2019 new Italjet Dragster 200 beauty promo video

2019 new Italjet Dragster 200 beauty promo video

2019 new Italjet Dragster 200 beauty promo video
The new Dragster, successor to the iconic Italjet model launched in 1995, marks the return of the hyper-sports scooter that has made history in Italy and around the world. Italjet, with the new Dragster, wants to rekindle the passion of the two wheels and to dream even the new generations today often too busy with smartphones, videogames and social networks. Dragster reflects the philosophy of Italjet, recognized for its innovative and cutting-edge products, able to dare, anticipate the future and amaze. Concentrate of pure technology, Dragster is created for an audience that loves to stand out and always be the center of attention and designed for those who do not want to give up the pleasure of driving sports even riding a scooter. The style center and the engineers of Italjet, aware of the high expectations in terms of design, quality, finish and performance of the fans of the brand, have designed the new Dragster to reflect the values of uniqueness and performance inherent in the brand’s DNA, realizing a completely new scooter with daring and distinctive technological solutions. A real counter-offensive to the invasion of Asian scooters: the new Dragster represents the “Italian design” that the whole world envies us.

Trellis frame with die-cast aluminum plates
The trellis frame in molybdenum chrome is composed of a trellis with tubes with different sections
High performance engines
Two displacements (125cc-200cc) to dominate the road like on the track. The design of Euro 4 engines that guarantee excellent performance is all Made in Italy.
S.I.S. Independent Steering System
The patented Independent Steering System (S.I.S.), created by the Italjet engineers in synergy with the EDI of Pontedera, separates the steering action from the damping action, filtering any kind of roughness of the roads, without transmitting any vibration to the handlebars.
Never had anyone dared so much!
Concentrated technology design and a great desire to go beyond, beyond the scheme, beyond the already seen beyond the normality …. In addition …. !

Telaio a traliccio con piastre in alluminio pressofuso
Il telaio a traliccio in cromo molibdeno è composto da un traliccio con tubi con diverse sezioni
Motorizzazioni ad alte prestazioni
Due cilindrate (125cc-200cc) per dominare la strada come in pista. È tutta Made in Italy la progettazione dei propulsori Euro 4 che garantiscono ottime performance di potenza.
S.I.S. Sistema Indipendente di Sterzo
Il Sistema Indipendente di Sterzo (S.I.S.) brevettato, realizzato dagli ingegneri Italjet in sinergia con la EDI di Pontedera separa l’azione sterzante da quella ammortizzante filtrando qualsiasi tipo di asperità delle strade, senza trasmettere al manubrio alcuna vibrazione.
Mai nessuno aveva osato tanto !
Concentrato di tecnologia design e tanta voglia di andare oltre, oltre gli schemi, oltre il già visto oltre la normalità …. Oltre…. !

Dragster 125 (Dragster 200)
Tipo : Monocilindrico, 4 tempi, 4 valvole, raffreddato a liquido Alesaggio & Corsa : 58 x 47 mm (63 x 58 mm)
Cilindrata : 125 cc (200 cc)
Potenza massima : 14.9 hp -11.0kW @10000RPM (19.8 hp -14.6kW @8250RPM)
Coppia : 12.5N.m -9.2ft-lbs @7750 RPM (17N.m -12.5ft-lbs @6250 RPM)
Iniezione : elettronica
Avviamento : elettrico
Frizione : centrifuga automatica a secco
Trasmissione : C.V.T. cinghia trapezoidale – ingranaggi
Raffreddamento : Raffreddamento a liquido

Sospensione anteriore :S.I.S. con Monobraccio e ammortizzatore idropneumatico con molla regolabile
Sospensione posteriore : Mono ammortizzatore idropneumatico con molla regolabile
Freni : Con CBS (Combine Brake System)
Freni Ant.: a disco idraulico con diametro 175mm
Freni Post. : A disco idraulico con diametro 240mm
Sistema : ABS – (Anti-lock Braking System)
Pneumatici Ant. 120-70-12”
Pneumatici Post 150-70-13”

Interasse : 1335 mm
Lunghezza : 1870 mm
Larghezza : 680 mm
Altezza sella : 770 mm
Peso a secco : 108 kg (112 kg)
Capacità serbatoio carburante : 9 lt

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  2. When does it come out for sale or is it already available somewhere ?

  3. I will not buy it because i am 44 but damn i would buy it if i would be 24

  4. When will this be available In the uk

  5. Virgilio Manansala December 22, 2020 @ 10:36 pm

    where can i buy this?

  6. Doesn’t it have mirrors?

  7. Oh. My. God.

  8. Daaamn bring it back

  9. What are the chances of a 350cc version??

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