$216 1000 Watt 48 volt Ebike Conversion Kit w/LCD Display (BATTERIES and TORQUE ARMS NOT INCLUDED)

$216 1000 Watt 48 volt Ebike Conversion Kit w/LCD Display (BATTERIES and TORQUE ARMS NOT INCLUDED)

1000 Watt 48 volt Ebike Conversion Kit Rear Wheel with LCD Display from “xcceries” ebay store with California based warehouse.
Purchased for $216 total. I could have spent a lot less, but I really wanted the extra features of the LCD Display. Also, I’m using the front wheel version of this already, but wanted a rear wheel version on another bike for added safety. CAUTION for safety – my advice is that you MUST use torque arms (purchased separately), especially if you use the front wheel version. You have been warned!

Generic branded as Yescom, Xcceries, Champion, High Power, etc, Rear wheel, 7 speed, LCD display Controller
California based warehouse.
Top speed of over 30 mph.

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  1. ive been through 4 of these so far in the matter of 4 months, that lcd display has failed twice giving a e07 error which led to cutting out the motor, the wire got loose on the back and therefore couldn’t turn the bike on on another, one motor died due to getting caught out in the rain, and with little option for replacement parts, they are truly crap

  2. Rainbow Six sige January 15, 2021 @ 10:43 pm

    Hello might be a silly question but where is the battery located in this kit ?

  3. I think this is the kit I just ordered on ebay. I noticed when you spun the cassette with your finger it made a ratcheting noise like the old 10 speeds. No big deal I guess but one reason I wanted one of these Direct drive wheels was quietness.

  4. Hello from Kansas. I just got the front wheel version. I’m thinking I should of gotten the rear. Is the only difference the included sprocket? Can I remove my sprocket from my bike and install it to the front wheel version hub? Thanks in advance for your response. Rick

  5. how do i charge this

  6. Carlos Martin Trinidad January 15, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    How do you charges it?

  7. hi ive just had ebike kit off ebay voilamart 250w an 1000watt front hub kit but its sadly lacking in power I used lead acid scooter batteries to test 36 an 48v but its so feeble I’m goin to send back .whats your kits like?i have a giant mountain bike which is lightweight 26inch wheels.the electric wheels span up ok without load but just no power on road.i checked the sensor on the crank as it said keep a gap between sensor and magnet but both motors they just pulsed the power but it was weak.i could pedal faster without motor easy

  8. Do you ha e a front elec hub and nowa rear one..or just rear?

  9. Why is there 50,000 different 26inch electric wheel kits and almost none for most others?
    Especially the taller rims. I never see adults ride the tiny rims on the street.

  10. Saif El Din Reda January 15, 2021 @ 10:49 pm

    I am in need of this device for my own bike .. I am from Egypt and I want to know if it is possible to send me through shipping or how and how much price !!

  11. iOn-Christopher DiMeglio January 15, 2021 @ 10:51 pm

    Year ago. Got a good one for you – is that a double wall wheel? Also about the quality of the wheel, are those stainless steel spokes and what gauge? How’s it holding up for you?

  12. what batterye s u gone use or this kit and how manny can u tell me please

  13. Can you use a lithium battery pack? Thanks

  14. Hi
    Is the 1000 watt controller the battery?
    Or do I need to purchase a battery for this kit?

  15. How to purchase plz call me

  16. the cassette, the rear wheel gears confuse me. Do I have to worry about this when choosing a compatible bike that will work? Are these gears just as good as the ones already on the bike. Thanks for the video, I would like this kit, I think.

  17. Is there any way to buy a front wheel kit and use it on the rear by transfering the cassette??

  18. Not responsible or "Liable" for accidents or injuries (0:37).

  19. Coopers Not a bird January 15, 2021 @ 11:01 pm

    Pls do a video on hooking it up

  20. Excuse my english. Can you add the disc brake on your wheel ? If yes how much ?

  21. Chaitanya Chaitanya January 15, 2021 @ 11:03 pm

    From wear did you get it

  22. I just got an ebike Convertion kit. Im trying to find a battery for it and no luck so far. Any suggestens

  23. Lorenzo Vertemati January 15, 2021 @ 11:09 pm


    only with this kit will my bike become a pedal assisted bike, but instead buy batteries and chargers my bike will become completely electric, right? I apologize for the stupid question.

  24. do you have to pedal it? if so why? screw pedaling

  25. question, can you install and use this hub without the pedal assist?

