2019 Trek Electric Bikes, Powerfly Line Deep Dive

2019 Trek Electric Bikes, Powerfly Line Deep Dive

https://electricbikereview.com/forum/threads/2019-trek-powerfly-electric-mountain-bike-details-video-overview.26432/ Trek redesigned their Powerfly electric mountain bikes for 2019 with a new Bosch PowerTube battery integration, flip chip travel adjust for full suspension, a womens hardtail model, and they all use the high torque Bosch Performance Line CX motor. In this video deep dive, I spend some time with a Trek Mountain Bike Brand Manager named Travis Ott to get all of the details on the Powerfly 5, Powerfly 7, and carbon fiber Powerfly 9.7 which are coming to the North America market. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at: ElectricBikeReview.com

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  1. Are the Trek hardtails with fenders available in the US? I saw the Trek europe has them and they look like an awsome commuting option.

  2. Hi Court!
    Hope your cycling in the New Year.Anyway I’m impressed by your love of bikes.Wanted to ask you what you think about the company "Divvy" bikes.
    They are rental docked bikes found in the Chicagoland area, anyway great video buddy hi-5!✋

  3. TRADUCETE IN ITALIANO perché recensioni così complete non c’è ne sono …

  4. why not have charger port up top where its cleaner?

  5. Daniel Vasilache November 27, 2020 @ 7:25 pm

    Can you say more about battery and the electric engine?

  6. Remember people all those battery’s resources are mined in Kenya by poor who made a little coin for it while you buy 500 dollar battery that’s is dead in 5 years and are not eco-friendly to breakdown for new resources cheers

  7. Lovely bikes but I couldn’t spend that much on something that could be stolen quite easily, I have a redux diamond frame and I’m paranoid enough with that, can’t imagine if I spend any more.

  8. Should I buy a PF 9.7 LT now at retail or wait for the 2020 or wait for a closeout sale?

  9. Please stop saying "women’s line" when referring to mid or step thru bikes. I cringe every time… It’s especially ironic coming from such a petite man.

  10. Roberto Pescatore November 27, 2020 @ 7:32 pm

    Nice bikes, the price is of course absurdly high. Shame. You can buy a motorcycle for similar amount of money a much much more complicated machine than an E-bike.

  11. Have you heard anything more about bionx

  12. Great review thnx Court…that trek 7 is very nice.

  13. Uauu! Super!!

  14. Trek have some good bikes
    Don’t like the front sprocket on their ebikes
    Prefer Specialized design

  15. Wait a minute..that’s a hotel lobby!

  16. which model for gravel, logging roads, fire roads, and trails (nothing extreme)?

  17. Deore and xt in 3/4/5k $ bikes? I just bought full sram eagle nx group for 400$ I really don’t understand that. You have to keep these prices to earn in Germany, USA and other developed countries? For how long?

  18. Christopher Siedlecki November 27, 2020 @ 7:47 pm

    Its amazing how bicycles are becoming more expensive than motorcycles

  19. I have the 2020 powerfly 4 in the United States are limit is 20 mph but uropean is set at 15 mph is there anyway to get that closer to 20mph not using the speed hacks or chips still want to keep warenty

  20. Test ride the juice scrambler

  21. It’s a good buy, an 2018 Powerfly FS 5 for 3900?

  22. haibike has some serious competition with these Treks. Bad part is they use the PURION display in 2019 – including Trek’s top of the line $9000.
    Powerfly LT 9.9 Plus

  23. Great review Court! Would like to touch on a few points with Trek:
    Curious to know what the Carbon edition retails for and at what price points for any upgrades.
    Not a big fan of the Purion display. Would like to see an Intuvia upgrade on the higher end models (as standard equipment) or as an available option if possible.
    Love the integrated motor on the carbon model, however would also like to see the same integration with the motor tilted on all of the other models reviewed in this presentation.
    I also may opt for a custom build (ie: LaMere Diode with Shimano E8000 Motor) over the Trek Carbon model for superior components and low weight in that class. Thanks 2019 will be exciting for E-bikes!

  24. Securing such a Mercedes Benz bike would make it impossible for me to ride and enjoy such a bike. I would even say as an older man I’d be robbed left facedown on the pavement. I reside in a drug infested community.

  25. I’m curious if anyone knows why Trek turns off the walk assist on their bikes ?! 🤔

  26. Just bought this bike last it’s worth every penny

  27. I wonder how many years after they stop making them you will still be able to get batteries and new motors as they will become worth less than pedal bikes once you can no longer buy spare electrical componentry.

  28. This is the best bike share4.photo/ebicycle?Л I got this for my girlfriend and got a bigger one for me. She loves it.

  29. Andrea Biancucci November 27, 2020 @ 8:03 pm

    High level bike like the 9.7 I was expecting the Kiox instead Purion….

  30. Does Trek have an electric comfort/commuter bike? Now, if there was E-bike version of my old Trek Navigator 300 I would certainly jump on it!!

  31. I need a charger for one were do I get it from

  32. Guy sounds like one of the Chipmunks.

  33. I really enjoy Trek products and have owned quite a few. I will be checking these new bikes. Big bucks to drop though.

  34. I understand the battery in frame will be the norm , but I have to admit I do prefer having my battery separate from the frame and separate from the structural Integrity of the frame. I can still ride my 2017 Dual Sport Plus without a battery and it will not look out of place and it will not affect the structural Integrity of it. And even if the structural Integrity of those new frames is not compromised while riding without the battery, it leaves the open area vulnerable and it will sure look stupid.

  35. Over priced , heavy , lot of extra nothing.
    Better off getting exercise on a nice road bike for half the price

  36. Biggest problem I have with these e bikes are the price.. need to come drop in price

  37. Looking forward to the 2020 models with the new Bosch motor and the 625 kWh batteries!

  38. So close to his face lmaoooo

  39. These are dirtbike prices what the hell

  40. 2019 Haibike flyon is better!

  41. Bosch CX is best.

  42. Beautiful bike & shop!

  43. 🎣elguanaco solitario 120 November 27, 2020 @ 8:17 pm

    Saludos cordiales y muchas bendiciones feliz año nuevo 👍❤️👏

  44. Yeah Trek is awesome. So bike shops have sold there shit for years. So i guess you could say bike shops played a big part in building there brand but then they decide to start selling direct. When your trek rep visits your shop and gives a a bit of grief because your numbers arent that great, hmmmmm stupid i wonder why that is. Sorry but that needed to be said

  45. Good looking bikes… minus the ancient Bosch Performance motor. There are many smaller, lighter options out there.

  46. Love my 2018 Trek Police (PowerFly 5 w/Speed motor)!

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