2011 A2B Metro Electric Bike Review

2011 A2B Metro Electric Bike Review


The new 2011 A2B Metro is one cool electric bike. The new model has a bunch of features that really push it right over the top, including: a LCD dash panel, regenerative braking, and an improved motor design that is less sensitive to heat. The new A2B Metro is the perfect electric bike for cruising without pedaling.

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  1. DO NOT RIDE A2B BIKES! They are totally unsafe and unreliable. And, A2B/UltraMotor/HeroEco/Whatever-rebranding will refuse to fix it. I mean REFUSE to fix it. Pay to send it to them, return just as broken, demand expensive servicing for no good reason, and when I complained they then refuse to do anything because the seller wasn’t "authorised".

  2. Madea and Peter do share an uncanny resemblance…- Jack

  3. I have a 2009 A2B with an axillary Battery and after 3+ years I still getting almost 35 miles.

  4. im in north africa and batttery is dead is there a way i can fix it or maybe a workarround plz thnx

  5. Does the 2011 Metro really have regenerative braking? I don’t see it mentioned in the specs or manuals and only heard it mentioned as a feature in your video.

  6. nah it was A2B’s mistake to not use LED : )

  7. Ok ! How Much? How Far Can You Go On Single Charge? Where Can We Buy It? Need A Better Review?

  8. Around 12.5 – 13km on a charge. Will vary though, depending on terrain, weight carried, and how much you pedal. Best- Jack

  9. This is stupid. He’s amazed because of an odometer, which from what I see lacks lots of features.

  10. armando maravillas January 2, 2021 @ 10:33 pm

    yo quiero unaaaaaaaaaaa!

  11. great video.
    i can almost see tyler perry’s "madea" trying to outrun the cops on this bike….8-D

  12. You’re correct, the latest model uses the LED headlight – Jack

  13. There is a lot of different ways one could go with chain ring sizes. If you don’t already have the bike, I’d suggest riding it for a while as-is before looking into those kinds of mods though. Also, we do not perform those customizations at our shop, you’d have to go through a local bike shop.
    If you want to get in depth on the tech stuff, please send us an email!

  14. I can’t really make much of an assessment for your bike via Youtube comments, but I’m glad the bike has been so good for you!

  15. Yup there is motor resistance with my A2B Metro e-bike turned on and pedaling without throttle. Turn the key to off position and it gets way easier to pedal. Just tried the new A2B Shima and Alva+ last weekend, they feel a lot lighter and bicycle-like compared to the Metro. Metro’s a tank of an e-bike with full suspension though. 🙂

  16. Thanks for the great review, keep in touch – jack

  17. Salve , puoi aiutarmi? Dove trovi i pezzi di ricambio di queste byke. Grazie

  18. cool, love the dual shocks!

  19. …very,very nice.i would use it in P.R.(island),Wow!!!!

  20. Carlos Agudelo Loaiza January 2, 2021 @ 10:44 pm

    Hola, me puedes decir la distancia que existe ente los ejes de cada rueda?

  21. How much is it

  22. They are super handy, and quite burly. Hope to hear from you soon!

  23. You are right! My mistake. It’s halogen. -Peter

  24. Can’t list prices here, but you access information about price and specs by following the link that is embedded in the video. All the best -Jack

  25. Curious, if one were to upgrade to a larger chain ring for a bit more pedaling speed, which one would be suggested for this particular e-bike?

  26. how many mph can it go??;)

    ps. nice video.

  27. Get the stick out of your ass man

  28. Yep, the Metro has had regen braking since 2011.

  29. i was thinking of buying an Electric Bike because im kinda tired of taking the bus and train but this thing cost 1500$ to 3000$ you can buy a used car for that much i think im better off just taking the public transportation

  30. I freakin love this bike. I gotta get one.

  31. Federal laws allow E-bikes as long as they keep under a certain speed, wattage, etc… New York state laws are trying to crack down on e-scooters mostly, I’ve never had any trouble riding e-bikes in the city. – jack

  32. I would recommend the Kettler Twin electric bike. It still has a lot of power, but a low step through frame that will make it really comfortable for you. If you follow the "nycewheels" link above, a quick "kettler twin" search will bring up the specs. Best-Jack

  33. Here in New York that comes out to a couple of years of taking the subway, and your A2B will certainly outlast that! Plus, you’ll have a lot more fun riding.

  34. Can’t beat these thick tires and heavy duty shocks. Really great looking bike too- jack

  35. I had brought one in 2011 it was my second A2B bike, the first model i brought had a heat sensitive problem once the motor gets hot u use power u would have to wait 15mins for it to cool off that was not good and the second one i had is the one u see in this video the problem i had with that one was the inner tube stim would tear giving my back tire a flat, and i had to lug that 75 pound bike home not good.

  36. It’s a bit ironic because Peter is actually a stickler for getting everyone in the shop to use their helmets when they ride.

  37. Hi Lasse, theA2b can go around 20mph. Thanks for watching!- Jack

  38. Für Preis von 1 bike von 2ABT bekomme ich 3 bike von Sondors!

  39. @stephreyn73 …You’re correct, this type of direct drive motor is ‘gearless’ plus when magnets/coils r not energized there’s no resistance at all! 🙂 So, it’s not yr imagination!… Test by jacking up the rear wheel and crank it by hand with and w/out electricity… you’ll be amazed by the difference!
    I always like 2 pedal my (heavy) ‘Metro’ (key to zero) on level ground… good exercise +the range increases accordingly! :-0) — On flat ground it really pedals as easy as my regular Mtn.Bike!

  40. I own an a2b velociti and really love it. I’ve ridden bikes my whole life untill a few years ago when I had a pretty bad knee injury and just couldn’t really pedal a bike efficiently enough. Without my a2b there is no way I’d be doing 30 mile rides let alone riding at all. It is difficult to pedal for me without assistance, and it seems to have resistance if I pedal with the battery on but no throttle, seems easier if the battery is off, is there a reason for that? cool vid thanks!

  41. Doesn’t it though?

  42. Peter, please wear your helmet on your videos =)

  43. That’s awesome! Yeah, the auxiliary battery situation on the A2B is very clever and handy.

  44. Ultra motors is constantly making small adjustments perhaps LED will become an option on future models. Thanks for the feedback – jack

  45. I think the latest model is now LED with a pretty good Lumen output

  46. Actually, many people love the fact that the interface is simple, while being able to display all relevant data efficiently.

  47. Peter, there’s been a ton of discussion and links to actual studies on the linked-in e-bike and bicycle industry groups. Looks like it can’t do much, but with my super-hilly commute I’d take it. I think it’s worth it just for the braking, as you said.

  48. This bike looks really good actually

  49. how many km’s can it go on a full charge?

  50. onde consigo comprar uma bike dessa? estou no Brasil

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