32 MPH WHEELIE MACHINE!! AddMotoR MOTAN M-70 retro cruiser electric bike review

32 MPH WHEELIE MACHINE!! AddMotoR MOTAN M-70 retro cruiser electric bike review

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Readers Comments (43)

  1. yes that company is either listening too customers, or that was a custom setup by a worker and they went with that. Sure a bit high price but very nice strait out of the factory for some fun riding. great channel and E bike .

  2. prettiestsumthin sweeet February 13, 2021 @ 8:38 pm

    How do you even review all the diferent bike? don’t u get confused with all the different ones? Lovely review Brent I always like seeing your channel. šŸ’•

  3. Bike specs are nice but actual e-bike you get sucks. And customer service is nightmare. You can check broken frames, people get serious injuries with addmotor. https://www.reddit.com/r/ebikes/comments/hhuof1/danger_addmotor_bikes_are_literally_breaking_in/

  4. Haha my dude I was wonderin when you’re going to finally do a bike I like. About time. Just kidding. Godd stuff dude thumbs up for this

  5. Awesome video love your shots.

  6. I’m about 6’5" and really interested in this bike. I have concerns the pedaling would be extremely tight for me. I also had the big dog off road which ended up being very comfortable once I got the handle bars extended a bit. Do you think this bike is too small for my height? Really looking to use it for some local/city cruising, not so much long distance travel. Appreciate any input you may have.

  7. I have Addmotor Motan fat tire and it likes to shut off periodically without any input from the user and when it does stay on long enough for me to try to check it it seems the throttle and peddle assist is at full power all the time. So far no customer support to solve the problem. Also I had a 500W e-bike which seems to be more powerful than my addmotor motan. I feel something wrong with their specs or controller. But I am disappointed with my e-bike

  8. Seems like the Addmotor F35 but with a different frame. šŸ‘šŸ‘

  9. So I’ve been stuck between this that Ariel Rider x-class and the Scorpion from Juiced bikes which one would you recommend out of the three also does this go 32 miles per hour on just throttle

  10. Knighted Cyclist February 13, 2021 @ 8:43 pm

    thumbs up but I cannot watch right now But I Promise I will later!

  11. Thanks for your review of this bike. I’ve been interested in it, but it seems most everybody is reviewing the M-60 instead. You appear to be the only person who has done a review of the M-70, as every other video on youtube about it is just a repackage of the official advertising video.

  12. How to change the top speed unlimited

  13. it reminds me of super 73 ebike

  14. In this video you look like you going over 25 on throttle why when you buy this bike you only reach up to 20 on throttle

  15. After this video I canceled my other order and going to get this Monday once my canceled order is refunded to my card.

  16. From 2020, the maximum speed of all M-70 batches is set to 25mph. Thank you.

  17. From 2020, the maximum speed of all M-70 batches is set to 25mph. Thank you.

  18. Wonder how easy it would be to place that battery pack further forward in a more fuel tank position, down to that red section with the bottle rack lugs….try and balance out not only the weight but the look too

  19. Love the shape but not the handle bars

  20. How do I unlock the speed on the m-70????

  21. im so sick of this canned music home depot song, but that bike is rad.

  22. Wanna explain how u get this thing to an actual 32 mph?

  23. This don’t look like it’s for the short people out there

  24. I just bought one! I’m waiting for it to ship out on monday.

  25. Shimano Tourney never looked so good!

  26. $1,898.00 with no suspension? Get an Ariel X-Rider for $1500

  27. Can you talk less and just f****** rock the bike already

  28. Big Cosmic Energy February 13, 2021 @ 9:11 pm

    Great video and awesome review!!!

  29. Grand-Master Grouch February 13, 2021 @ 9:13 pm

    if you put your handle bars forward you can prevent wheelie no problem you can even wheelie much better. i own one. I also ride a #M109R this little scooter is a great in town cruiser. cheers

  30. this looks like a good bike to wheelie

  31. What song is this!? Its bangin’!!

  32. Having bad luck today :C

  33. Just got mine in yesterday , would you know how to reset the display to change max speed so it can get up to 32mpH ?

  34. Occupied Kingdom February 13, 2021 @ 9:16 pm

    How do you tweak the max speed?? I can’t get past 20mph.

  35. So so good!!!šŸ™ŒšŸ¼

  36. Does anybody know does this is bike come with the real 750w bafang hub?, or is it the little crapy one that comes with the radrover with the 750watt sticker. I don’t know how they get away with that, for that, I’m leaning towards building my own , though this one looks interesting.

  37. Make new video on how bike held up thanks

  38. Love the design!ā—

  39. THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL EBIKE! Gimme gimme gimme lolol. Seriously though that looks like a great bike but not somethin gI woudl use because just like you accurately said you can’t pedal as goood on these kinds of bikes as you can on normal one

  40. I just bought one, have been waiting for 9 days, when do they usually come?

  41. sick video!

  42. At that speed you better stay focused & not forget you’re not on a bicycle anymore…
    you’re motoring. Also, because of weight you’ve got momentum. ‘Member me? I’ve got their M60 model, which is 68 lb.

  43. Anyone know where to get/buy foot pegs for the M-70?

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