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  1. Democratic_Chocolate February 16, 2021 @ 9:12 pm

    Tbh I like your video planning style better than other reviewers

  2. I have the stance e+2, I live in Southern California and have mountains all around me. 2 hours 28 min of continuous riding is my longest ride, 3123 ft of climbing a mix of single track, fire road and road back to car. I had two bars left on the battery. This is a great bike

  3. Oh my god! is this E bike? Too low motor? Aggressive? it means smash motor!
    Geometry? it just physics shows unusable mountains.
    Very highly skillful Riders don’t matter but allmost Rider will hit the motor with rocks!

  4. Do a decathlon stillus test

  5. If you have to chose between two bikes despite they are from different class, which one will you take?
    Giant stance pro or Orbea wild?
    As an all rounder with abilities to push harder from time to time.

  6. Hi
    I’m Planning to get this bike or the newer model whichever is available.
    Can I use the ebike as a regular bike? That is if you ran out of battery juice or if the motor breaks down during rides.

  7. would be nice to know the weight of this bike?

  8. "You can get a more aggressive and capable trail bike for that kind of money"
    What would you recommend?

  9. Nice review as always! One point which I realized though is i think that the new motor is based on pw-st motor and not pw-x2 which is starting in trance i think.

  10. Differences to the Stance E + with the Syncdrive Sport Motor ´?

  11. Great review as usual. As a climber, just as a climber, how it compares against the Kenevo Comp 2020?

  12. Would you recommend this for road riding aswel as trails/single track??

  13. The webpage of this Stance indicates ”Integrated battery pack is easy to charge, up to 80% in just 60 minutes with new 6A Fast Charger" , but the "E-bike user manual V66 EN.pdf" on page 77 indicates that the Smart Charger, charge the integrated 500Wh 13.8Ah EnergyPak battery to 80% in 2:20h, the manual doesn’t mention the 6A charger and is no clear if the smart charger on the manual is the same as the smart charger 6A mentioned on the webpage. So what’s your experience charging the Battery? Is there any difference in charge time charging the battery inside the bike or outside it?

  14. Middletown Cycling February 16, 2021 @ 10:01 pm

    We have had a couple of these come through our shop and I just have to say, the fit/finish/color on these is spectacular! It really is a great bike!

  15. your test is very detailed and good .I wish u can test some light weight Fazu motor ebike as well as specialize SL ,and their climbing and noise .

  16. I seen 500wh Yamahas with more range than 700wh Brose … is very efficient motor

  17. Just bought one today! Super stoked!

  18. It will be great if you could review the Trance E+ 3 Pro and compare it with this Stance

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