3 AMAZING BIKE Inventions You Can Buy Online 2016 #11 – NIYDKE

3 AMAZING BIKE Inventions You Can Buy Online 2016 #11 – NIYDKE

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There are inventors all over the world who are constantly inventing cool tech and gadgets but we don’t know much about them.. Welcome to NIYDKE and today we are counting down our picks for the top five amazing tech you didn’t know about.

You won’t believe these gadgets.. These inventions will blow your mind…

▶Gi Fly Bike – http://giflybike.com/ –
Fastest Folding Electric bike. Enjoy commuting.
Electric Flight Assistance. 40 miles (60 kms) of assistance on a single charge. Get to work without breaking a sweat.
Smartphone Charger. Gi Fly Bike’s battery charges your phone so you stay connected as you get from A to B.
Smart Locking Systemand Sharing Program.
Your Gi FlyBike will lock automatically once you are 10 feet (3 meters) from the folded bike. Then know that there is a safe way to share your FlyBike. Just use your App.

▶Sherlock – http://www.sherlock.bike/ –
Sherlock is designed to be very compact, small and easy to install. 

It can be hidden inside the handlebars resulting invisible from the outside, so that it is hard for the thief to detect. 

Plus, it does not alter the design of the bike!

▶Snikky Bike – https://www.snikkybike.com/ –
SnikkyBike combines the agile riding of a kick scooter with the stability/comfort of a road bike into an effortless electric vehicule.

We bring to life an innovative concept providing increased flexibility and incredible manoeuvrability for individual mobility in urban areas. The SnikkyBike combines the agile riding properties of a kick scooter with the stability and comfort of a road bike into an effortless all electric vehicle. We believe that technology should bring people together, so no matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up. With a SnikkyBike.


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