2010 UltraMotor A2B Metro Review – Electric and pedal-powered funster

2010 UltraMotor A2B Metro Review – Electric and pedal-powered funster

A $2,699 electric bicycle is hard to justify when you can buy a small motorcycle for the same price. But for a downtown commuter, the electric bike starts to make a lot more sense.

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Here at Motorcycle.com, we don’t make it a habit to review things like bicycles or mopeds, but Ultra Motor is in a unique position. It is amongst the most closely watched players in the most rapidly developing segment of the Powersports industry, the electric motorbike segment. Electric motorbikes hold the promise of unmatched performance (today the Killacycle does 0-60 in less than one second), near-zero maintenance, and solar powered refueling; not to mention all the incentives from Uncle Sam and kudos from Mother Nature…


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  1. For those of you who don’t get why. This is not for everybody. It is for somebody who would like to ride their bike to work but doesn’t want to arrive all hot and sweaty. The key thing is you can ride to work on just electric and pedal for exercise on the way home. The primary market is for someone who commutes ~10 miles to work or school. I have biked to work before and would have found having one of these to have really helped me do that more often.

  2. just geta damn bike.cheaper more healthy more fun

  3. ok i don’t get this. he wants to get to work by bike and get some exercise. thats fine we all would like to do that but then he gos out and buys a electric bike as he doesn’t like being all hot and sweaty… so now hes doing pretty much the same as someone driving into work on a scooter gaining no real environmental or fitness benefits. you saw him in the video he was doing no effort whatsoever just letting the shitty electric motor do the work. oh and he looked like a douche

  4. needs: bigger faster motor, should run 100% on motor, pedaling should be for a generator to recharge batteries.

  5. You’re right – there’s no way to justify the almost $3000.00 (after taxes,fees,etc) for
    this bike,.. when you can find a better motorbike for that price- or even a car.

  6. I can build my own for 1,000 or so and go 30MPH and have a 20+ mile range with 48v!

  7. price at $2700??? my honda 2011 scooter is $2400 and i spend $5 of gas per week (office is 10 miles away) and i get 55MPH EASY. This A2B is way pricey!!!

  8. @bigmoe263… Okay man, you prefer a motorbike/car… No sweat… haha!
    What is there to justify if I like to ride a nice clean and totally quiet (Gen.2) A2B-Metro eBike? I have the option to exercise (pedal) if I want to, or let a SILENT electric motor take me for a ride if I feel like it!… Btw. with my two on-board batteries as far as 180 km… 馃檪
    You are comparing ‘Apples with Oranges’… which isn’t really a smart thing to do!

  9. They not selling good because the price. Completely over priced.

  10. what if u get jacked ?

  11. I bought mine two years ago, it is great and fun to ride. just one problem: battery dies two months ago and i had to expend $600 replacing it. Other than that a lot of fun experiences !

  12. $2700?

    Holy crap.

  13. No they don’t.

  14. I bought mine two years ago, it is great and fun to ride. just one problem: main battery dies two months ago and i had to expend $600 replacing it. Other than that a lot of fun experiences !

  15. It’s the early 1900’s all over again. Look at the design, the pedals are a backup solution, this is a primitive ‘motorcycle’ that uses an electric motor instead of gas.

  16. this is a cool bike … and only $2700 …who would buy the overpriced
    PG-Bikes BlackTrail Electric Bicycle which costs $80,000 …….

  17. @Charles2337 actually thats not bad for an electric bike…the optibike, its best model is like 12 to 13 thousand dollars, yea you heard me right.lol…..those things go on forever….

  18. I rode one, so cool !!

  19. @bmwmiamirider If you don’t know *just a friendly tip, not a sarcastic rude comment* don’t leave a battery un charged or over charged because it will ruin its life cycle.
    That might have been the problem.

  20. More in common with a motorcycle than a bicycle so dont even bother mentioning exercise. Bicycling allows you to access places you could never drive, and practically nobody wants to pedal, or sweat. This is a great idea if you’ve got a good route to work. I have bike path’s that run along beautiful waterways all the way to work. I don’t bike because I don’t like the idea of showering at work, and I don’t really care about the exercise; but I would like to enjoy the scenery everyday.

  21. @KarlowBOI Actually the latest model of A2B does recharge when braking! -Peter from NYCeWheels

  22. It’s a good bike. I’ve had mine for over 3 years. Still have the original batteries and I still get around 30 miles out of it…with no pedaling. No gas, oil or spark plugs. And no leaks either. Since the motor has only one moving part there is very little maintenance. Depending on were you live, You ride on bike paths and sidewalks. It’s a simple machine to own and it’s quite handy and unlike a motor scooter, very quite.

  23. this is aimed at people who buy things like ducati exhaust systems or anything named ducati

  24. the only things that it needs are hydraulic brakes! after you install them then you ‘ll feel safe !!

  25. Cont.. If more effort was but into improving battery life and motor efficiency to get more range out of smaller battery packs thus making an all electric car more palatable to those who think they have to have a car that can go 250-1000 miles in other words as long as they want to drive. Only gas allows you to go beyond the 500 mile range with refueling. get electrics to go 200 miles on charge and set up a battery exchange every 100-300 miles that’s easy to use and I bet electric would take off

  26. @sinnerpeace
    Woww… I’d rather drive a motorcycle and plant trees on the weekend lololo

  27. @TheDanholla hahaha bike snobs crack me up… some ppl don’t find showing up to work dripping in sweat and having to ride uphill for 45 minutes after working for 9 hours to be very fun…

  28. They do charge when you pedal… and they have regenerative brakes, and the battery regenerates when you go down hill.

  29. got it love it

  30. just get a racer, they dont use much leg power and they are light.

  31. the batteries should be charging while pedaling…

  32. Actually it dose not cost more to manufacture a true full electric vehicle. The Auto manufactures don’t want to sell something that is the same price or less then the gas or hybrids they are trying to market for one reason. it cuts into their profits its not good on their oil stocks they are invested in or the aftermarket industry they control. so its easier to over price the all electric to keep you in a gas machine then to price it competitively. If more effort was but into improving Cont..

  33. Great bikes….have a ’10 Velociti I ride. Though you do need to add a front light, or dyno hub, a rear LED light (+cheapy blinky), right mirror, & a good HORN!

    I’d like to figure a way to incorporate a 48v battery source to get the current 20mph to the 25+ range just for safety on roads with heavier traffic.

  34. Nice ideas; I think it’s part of the future. Now all you need is a good contract with some of the metropolitan local trasportation administrations.

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