2020 TREK DOMANE + LT WITH FAZUA MOTOR REVIEW: My Cowboy 3 replacement.

2020 TREK DOMANE + LT WITH FAZUA MOTOR REVIEW: My Cowboy 3 replacement.

Hey Guys!! Today I’ve got a review of my Cowboy 3 Replacement, the Trek Domane + LT Electric Roadbike. I’ll be going through the good and the not so good. I’ll also be talking about the Fazua electric motor which, in my opinion, is the best electric motor available for road bikes at the moment.

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– Sony A6500
– Sigma 16mm f1.4
– Sony 24-70mm f4
– Rode Video Micro

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  1. Jemms Victorre Pueblos December 18, 2020 @ 9:30 pm

    hi mate i would like to ask.. is that a 50/34T and 170 crankset?? and I’m just wondering will you or someone be able to change the crank size the upgrade to 53/39T.. thanks

  2. Very nice bike. Is it ok茅 for commuting ?

  3. Definitely a good reviewer ! 馃榾 But I saw the price, it’s not my budget hahaha I think I will go for the Cowboy or the Angell 馃檪

  4. Hey nice review but theres no way u can charge the bike with the battery/motor in it right? And is it really necessary to unlock the bike with the key to turn it on? Is it also possible to add a rear rack to the seat post because its not made out of carbon? Those racks which are just attached to the seat post. Thanks 馃檪

  5. Just an FYI I got my partner a new bicycle from specialized in Australia, we had the exact same issue and they fixed it free of charge. The bike was perfect when we did the fitting, then when we took it home same issue as you, as it turns out the kids enjoy turning the adjustment screws when left unsupervised (same might have happened to yours) I hope they took good care of you!! Enjoy your new bike

  6. The bike is good, but how do you manage when it rains and what about carrying bag to school?

  7. hey i麓m a mechanic and i can tell you that most bike stores are having too much work this year, even now we are booked up until november. i麓ll guess that might be the same at your dealer, so if you want to fix these two issues by yourself here you go. 1: to tape down your handlebartape, just use regular electrical tape and 2: to be able to shift down, there are two little screws on the derailleur. one is for the high gear and one is for the low gear. try to shift down and then loosen the L-screw with a 2mm inbus key. if the derailleur is moving down, your chain should also follow. if that doesn麓t work, you might wanna try loosen the shift cable. normally there should be a thicker piece of plastic on the outside of the shifting cables. if you turn it to the left it tensions that cable and if you turn it to the right it will loosen it. so if your shifting cable is to tight your derailleur wouldn麓t go down until you loosen it up a little. hopeully it all makes sense, cause i麓m from germany 馃榾

  8. So the cowboy 3 was not comfortable…

  9. I used to have a black Brooks on my domane but it’s a tiny bit kooky… but who cares what people think when you’re comfortable.

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