2021 FOCUS JAM2 REVIEW – A Trail Ripper!

2021 FOCUS JAM2 REVIEW – A Trail Ripper!

The 2021 Focus Jam2 6.9 NINE is a fantastically capable trail electric mountain bike. 拢4999. Sorted geometry, decent Bosch Gen 4 motor, 625Wh battery and a very good component list make for a sorted bike.

This model tested is the Focus Jam 6.9 NINE and is 拢4999

Check out more about the bike on Focus website: https://www.focus-bikes.com/gb_en/1030143-jam-6-9-nine

DISCLAIMER: FOCUS BIKES paid for me to produce this video. This has allowed me to work with The Bike Pilot to film, capture and produce the video. In no way did Focus have any control or influence over the video, narrative or final content. The first time they see the content is the same time you will see it. I will always try to highlight positive aspects and let you know of anything that doesn’t work correctly, or seems not great quality. I believe that being open and honest is important. As brands now have direct access to YOU, my loyal audience via my channel, you deserve to know all the good stuff and bad stuff about the products I’m testing!

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Once again Rob you give a great review of the Eeb. I finally got out in the Surrey Hills yesterday on my 2020 Kenevo and it was insane fun.
    Keep up the good work and hopefully may see you out there one day 馃

  2. Nice Review, like it when you tell also the negatives…
    Go on like this 馃憤
    Fairly to say that the more weight of the tyres ( Think they are super gravity casing) isn’t a negativ thing… because you can shred this tyres over any Terrain, without punctures, i change all my tires to Super Gravity Casing,
    Should mean, "the bike is 0,5kg heavier, because they have fixed they have mounted the right tyres" 馃憣

  3. Awesome bike for the price for sure 馃憤

  4. This is an awesome review!!! Can you also review the new Jeep Electric Bike? – https://ebikegeneration.com/blogs/news/quietkat-jeep-e-bike-a-review

  5. The bike I would’ve gone for if I’d managed to complete my 20 hours in the Focus/Strava challenge! Too much riding with my nieces and Mrs! I think every bike has its positives and negatives but this bike has everything I need and not much that I don’t!

  6. Can you choose a 500 battery instead from the factory as all my mates have that size, so it seems over kill if you don鈥檛 need all that extra range…

  7. Hi Rob..
    I lloked at the focus and the orbea wild. I actually went for the H20 in the end hopefully I won’t regret it..

  8. Just dropped the cash on one today. Cheers Rob

  9. A motor is a motor. It is always making sounds even the electric ones.

  10. Man, love the bosch but that noise would drive me nuts. I guess just something you’d get used to.

  11. Can someone help me with the colour of this frame? Is it quite green?

  12. Might be a stupid question but if using the flip chip can change the back wheel to a 27.5 to a mullet set up but could also change the front wheel to a 27.5 also?

  13. Well done on the review, thanks for it.
    Which is the song at the end of the video?

  14. Brilliant content, still saving for an ebike#expensive

  15. Ok, here’s a question for everyone: is 12 speeds too many? I find I’m triple, quadruple or quintuple shifting gears every time the gradient changes under me, and it’s a pain. The motor effectively makes the rider stronger, so surely you need fewer gears on an eMTB? I reckon 8 gears covering the same gearing range would suit me, and it would be cheaper and lighter to boot. Interested to hear other peoples’ thoughts.

  16. Martijn Scheffer January 2, 2021 @ 10:31 pm

    Rob, you mentioned that "your" bike also has a Bosch motor, so, you aren’t riding your 2019 Levo anymore ? what is your current bike ? i must have missed something.

  17. Could you use a smaller 500wh battery or similar if you wanted to drop a bit of weight?

  18. Waiting for my 6.8 to arrive they are $8199 in Oz. The 6.9 is $800 dearer. I figure I can upgrade shocks and shifter later.

  19. All I keep seeing is FOES. Heck, even the same font!

  20. hi rob really like the look and spec of this bike would you recommend it as a first ebike for a 53 yr old i currently ride a cube stereo 150 c68 actionteam 29er cheers tony

  21. Hi mate… what would you reccomend, the jam虏, or orbea wild? I cannot decide between the two!

  22. What exactly is it that is rattly with the bosch motor?

  23. Hi Rob. An Excellent produced short film as usual. I was looking for a second emtb to buy and was willing to buy this one until you mentioned the clatter!! Changed my mind now. Unless Bosch has engineered the clatter as a design feature and gave a reason why in their sales brochure, it really shouldn鈥檛 be there.

  24. ABONIERT #EmerySmith

  25. Hi Rob. You mentioned the Purion display ruins the look of the cockpit, Do you have a upgrade idea or preference on an alternative?

  26. any chance getting something from ROTWILD in for testing?

  27. That Dr. Zoidberg stem is so cooool!

  28. Very good review Rob. Your channel is superb. I’ve just ordered a 2021 Thron2 6.9. I cannot find a proper review of it. Can you tell me……… is it a "racier" type of bike than the Jam I.e. which one is plusher, more cumbersome of the two? Thankyou. Keep up the great work. It’s good viewing. Regards, Gary.

  29. Picked up this bike yesterday. Im sooo happy.

  30. Love to see a comparison between this and the Canyon.

  31. Fox Rythm descent? it鈥檚 not really well speced. Come on stay honest also when you get money! Propain Ekano or a Commencal Meta Power that are well speced ebikes….

  32. Just bought one, deffo think it was the right choice. Won鈥檛 get it until Sept apparently – but cannot wait to get out and ride it.

  33. Is this available to order in the U.S.?

  34. Great review, Rob – Focus goes on my list of candidates for my next bike. Was wondering, if the Purion display can be exchanged against the Kiox? I鈥榙 rather had the display mounted on the side of the stem for better protection …

  35. Roll on October 1st… mine is getting delivered馃ぉ馃ぉ.. i actually chose this bike because of this video…thankyou

  36. I really like your reviews since I feel you are honestly critical to the bikes. And not like some other reviewers that just put pseudo criticisms against saddles, tyres and other parts that you can easily change to be easy on the manufacturers.

  37. Liked it till….bosh motor… Sorry not my thing… I stick to true mtb… Unless u do t hit the alps… Here in the uk u dont need a ebike

  38. Where you find this BIkes from 2021 in August 2020. You are in the future !

  39. For 拢5000 I want a better screen.

  40. Price? USA

  41. Hi mate , do you know what the motor rattle is ? Dose Bosch know about it ? Seems to be annoying as you ride , would love to know the problem, cheers 馃嵒馃嵒

  42. Engineer: look at this amazing cable management system I designed. Bosch: fk you, here have a Purion

  43. Nice work, bro!

  44. giannis laskaris January 2, 2021 @ 10:57 pm

    Great review Rob. I hope all your reviews from now on to be like this one. Bike is brilliant and it is my next bike.

  45. Sinisa Kalicanec January 2, 2021 @ 10:58 pm

    Unfortunately it cannot be ordered with a wheel size of 27.5 a very big disappointment for such a great bike 馃様

  46. Buy this bike and you’ll beat Brendog on a short course! If you’re name’s Olly, obviously!

  47. Which motors don’t have that rattle sound? I watched your video with the new shimano motor.

  48. Great video. I have just ordered one. Unfortunately there’s a 4 month wait for where I live (Tasmania) thanks to covid bit by the looks of it it will be worth it.

  49. Rob – Great vids. Can you please do a review on the Whyte 2021 E-160 RS v1?

  50. Great bike from Focus, super fun great looking eeb!! Ps I just wanna say huge thanks to Jon – The Bike Pilot for his amazing camera work!

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