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  1. Hi EMTB, another great to the point and real world review. Would love your opinion on which you preferred between Rail 7 & Merida e one sixty. I’ve narrowed it down to these two. Thks

  2. I’ve had one of these for a couple of months and it’s a great bike. It does take some getting used to the extra weight though compared to a regular mtb, especially downhill. I have the mino link in high position to sharpen up the steering response. Was either this or the Whyte e150s but wanted easy battery removal so unfortunately that ruled the Whyte out.

  3. This is an awesome review!!! Can you also review the new Jeep Electric Bike? –

  4. Hi a little off subject question , i recently bought a Scott e genius the shop installed the battery extender and now says they are not willing to remove it as its very difficult to this , the good looks of the bike are ofcourse diminished by the ugly battery filling the triangle above the down tube but more importantly it adds about 3 pounds , I WAS WONDERING IF THIS WOULD HAVE AN IMPACT ON BIKE HANDLING , Thank you

  5. Would you prefer this or the Orbea Wild H20? Price is almost the same for preorders in Oslo. Thanks!

  6. I demo’d one last weekend, aside from the chain falling off a dozen times, the thing climbs great and descends really well.

  7. Very informative video. Thank you. I’m 56. I ride 4 to 5 days a week. More trail than downhill. I cant make up my mind between specialized turbo levo comp or rail 7 (or 9.7 if I find a deal). Any preferences on your end? Thanks.

  8. Stoked to see this review! I’ve just bought this bike, picking it up today! Excited for the software upgrade just announced by Bosch that should make it ride even better 😁

  9. Hello i recently updated my trek rail firmware, how do i check if the dealership really installed the latest version in the purion display? Thx

  10. Kan jeg få en full dempet sykkel?? E har subba for ei stund ser på d meste + e vil ha en bra el sykkel sån som vennen mine. Vennen min har trek rail 5 og han andre har kona remote control. Kan jeg få trek rail 7 siden du sikkert ikke bruker den 😉

  11. Low volume ,specialty with that account hard to hear and understand..

  12. Looking at buying one soon.

  13. Good review. I think its the top pick atm. Not much needs changed straight away, bosch gen 4 , shop support and great price

  14. So you actually believe that on a 24 kg mtb a few grams (max 800) will make a difference on handling?
    Then you should learn a thing or two. Try and read a little bit about geo, sprung and unsprung weight, and you’ll see that such little weight difference won’t make any difference. And for what you seems to be riding – mostly fire roads as in the video above – you don’t even need a full suspension mtb at those slow speeds.

  15. Have you had a chance to ride a 19’ YT Decoy? I’m really considering selling my Decoy for a Rail 5/7. In size large it feels incredibly cramped with the short reach, steep STA, slammed steerer tube, and very low BB with constant pedal strikes just makes it very uncomfortable unless going down. I’ve never had knee and wrist pain so fast on any other bike emtb or otherwise. Any info would be appreciated! Great videos

  16. our bike keeps breaking, lets put a hole in the frame

  17. Can’t wait to watch this video. First lol

  18. Is this able to take a range extender battery?

  19. I have a Rail 9.8 love the bike but the Paint is Junk the clear coat is coming off and it chips Waaaaay to easy I contacted Trek and they told me too bad you would think for $8000.00 Trek would stand behind the bike but I guess not this was my first Trek and going by how they treated me it will be the last

  20. Enjoyed your review and found it helpful. I am trying to decide between the Rail 7 and Turbo Comp. I have limited time test riding both bikes and liked them both. While the quieter Levo tempts me the combination of Shimano components and Bosch motor upgrade appeal to me and make the Rail very tempting. I ride a lot of single track moderate to steep hills, downhill flow and some tighter, slower trails. I welcome your thoughts. Thank you!

  21. norcalchrismeister April 23, 2021 @ 12:40 am

    Nice vid. I’m seriously considering buying this bike as my local shop has a few in stock. Btw, are you from Norway? I’m American of Norwegian descent so I was just curious lol.

  22. Bruno Assunção April 23, 2021 @ 12:44 am

    What do you think about the Scott e Strike 920 I’m between these two and I don’t know which to chose. Can you give your opinion? Thanks

  23. Matthew Dessner April 23, 2021 @ 12:45 am

    How does the Rail 7 compare against the CUBE Stereo Hybrid Action Team 140?

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