2020 eMTB Shootout | Trail eBike Reviews

2020 eMTB Shootout | Trail eBike Reviews

Don’t buy an ebike without watching this video! We take a deep look at 16 eMTB offerings for our 2020 Shootout. Visit theloamwolf.com for detailed reviews on the ebikes featured in this video, or find their direct links below.

2020 eMTB Shootout Story: http://bit.ly/2vsjQxS
2020 eMTB Shootout Part 1 Video: https://www.youtu.be/bXKL-Usxst8

In Part 2, we examine the Trail Category ebikes, which are those with 150mm and less of rear wheel travel.

2:00 | Haibike XDURO ALLMTN 6.0 – Review: https://bit.ly/HXAM60
3:03 | Norco Sight VLT 29 C1 – Review: https://bit.ly/NSVLT29C1
5:03 | Fezzari Wire Peak Pro – Review: https://bit.ly/FezWPPro
6:15 | Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Carbon 70 – Review: https://bit.ly/RMIPC70
7:40 | Bulls Copperhead EVO AM3 – Review: https://bit.ly/BCEAM3
9:14 | Specialized Turbo Levo Expert – Review: https://bit.ly/STLevoEX
10:47 | Devinci DC GX 11s- Review: https://bit.ly/DDCGX11
12:49 | GT eForce AMP – Review: https://bit.ly/GTeFAMP
14:00 | Trek Rail 9.9 – Review: https://bit.ly/TRAIL99


No bicycle brands paid us to be involved in this shootout and we worked as hard as possible to make this series informational, beneficial and free from influence. We want our our readers and viewers to get the most trustworthy content possible as we know making a new ebike purchase is not a small investment.

We would like to thank the sponsors who did help make this trip happen:
Rise Brewing
Schwalbe Tires – Eddy Current eMTB Specific Tires
Fasthouse – Kits
Bontrager – Pedals & Shoes
G-Form – Protection
Smith – Glasses & Helmets

And thanks to you, our viewers. We hope you enjoy.
The Loam Wolf

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Next week we will be reviewing three cars. A Vauxhall Corsa. A ford fiesta and last but not least a Ferrari California.

  2. Really great content gents….LOVE shootouts!! with a nice variety of test rider panel. Any feedback on 2020 Pivot Shuttle compared to the field?

  3. They all look so fun. Great work team!


  5. Trek rail 9.9 XTR 2021 model status: Ordered

  6. Good review but it was kind of predictable the $12K bike would win. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to buy such a bike. Any thoughts on making reviews of more affordable bikes that are readily available?

  7. Why wasn’t Cannondale included in either of the big comparison reviews?

  8. Great shootout guys!

  9. Sam Pilgrim backflips his Hahahaha

  10. Sorry, but I’m brand new to cycling and looking at buying a mountain bike. I’m a bit confused, these look like an electric motorbike or Moped disguised as mountain bikes. I would like to get a real bike without a motor though as I already have motorbikes just wondering how these are classified as bicycles. Confused… Thanks!

  11. how many bikes on here need the motor droped and battery removed to fit gear cable and brake hose, I know the Norco does.

  12. No canyon or YT 🤷‍♂️

  13. I’d like to give it a try, maybe one day I get an ebike and shred with it

  14. If your in love with the Specialized Turbo Levo consider chainging the front fork to a DVO Onyx 160mm and have them tune it for you and a DVO Topaz and consider going to 2.5mm longer rear stroke and change the tires to a Maxxis of your favorite flavor and that bike becomes flat out awesome. Also if you shorten the cranks to Miranda 155 or 150 it gets another step better. Just saying…
    Now I have to try the Trek Rail and a couple more…

  15. Yamaha YDX moro-pro…

  16. i like the reviews trail bike soon i have some mtb bike

  17. God i hate all 4 of you. Thanks for the info, but will any of these bikes work for a full sized adult or are they just good for the yellow brick road?

  18. *7000 dollar bike* “Great bike unless you want to do jumps……..”

  19. E bikes are pretty sick if I say so myself🤘🏻🤘🏻

  20. Whats that horrible sound coming from the Shimano motors?

  21. Jesus Jr. Valenzona January 2, 2021 @ 10:27 pm

    I dreamed to have a bicyclye like that

  22. What no RM Altitude power play😟

  23. Rocky M Instinct would have won….

  24. I just can’t figure out why a bike let alone an e-bike is thousands of dollars. There is just nothing there to warrant that kind of price tag. The differences between them are so small. They have to stamp and color them boldly so you know you aren’t looking at a bunch of the same thing.

  25. you guys almost had it but dropped the ball comparing a bike that costs twice as much to all the others?! I love trek but it was not at all a fair review!!

    best of luck

  26. where the best place for the best price to buy an e-bike ??

  27. Any thoughts on orbea wild Fs m10 ?

  28. I purchased the Trek Rail 7

  29. You didn’t give Rocky Mountain a chance , I watched your video to see what the Rocky Mountain was like , so it came late , you still could’ve said more than you did . It’s the only bike that doesn’t use the bottom bracket as part of the motor. Best bike there you should’ve given it more of a chance

  30. How can I trust a review given by someone that uses Murray’s pomade? That stuff is basically Vaseline with cinnamon.

  31. Muhammad Haikal Baihaqi January 2, 2021 @ 10:39 pm

    I hope the next video discuss about cross country emtb

  32. *Still no Pivot. Pfffft*

  33. Darren Griffiths January 2, 2021 @ 10:42 pm


  34. Nice beards and tatoos 🙂 You should compare apples to apples. At 5000.$ you won’t have the same bike that 11000.$

  35. Awesome reviews. Is the GT for sale?

  36. You can agree or not with the decision but I like how you described the bikes for where/what they perform best.

  37. I’m very surprised patents didn’t prevent them having the same basic design

  38. Robert Kirkpatrick January 2, 2021 @ 10:54 pm


  39. I really want a ebike but until they dont cost as much as a damn car i’ll just be here day dreaming!

  40. Nice video, guys! Any thoughts on YT Decoy Elite?

  41. Wish you would comment witch ebike motors that hit the wall (or not) at max motor speed.

  42. New to your reviews..Top Job got me thinking?? Great filmiing editing and content 👍

  43. Those grey shoes at the start anyone know what they are??

  44. I have the Focus jam² 6.7nine 2020(150mm)
    I love it, I’m jumping well and it’s perfekt.

  45. I bought a 2019 Devinci DC and HATE it, made the mistake of riding a Specialized Turbo Levo after purchasing this, I’"m selling this to buy one of those. Terrible customer service from Devinci. Definitely dont recommend.

  46. can you please test any KTM ebikes? f.e. Prowler Prestige?

  47. Jonathan Salinger January 2, 2021 @ 11:01 pm

    Have you had a chance to test the 2020 Kona Remote 160? If you have, I’m curious how it compares to the Trek Rail and Devinci …I know it’s 160 travel – which is longer than the other bikes in this category; but the geometry is similar – and like a few in this test, it sports a 160mm fork; and can be run with teh stock 27.5 plus or 29…

  48. Excellent video, Great review. Really appreciated the testing panel and your information on the shoot out.
    I ended up going with the rail 9.8 I saved a couple bucks. I didn’t want all of the Bluetooth equipment. Thanks for taking the time to do the review and given us the feedback really appreciate it.

  49. Let’s see a wheelie contest!

  50. Superb review!

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