  26. Steven K McKendall Sr January 15, 2021 @ 11:10 pm

    Did you do an earlier video on the front wheel version that you previously purchased and if so, would you please provide link to such? Thank you,

  27. chandrashekhar banchhod January 15, 2021 @ 11:11 pm


  28. true some of the eBay bike motors are crap but they do make good ones I’m sure the one in the video is good I purchased the voilamart 48v 1000 that had very good reviews, I paid 145.00 on sale. I used GPS and i have a dig. Speedometer also, 32.4mph. the spokes are larger then the cheep 120.00 kits you find off ebay. I also bought the 48v 20ah battery made by VPOWER for 480.00….the reviews on the battery were pretty much 50/50 guess I got lucky! it shows 52.22v at full charge I live in the mountains and can still get about 16 miles no PAS with PAS over 20. in flat areas im sure it will get at least 30 miles per charge. Thank for the video by the way, good info.

  29. Could i put my original 2.1 tire on this rim?

  30. Is the pedal assist optional?

  31. Bought my eBay 250 watt kit £110 works great and 1000 watt also 140£ .23 mph on bike run out of gears just need bigger rear sprocket for more speed 😀

  32. I just ordered one of these, I hope I have made the right choice. I have ordered a front wheel drive version, don’t know about the relative merits of front or rear wheel drive. My Hub us a 26 inch Wheel, and my bike actually has a 27.5 inch wheel, I just hoping it will fit OK, as Long as it fits in terms of width into the drop out, I will not mind as the difference between 26 inch and 27.5 is negligible. If it don’t fit I will just get another bike that will fit it!!! Anyway, what battery would you recommend to complete the job, should I go with 4*12v lead acid (In series!!?) to get 48 Volt lead acid, or splurge the cash even further and get a new Lithium polymer battery, again probably of EBAY. I would appreciate your comments on the Hub as I hope I have brought a good one, I was looking at Voilamart as I hear it’s a quality brand, but hey I just clicked on this one. I will either get a friend to help me fit it or pay the local bike shop, as I wan’t a quality job done!!! I am a perfectionist, but my engineering skills are BASIC to say the least.

  33. so batteries are not included in kits corrects?

  34. How did this hold up after let’s say 6 months? Also I am curious about the two motors, front and rear! Would you say that helped acceleration?

  35. ইসলামিক বিনদন টিভি January 15, 2021 @ 11:17 pm

    What is the name of your country

  36. Utter bollocks this stuff.

  37. Hi,I want to buy a kit like I do

  38. What would you recommend? I am converting my full-suspension 2008 Gary Fisher Hifi Plus 29er into an affordable and clean looking all-terrain rear hub-motor ebike, but I am discovering several major challenges. The internal frame triangle is small and will only allow for a battery max height 3.25 inches. There is another water bottle attachment under the down tube but the battery will get more exposed to the elements. Below the tube also cannot allow for a tall battery. From what I read I would want a 1500w rear hub motor for ample off-road power, I live in a area with lots of hills so power is key. All the 1500w ones I see only allow for a 7-speed cog setup and my bike has 9-speen cog. Is this an issue? I have little to no room to mount a controller so I was exploring motors and batteries with built in controllers?? It also appears that off-road enthusiasts prefer a thumb throttle because a wrist throttle can be difficult to manage while hitting roots etc. This is becoming a real challenge to build. Are you aware of any conversion kits that would works for my bike out of the box?? Aiming for 35+ mph and over 25+ mile range. Need your help…

  39. Relation Quality/Price Good! The motor is a interesant option . Is the minimum power acceptable for an engine Regards.

  40. Purchase Link?

  41. I’m not going to lie January 15, 2021 @ 11:26 pm

    1,000th LIKE!!!

  42. If you know how to true your own wheels, then I’m sure you’ve already done that with the motor kit. If not, then I recommend taking it to a bike shop to have them do it. These are made by machine. They break spokes. If you really want to make it last, I’d have it redone with single butted DT Swiss 13/14 spokes. More stretch, less break.

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  44. No battery ?

  45. b Asela De silva January 15, 2021 @ 11:28 pm

    Price how much broo

  46. does the wheel make that clicking noise when coasting

  47. It was the battery workin now with 18650 power

  48. EXPLORING WITH MATTY January 15, 2021 @ 11:36 pm

    What’s name of this kit please

  49. Freddy Stoutjesdijk January 15, 2021 @ 11:36 pm

    Do u have to use the handbrakes ? Or can i just use normal brakes

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