2021 E Bikes From Specialized | Overview Of Models & Colors

2021 E Bikes From Specialized | Overview Of Models & Colors

Steve takes a look around the local Turbo store at the new 2021 Specialized electric mountain bike. From the high-end S-Works models to the new entry-level Levo.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I’d buy a used 2020 Specialized since the new models are almost the same.

  2. you dont have to spend 5 figures, 4500 ? where do these people work and live ,bikes that cost more that new cars!! what is the world coming to, surely a differnt world .

  3. Ιωαννης Παρασκευοπουλος April 1, 2021 @ 11:00 pm

    Kenevo!!! One bike to rule em all!

  4. Are his socks 🧦 out of the 80s too 🤔😂

  5. That f****** pen this is the second video I’ve seen him tapping brand new bikes with a pen!!!

  6. I do not understand why they don’t go further in the direction of the SL (sacrifice power for weight), and why others aren’t doing it. The SL is *far* better than other Ebikes when actually riding techy single track.

  7. That’s madness ur gonna get a lot of bike theft going on wiv da yoots innit

  8. I’ve been riding a Turbo Levo Comp for the last four years and it’s been a revelation. It has changed the way I ride and I can’t see myself ever going back to non ebike riding as I get older. However, I’m reluctant to pay the asking price for these 2021 models so will continue to maintain my present ride with suitable upgrades such as improved brakes. What I would consider paying big money for would be something like an ebike motor with step-less auto transmission – this has to be the future!

  9. Great bikes, but I’m on my second motor on my 2019 Turbo Levo in a year. Glad there is a 4 year warranty.

  10. One of each!

  11. Bjørnar Kvalen April 1, 2021 @ 11:09 pm

    WARNING! Ive had 5 motor swaps on my 2020 S-works! Yes 5!! My local dealer has been great trying to sort out issues and swap motors for me. But trying to get in touch with Specialized and getting an answer why this hapens time and again is like geting blood out of a stone. Youd think you spend over 1000 punds on a bike youd get some customer service. Its a shame, because the bike is dream to ride on.

  12. Not a fan of the rear shock placement. Nice looking colours

  13. In late August picked up my 2021 Levo Comp in oak green metallic. I absolutely love it! Far exceeded my expectations, at 62 years young it has been a game changer.

  14. Had the new turbo levo in clay about a week and first impressions…. awesome. £4500 from the concept store in Birmingham and customer service was excellent

  15. Why have you guys deleted my comments? You asked us what we think of the new specialneedz bikes, we’re giving you honest answers, just because you’re sponsored by them doesn’t mean you can sanitize opinion. If you’re going to delete comments you don’t like then I won’t bother watching your vids as you’re obviously being biased. I think they’re expensive for what they are and they are sold by BMW drivers who laugh at you in their expensive shop. That’s an honest opinion.

  16. Are there any other options to buy an EMTB than Specialized????? It seems you are a little biased. What about doing the same sort of show with ALL the other manufacturers?

  17. I appreciate this video but it’s just bike porn. My local Specialized dealer told me that Specialized has sold out its entire 2021 production capacity. There are very few bikes available. So why do this video? Seems like torture.

  18. Way
    too expensive considering the poor specifications. I would never buy one, there are better bikes out there for less money. But they are very nice looking.

  19. WOW …..A 10 THOUSAND dollar bike with 1/8 The power of my 19 dollar hair dryer….Where do I sign?

  20. Save a boatload of money and get a Luna X-1 Enduro. 125 nm of torque, 2,000 watts peak and a throttle to boot!

  21. The only problem is Specialized has no inventory to sell. Not even tires. Been trying to buy a bike for months. They won’t even talk to me

  22. Trevor Marshall April 1, 2021 @ 11:20 pm

    woohoo that is my kenevo 🙂 it is famous, can i sell it again for more money that i paid for it now Steve touched it or it is devalued ?

  23. 11.5k for an ebike with 320/160 WH battery, lmao, for that price they better give you 20 spare batteries

  24. well well well

  25. I love how ironic the staff were being, putting 10p pedals on a £11K bike I bet they had a little laugh through their coiffured beards as they supped on their gourmet coffees

  26. Kelvyn Bettridge April 1, 2021 @ 11:24 pm

    Classic EMBN excluded review of the Levo Comp with 700 batt. The bike that many will favor.

