2020 Brose Motor | Brose's New Closed Electric Bike System!

2020 Brose Motor | Brose's New Closed Electric Bike System!

Brose is introducing a complete eBike system for 2020! Gone are the days of simply getting a Brose S Mag, Brose TF, or Brose T motor. Now you get a Brose battery and cockpit as well. This should come as great news for fans of the Brose electric bike motors because they are reliable as hell. Now you’ll have a complete setup from the German company. Hang with Scott as we walks you through the new system.

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Readers Comments (23)

  1. They should better work on fixing many reported motor failing issues when worn above 1000+ km

  2. Travis Stratton April 28, 2021 @ 12:00 am

    How much crank pressure can you put on a Brose TF motor? I just got a Bulls Ebike with this motor and I tried to go up a small hill in a park near my house and the motor slipped. I thought ebike tech was far enough along that this kind of crap was fixed. There is no way I can go up a steep hill and put my full weight on the crank.

  3. 2 failed motors in 1000km on an s works Levo with 25km/m limiter.
    Same problem, noisy motor which then seems to break the one way sprag bearing.
    How can i stop this from occurring? Buy a bosch gen 4 equiped bike??
    Does anyone offer “hand built” units of better quality??
    Edit 6/1/2020 3x motors..🤦‍♂️

  4. Great video thanks….any sign of a complete dual suspension E MTB bike using this system yet??

  5. Love these videos from you guys, hows Jerit?

  6. I love the Brose motors, but please tell Brose that they urgently need to integrate an USB-port in their displays / remotes for charging a smartphone!

  7. Nice new complete system finally from Brose. I’m buying a 2020 Specialized turbo levo comp next week. I rode a 2019 model earlier this summer but wanted to wait for the 2020 model for the bigger 700wh battery and as a surprise the fork is also a step up from 2019 to 2020 (revelation to Lyrik). I also rode a 2019 Scott genius eride 920 and liked the turbo levo way better. The brose s mag motor is great, so smooth and much quieter than the shimano e8000.

  8. I’m very excited to test ride the new entire Brose system. Their motors are already quiet and powerful.

  9. I have a 2018 iZip Moda with a Brose motor. I love it and would love to put this new display on it. Is is possible to purchase this and use it on an existing bike? I thought I read somewhere that this could be done. If I did that would there be 4 assist levels instead of the current 3? How much would this new Brose display cost?

  10. That Sensitive Torque Sensor is friggen’ amazing! It does exactly what you want it to do …when you want to do it.
    THINK ABOUT IT. A M A Z I N G ! ! !

  11. Rubbish reliability

  12. Belt is so easy to broke and so fk exspensiv and hard to find

  13. why ru skeeeered to tell price of new brose??

  14. Mario Passendorf April 28, 2021 @ 12:34 am

    Does new Brose S Mag display computer has a feature to predict available range ?

  15. Brose customer service to bike shops is extremely poor…….

  16. Dream MTB would be one where the pinion gearbox is paired to a Brose motor.

  17. Just had one of the "new" brose 2.1 motors replaced. This is motor #4 for me. It didn’t fail completely, but was making a bad grinding noise AND ghost spinning (motor would randomly engage and spin on its own for several minutes).

    Is anyone else having these problems? Are the two issues connected?

  18. so…. do the 2020 motors fail as much as their predecessors ?

  19. Thanks for sharing the information you provided. That was very interesting to hear directly from Brose about their products and plans.
    I enjoy the use of their motor in my 2019 Levo Expert. I agree they have executed the concept of making the bike feel natural while pedaling. That was just one of many reasons why I picked the levo. I like the simplicity of not having a display on the Levo. It’s also one less thing for me to worry about breaking during a crash or going through brush and having it get caught and broken. A display steals away from the experience of mimicking a non-Ebike.

  20. So many motor failures that Specialized has now extended the motor warranty to 4 years for 2019/2020 Levo’s. The sprag bearing fails then destroys the belt. Brose must develop a seal for the drive side.

  21. The nylon gears strip and the belt fails on the Mag S. Any progress with making it more dependable?? Selling my Levo and going with anything else but as brose system after 3 failures. It’s a Shame, nice motor otherwise.

  22. Great video, exciting to see the engineering design decisions and improvements for end to end system. The controls look more intuitive and display very attractive.

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