2019 Best Mountain E-bike Shoot Out, The Best EMTBs of 2019

2019 Best Mountain E-bike Shoot Out, The Best EMTBs of 2019

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Ten of the best e-bikes of 2019 went head to head for the ultimate comparison review and test. We’ve been testing for months to pick the best bikes in multiple categories. Top performers were rewarded with titles for Best Climbing, Best Descending, Best Value, and Best All Around. Watch to see which bike came out on top! We’ll also be reviewing each of the ten bikes individually, so be sure to subscribe as we add each review.

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  1. Black Pearl Shoes February 13, 2021 @ 8:28 pm

    Great video guys, just write out the brands on the screen for those of us who might be great with American accent, and little more technical details such as power, wheel details, shockers , …etc … keep up the good work

  2. I rode the Giant E+1 today. This review rated it the "best downhill bike" so I was surprised when the riding position felt significantly more forward than the Levo. It also was less slack – which was not what I was expecting after this review. I liked how they look and the components were excellent. The Yamaha felt more natural than I expected. I ordered a Levo though due to overall better feel even if components were not as good.

  3. Great video guys!

  4. This was the worst comparison test that I鈥檝e ever seen. Nothing about components, prices, weight, etc…………absolutely nothing…..nada……..zippo…….dingus. Embarrassing! And this was their ULTIMATE shootout! What鈥檚 the average comparison test? Uhhh…..this one won.

  5. Great review.
    Have you had any experience with the rocky mountain altitude powerplay? Im looking at getting one but its hard to find out how they stack up against the other bikes

  6. Giant was Noisy ? Heard that Bosch is louder…or just in 2020 Models?

  7. michael o'mahony February 13, 2021 @ 8:35 pm

    5400 affordable are you joking

  8. Dont watch if not rich!

  9. Any more review on the felt redemption-e 30?

  10. great info and summary

  11. Andri Gudmundsson February 13, 2021 @ 8:38 pm

    Must of taken lots of money

  12. 1:09 left guy looks deep into my eyes man

  13. Almost 5k is the value e bike?! 馃槼 My bad, wrong video. I was looking for the best BUDGET mountain e bike for poor people. Off to the Walmart website I go! 馃槀

  14. 0:30 I had to rewind as I thought you had jumped a lake 馃檪

  15. You have to be brain dead to pay this kind of money for a Walmart special with a battery and motor. I can buy a freaking zero for not that much more.

  16. No YT Decoy?!

  17. Did you happen to do in depth testing reviews of each one?

  18. Long Live Loam Wolf!

  19. Damnnn marzochii looks nice

  20. a review of more affordable bikes would be great

  21. I just come here to say, fuck E bikes

  22. New York Vagrant February 13, 2021 @ 8:50 pm

    Hmm. $4k and up. Wow! I could pay four months rent or a year of utilities. Buy a motorcycle or a handsome payment on a pick-up. E-bikes original concept was to make them prolific throughout the world. Not at current prices. It’s only for the wealthy, the cyclists that must have the newest technology, the crazies that justify spending over a grand for a bike.
    That rant stated. Europe, is dominating the cycling world. Trek, Cannondale, GT, DB, Jamis, Santa Cruz…all pretty much insane marketing multi-grand bikes. And how many of those do they really sell, compared to bikes under a grand? All bike shops in my city were put outta business after Walmart & Target, and Dick’s moved-in.
    As for E-bike prices…buy online. Cube, Raymon, Kellys make awesome e-bikes(somewhat affordable). Let’s face-it the fact: e-bikes are for lazy people that can afford the Godzilla price & maintenance costs.

  23. Norco beat out the Levo and Shuttle? Impressive. With all the new bikes coming out these days I can’t wait to see the next E-Bike shootout.

  24. tauros fernandes February 13, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

    But the norco os 27.5 os better than bikes 29 ???

  25. Great Video, but why didn’t include a Canyon bike ?

  26. I think you mean, "Best Ebikes of 2019 for rich ass people"

  27. Bet the yt is the best

  28. Hey guys! So no felt redemption 30 video, could you guys give your opinion about that bike? Very little info in the internet, thanks and keep it up with the great videos!

  29. couldn’t find the promised review of the Felt

  30. most of your comments are boring….specialized have been my to got to for the last 10 yrs only for the rides i do. chrees!

  31. myron cunningham February 13, 2021 @ 8:54 pm

    That was the worst review ever.

  32. Great review! Interested in the new Trek Rail.

  33. Hi Guys,
    There is a lot of info going around as to e-bikes on BLM. A rule was passed to treat them as non-motorized vehicles, as regular mtb bikes. However, this has not gone into effect and it is mostly up to individual field managers in each region. It will go through a public needs process to determine if and how it will be enacted. I called the field managers in Moab and Fruita to let them know that we, as e-mtb riders want the same access to the same trails as non-e. I’m not sure if this will help or not. We may need to wait until they take input from the public to be heard. I figure it’s never to early to start advocating for our cause. Please, at the very least keep your ears out for these public hearing and do your part to advocate for our sport. Ask to be notified one they have a date. If we don’t the non-e riders (haters) will and we will continue to be discriminated against in the future. Also, feel free to call these field managers and let them know that we are hungry for access to BLM and deserve to be treated the same as non-e mtb riders. Pass on the word to all your e-friends.

    Moab field office 435-259-2100- Field manager is Nicollee Gaddis-Wyatt. Tell her you support -emtb.
    Grand Junction field office- 970-244-3000- Field manager is William Workmeister. Tell him you support e-mtb.

  34. Are all these bikes on kickstands how are they standing straight up like that what’s going on here

  35. Wondering why the Luna Apex wasn’t tested in this shootout.

  36. I was planning on getting the Turbo Levo, is it better than the Norco?

  37. If you’re going to do a comparison on a number of bikes, then actually compare them! When you speak of the winners in each category, you make no mention of the other bikes in relation to the winner, which is extremely important when someone is weighing all four categories! Otherwise, good job馃槈

  38. Would the Trek be good for a novice rider who only wants the bike for rides along trails where I usually go hiking. And also for transportation. Thank you

  39. Clip-On microphones, Gents….so you sound Professional !!!
    Good Bye.

  40. Bikes that cost 2X the price of my car

  41. Does the treck power fly have turbo mode?

  42. $4 grand for an affordable bike. Are you nuts!?

  43. Michael Johnston February 13, 2021 @ 9:08 pm

    When is the focus jam2 video coming out? Or have I missed it?

  44. Do any of these bikes have a slacker seat tube angle or at least a fairly longer reach?

  45. Brilliance Mentor February 13, 2021 @ 9:13 pm

    Kona?? Remote cntrl please

  46. a box of ostriches February 13, 2021 @ 9:15 pm

    no kenevo?!

  47. I need a good e-mountain bike for hunting in Nevada which means steeps and carrying out my backpack, scoped rifle and deer meat.
    Initially I was looking at the hardtail version of the TREK Powerfly 5 B/C I want to mount a rear rack on it.
    You said the TREK Powerfly was the best climber and that is essentially what want.
    SO… is the Specialized you tested a better buy for my purposes?

  48. Good value at $4800 was where it ended for me.

  49. E Bikes are improving so fast. Don’t want to buy one now just to have a much better come out next year.

  50. I am liking the Meta! Looks rad.

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