  27. I’m not sure that full carbon e-bikes are such a good idea to begin with. You’ve got the extra power, weight isn’t super critical anymore. I’d rather it be 5 lbs heavier and made of aluminum and sturdy. Same thing with the drivetrain, give me that 1×8 Sram E-bike drivetrain. Maybe if you’re a millionaire you can buy a new ebike every season and keep it serviced with parts, but if I buy an ebike I want it to be sturdy and durable and economical to run.

  28. Brian Bathgate April 1, 2021 @ 11:28 pm

    Ive got a 2019 Levo and love it (though I’ve upgraded most parts on it, SRAM brakes and Rovel wheels are awful)… I don’t like the way the prices are having a massive hike. I know it’s supply and demand and theres been a massive rush on ebikes – but something like the Cube Stereo is way better spec’d and far better value for money. Can’t see my next bike being a Specialized if they carry on the way they are.

  29. Not interest now unless it has belt drive.

  30. The red Colour i would love for my Tesla!

  31. Too expensive for this old man. Can always dream

  32. In Australia, it doesn’t matter what model or even what brand bike you would like to buy. There are none available and delivery dates keep getting pushed back. Santa, where’s my bike?

  33. Thanks for this video. Amazing and beautiful bike

  34. Enrique Nestor A. Eseo April 1, 2021 @ 11:37 pm

    how about CUBE bike… not only SPECIALIZE

  35. I actually like those pedals, Steve, much prefer not being attached to my bike in the event of the inevitable spills and much safer not to go down with the ship, at least for me and I’ve been falling and flying over the bars since the Sixties. And is Specialized ever gonna make an alloy electric hardtail? And thanks for your look at these models, each looks like a blast to ride.

  36. they are not available for ordering here in switzerland…-.-
    i wanted to have the sworks in red

  37. Got my 2021 Kenevo Comp back in August and every time I ride it I cant stop smiling. Get the same feeling I did when I first started mountain biking 21 years ago with just flying up the hill. And the thing is just mad fast on the descents. Really stable in the air too. The 500wh battery gives me about 2 hours around Innerleithen or the Golfie which is more than enough for me. Also really fun to climb munros on too. Absolutely love the thing but have changed a load of the stock parts.

  38. Andrew Sparkes April 1, 2021 @ 11:41 pm

    I want one of the specialized models and don’t know if i should get the levo or the levo comp. As such, is the comp worth the extra if you disregard the extra battery?

  39. Prices are BS! I have a Yamaha E Bike, with an aftermarked 750 Batterie, its great and it was less than half!

  40. I think that it is obsolete what the bikes are able to do, when I look at these prices I can just say: I am rich but I am not dumb. So go on with them prices, but dont expect to succeed

  41. Modern Day Pirate April 1, 2021 @ 11:45 pm

    What would you recommend for being an Above knee Amputee? Working towards a higher tier Greyp. I’ve got some time to choose with winter here.

  42. Kenevo is and always going to be my choice. Just my preference, everyone has different tastes. It’s all about having fun, It’s not a competition. Well for me it’s not. I just like being out whenever I can. Although I didn’t/couldn’t buy the Kenevo 2020 model due to awaiting stock for a few months. I still like the beast!

  43. I’ve been saving up for a 2021 Specialized Turbo Levo Expert (the cobalt blue one). Up until earlier this week it was being advertised at £7750 but they have jumped the price up on Specialized’s websites to £8500 in the last few days. I’m really annoyed by this and may need to look elsewhere or at other brands. They are all out of stock anyway at the moment.

  44. Lithium Bicycles April 1, 2021 @ 11:47 pm

    Lithium Bicycles .com approved. Thanks for the insightful content.

  45. Electric Mountain Bike Network April 1, 2021 @ 11:47 pm

    What do you think of the new models from Specialized?

  46. Specialized, Canyon and Giant have increased their prices by 12% because of ‘supply chain complexity’ and ‘increased costs’ or as I put it, ‘people have more disposible income and time thanks to Rishi so are buying an expensive bike’ similar to BMW and Audi sales tactics, if sales are going through the roof, increase prices. Bu11sh1t.

  47. Specialized = sick price.

  48. 380th thumbs up!
    I did like the 2015 specialized ebike.
    But I ride a efatbike. I would recommend it of course. I put big miles aka kilometers on it. Just had a big wreck on it sprained both wrist and bloodied the elbow and many body blows. But the bike just got scratches. Used me as a cushion. But anyways anyone know a good budget front fork? I want to get a little more rake. My front is twitchier than I like and just meh.

  49. Another advert

  50. Thanks for the info if I wasn’t a specialized fan I’d think this was an infomercial.

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