant shoes. For the upper body it’s a thermal undershirt, regular long sleeve shirt, fleece pullover with hood, then a Venustas electric vest that zips up to protect my neck, and finally a good windbreaker with a mesh liner. For the helmet, I use a Yema open face motorcycle helmet with a full face shield and retractable sun visor. It’s like being indoors, and I solved the fogging issue with a pinless anti-fog shield that acts like a double pane window. The only thing cold after that was my chin, so I wear a regular face mask and pull it down so it only covers my chin, then pull it up to the proper position if I need to open my face shield to talk to anyone. And lastly, I use heated gloves which work ok, but my cold thumbs wish I had bought some more expensive ones!

    The bike itself has been great, though I wish the tires were "knobbier" as you say. I had four or five times where the back wheel spun, and had to be careful going up slushy hills. Today I rode 16 miles, and only 5% of that was on clear pavement. The rest was snow, slush, and ice, and when I had the open road to myself with no intersections, I did cruise at 20mph. Slush and water normally don’t bother this bike, but I did notice wetness in the battery connectors when I removed the battery. I ordered some silicone caps, and will probably ride with just my second battery safe and warm in the rear rack bag. I keep my bike in the house, but when it’s messy, I take it to the back patio to rinse off. 10 minutes of drip dry, then I bring it in for a towel dry. Don’t forget to clean and lube your drivetrain!

  10. Do you ride your electric bike in winter?

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