2016 BionX Updates from Interbike

2016 BionX Updates from Interbike

The BionX team was showcasing some updates for their electric bike systems including a semi-clear wheel that shows the inside workings of the D-Series, D-500 direct drive gearless rear mounting hub motor. The Global Training Manager Casey Anderson was on hand to teach me about why their motors don’t overheat as easily as some competing products (the Ultem heat resistant thermoplastic case has more air inside which can dissipate the heat). The Dseries offers increased torque at 50 Nm because of the larger diameter (which creates a mechanical advantage). Also, their spoke design doesn’t connect to the hub, by using longer more traditional straight pull spokes they get flexibility and comfort which is forgiving when riding over bumps or off-road. The battery being displayed was a 317 watt hour but they also offer 423 wh and 555 wh battery with the tear drop downtube. They also have a DC electricity output so you can power lights (there were six Supernova lights built onto the custom Trek Domane frame they were using as a platform). The stack style headlight was custom 3D printed internally by BionX and features two bright beams. Casey explained that the bike can actually hit ~45 km per hour which is available in Europe as a speed pedelec.

Casey also showcased the new DS3 display and RC3 Control systems. Both of these will be available to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) initially in 2016 meaning you cannot get them as a kit right away. I love that the DS3 LCD display panel is removable, can swivel, is backlit and uses a color display designed to be readable in high lighting conditions. The display has a simple easy to read menu but also more advanced settings and is controlled by the RC3 button pad ring. This ring can be used on its own or with some smart phone apps (on some bikes like the Elby in North America and Wheeler in Europe). The ring is super slim but shows everything from your pedal assist level to the battery state of charge and even has a built in variable speed throttle. It’s pretty awesome… The LCD is powered off of the main battery pack so there is only one battery that runs the ebike, the lights (if installed) and the display. The control systems may be Bluetooth compatible for use with some smartphones and other wireless computing devices. Regenerative braking is still included and a single junction is included (usually for the right lever).

Later in the tour Casey Anderson showed me an updated Yuba Mundo with the BionX system installed. They were using a 10 mm axle which has been engineered for strength, heat treated, so it doesn’t have to weigh as much (while most Yuba bikes require a 12 mm axle). All BionX systems are shipped in demo mode, you have to activate them within 100 km and when you do so the owner can register for an additional year warranty (for three years total!) the standard BionX warranty is two years comprehensive. You can check out BionX with www.ridebionx.com for more info or connect with your local ebike retailer. The motor design is setup to reduce cogging (magnetic resistance as you coast) . EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at: ElectricBikeReview.com

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  1. how do you increase ah on ebikes?

  2. Good stuff from Bionx, but let’s be honest about regenerative breaking, it’s mostly just minor gimmick.

  3. Hey Court, on the first bike it looks like a belt drive system integrated into a D500. Any interesting insider info on that?

  4. I love my bionx. But the company has the Rudest customer service! The bike shop I love didn’t want to sell me the Bionx cuz they hate dealing with them so much. i thought maybe it was just them. So I called myself. Wow was the guy a jerk. Unknown the Bionx person I was actually standing in the bike store as I asked him questions. Magma bought Bionx a few years ago. I guess they think bikers are as useless as car buyers. or something like that. All I know is regardless of how much I love the product that their customer service is beyond horrible means I’m never going to be a returning customer.

  5. Belt drive on a Trek Domane!?…

  6. Is that a single speed bike?

  7. Andre Belozeroff November 30, 2020 @ 8:21 pm

    So, I did not get it. Is that just a demo in a clear case or there is one going to be available?

  8. Great great stuff Court Bionx and OHM cycles are really a GREAT products powerfull fast quality all in one this system integrated with the new OHM bike must be crazy cant wait for review holy cow!! thanks .

  9. Where is the Pinion C1.12 in the crank..? 😮

  10. Cool video Court

  11. Did you get to see the new 1000 watt bafang 8fun mid drive kit in action?

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