201 mph @ 6.94 sec – Lawless OCC Electric Drag Bike & Larry "Spiderman" McBride

201 mph @ 6.94 sec – Lawless OCC Electric Drag Bike & Larry "Spiderman" McBride

The Lawless Electric Rocket bike piloted by Larry “Spiderman” McBride made history May 4, 2012 with a National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) DMC/A3 record run of 6.940 at 201.37 mph making it the first electric vehicle to break 200 mph in the quarter mile! The 355 volt Rocket bike was built by Lawless Industries and Orange County Choppers.

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  1. That start was so insane 馃榾

  2. Darwin Betancur March 10, 2021 @ 9:58 pm

    Sounds like a thunder!

  3. WELL SHIT!!!

  4. Man that’s not a bike, that’s a rocket!

  5. the electric vs. internal combustion reminds me of the old days of horse vs. car.
    On the other hand, I will bi**hslap any1 who says they are more environmentally-friendsly.

  6. Larry McBride is Kenny Powers real life brother.

  7. electrics will never be fast they said. it doesnt have enough torque they said.

  8. 1:00 who else thought a woman is shouting? Lol

  9. The AC induction motor is brushless and has been since 1888, but this motor has been limited to applications where speed requirement is fixed. It was not until the 1980’s that the vector variable frequency drive came about to control AC motor speed and torque. AC motor setups are very complicated to get performance out of because you have to know WAY more stuff then with a DC system. With DC motors more current gives you more torque and more voltage gives you more speed. continued….

  10. Hello future

  11. no harley to eat at the end of the track?

  12. Very easy on electric Motor.

  13. in metric system 324.07 km/H

    Which means that thing travel 90 meter in 1 second!!!!!!!!!

    That’s insane….

  14. Is that thing powered by lightning or something?!?!?!?!?!!?

    Swear I heard Thunder @0:48 followed by a Jet engine or something lol 馃榾

  15. Weird anyway. Good old Internal Combustion rules the World.

  16. i wonder what type of electric motor they have on that thing and how quickly it drains the battery

  17. Lawless performance out of Poland Ohio helped build this bike. All I can say is WOW!

  18. Hans-Henrik Thomsen March 10, 2021 @ 10:18 pm

    check this out: https://youtu.be/5UxeZ8hY13c – we hope to get that record some day soon

  19. RC Robinson-san March 10, 2021 @ 10:18 pm


  20. New transmission CVT design by BitRaptor. Is a continuously variable transmission CVT gear only (the only one functional in the world), very compact and lightweight, and which could replace the current systems both for efficiency, simplicity and not least the costs.

    Because this CVT work only with pinions is better the all other systems by efficiency and high torque transmission.

    In the web page bitraptor com you will find more explanations, drawings and a short video of a basic prototype.

  21. 0.1 60 foot? god damn!!

  22. fak u spoderman

  23. just watch .. its just the beginning .. and nobody gasmonkey even wants electric … and still it will soon be up there … i think loads of people firts have to be dead .. (coming from an elecrtric lover and i know the resistence)

  24. I could listen to that launch all day long.

  25. For brute force Torque DC brushed motors rule the quarter mile. It’s why most drills and locomotives use DC motors. AC will dominate EV racing in hill climbing and circuit racing where heat would eventually destroy a DC brushed motor. But from a standing start in the quarter mile where efficiency and heat isn’t as much of a factor because of the short distance, the sheer torque of a DC brushed motor has more advantages in drag racing.

  26. So with DC setups people simple over volt the crap out of the DC motors. It’s not unheard of to get 200 HP stock or up to 500 horsepower with mods out of a 40 HP series wound DC motor by simply running it on 300+ volts with 2000+ amps. With AC you have to understand volts/hertz ratio and vector mathematics to program the microprocessor. Basically I look at AC setups as fuel injection system and DC setups as a carburetor system. So DC will not be going anywhere soon in drag racing.

  27. Heh…the only thing internal combustion rules is the myopic minded because it certainly doesn’t rule the drag. In regarding that subject matter, internal combustion will always be second…and since ET3 is on the horizon – I don’t know why people still laud inferior production…

  28. How helpful. Thanks.

  29. Cool, just gotta find an 14mile long power cable :)))

  30. electric motors are all about pure instant torque

  31. I wonder if he was listening to the radio while on this pass.

  32. I wonder why they don’t use brushless motors? They are lighter, more efficient, more power per (weight and dimensions). This motor weighs about 135kg, that’s too much for the power it delivers! (They use a speed-controller anyways, soo that can’t be the problem.)
    Also see dynetic(dot)com(slash)brushless vs brushed(dot)htm

  33. The Sauce Whisperer March 10, 2021 @ 10:39 pm


  34. ROFL…..hell yeah

  35. they develop max torque instantly and have a very flat power band.They don’t have more or less torque than a IC engine,it all depends on the amount of current you put in.Electrics are perfect for drag racing,because of the instant power,torque to launch the car.

  36. Aylson Rodrigues March 10, 2021 @ 10:41 pm

    muito massa esses videos de motos!!

  37. Nice!

  38. Exactly,that was about what I would have answered 馃槈 But IF you know all about controlling a brushless motor (maybe by using extra wiring for rotor sensors),I bet you can come VERY close to the TopFuel equivalent. It should be possible to make a better (power/weight&dim) brushless motor than the combustion engine of TFdragbikes. In the world of RC,this is already a fact.
    I agree,especially because it was recorded while AmericanChopper show, DC motors are much easiertotweak in a smaller timespan.

  39. Hello past

  40. The pilot is not interested in sex anymore…

  41. it could not provide enough power for this bike, even if it was 3 phase!

  42. Unfortunately yes, but electric is the way of the future.

  43. So he had this bike for two years before he broke 200mph and sets a world record.
    That was Three years ago Now April 2K15 And Nothing! I guess there is no reason to bring it out if there is no one to race , No money and You hold the WR!
    Says something Kinda sh*tty about people. Big Daddy Don Garlits is going to beat That in a Car anyday now! At 83yo聽Low Hanging Fruit! Lame000
    You know聽Christian von Koenigsegg may beat Big D to 200MPH With A Megga Watt PRODUCTION STREET CAR! From Sweden! shis

  44. give them a few yrs and they’ll smash all records of fuel run drag bikes.

  45. A fantastic thing will come from electric vehicles. No longer will motocross parks and drag strips, and race tracks be cast off into the forgotten rural landscape.

    We will be able to have tracks in heavily populated areas. No exhaust or noise pollution to contend with, yet the same competitiveness and exhilaration.

    The future looks great for racing and will be bigger than it ever has been.

  46. occ ftw

  47. Nuclear power plants to quick charge electric

  48. TIE fighter sound on launch

  49. General Smedley Butler March 10, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    I’ve heard the future and it is quiet. The sound of silence is DEAFENING! Electric will rule the day soon.

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