5 New Awesome Electric Bikes – 2020 Edition

5 New Awesome Electric Bikes – 2020 Edition

Scorpion 💲1,899 https://www.juicedbikes.com/products/scorpion
AMX 💲1,120 https://analogmotion.com
Packa 💲1,499 https://blixbike.com/products/packa
Gateway 💲2,099 https://www.mondaymotorbikes.com/gateway
Nireeka 💲1,888 https://nireeka.com

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🔹 DJI Mavic Mini https://amzn.to/2Ympax8
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🔹 Phone Gimbal https://amzn.to/2YypGIn
🔹 Audio-Technica ATH-SR6BT Headphones: https://amzn.to/2N0z6ae
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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I ordered the Nireeka Prime. I’m so excited! It’s definitely the best bang for the buck from what I could find at least. The 1000w bafang ultra motor is badass , I like how it’s midrive too, and the sexy design is a plus for sure. Also, for anybody who was commenting about the bike not having suspension – that was one of my concerns too. Fortunately, there are a ton of upgrades you can get with it, including a front fork suspension. Problem solved! Also, keep in mind, it’s a fat tire bike, and from what I’ve read, fat tires give a decent amount of softening on their own.

  2. How i can get in pakistan

  3. 전기자전거ELECTRIC BIKE TV December 18, 2020 @ 9:30 pm

    Wow cool

  4. আমি গাড়িটা ক্রয় করতে চাই, দাম কতো এবং বাংলাদেশে দেওয়া যাবে কি?????

  5. None of these available in the Netherlands, only country where the ebike outsells regular bikes. Shame, first one looks kinda fun. Guess i spend my momey at VanMoof instead then 🤷‍♂️

  6. Another had me interested, sold through BOLTON e-bikes, which has the 1000W motor, dual batteries, superb front suspension, and 4 piston brakes for those quick stops needed in hard riding. Oh, and it is a ‘gates belt’ bike, no chain, with gears with the rear hub itself! He’s calling this one, and the less cost one just under this with the 750w motor, the WARTHOG! BOLTON e-bikes has ‘many’ other e-bikes as well as these two. The top one is pricy, the second one is more in line with most others on the market today.

  7. the "paca" bike looks dangerous in the city… with 2 kids ?

  8. Bruh amx is💎💎💎

  9. Nesting Delos Reyes December 18, 2020 @ 9:33 pm

    How to buy and how much

  10. Regan T. Cameron December 18, 2020 @ 9:36 pm

    I love the seat on the scorpion. So many others are uncomfortable.
    Step through is cool too.
    I’m wondering what it weighs.

  11. better with hub drive . If the chain breaks you can still get home . The last bike will leave you stranded and these things aint light

  12. Thank you so much for this awesome review!!! Can you also do a review on a Rambo e-bikes if possible? https://ebikegeneration.com/blogs/news/quietkat-v-rambo-the-best-hunting-electric-bike-brands

  13. For the Scorpion it looks like you would wear out your knees if you had to pedal. The seat is too low.

  14. How much

  15. proud to see black owned biz

  16. lucifer morningstar December 18, 2020 @ 9:43 pm

    all these bikes are for little women and men not one as a frame for a 6 footer.

  17. How do I buy one?

  18. 😂 😂 @ 12:27 – 12:29. That bike looks great, but with no front or rear suspension, the rider’s head was moving like he has an extreme case of Tourettes…

  19. Mangal all santali Rusika Tips December 18, 2020 @ 9:48 pm

    Rs kiya he

  20. AMX is on my wishlist!

  21. 12:27 No suspension. No thanks.

  22. Constantin Clipa December 18, 2020 @ 9:51 pm

    Save your money..get a super electric bike

  23. How many watt motor?

  24. Ally oom a numb.

  25. Fictitious Fictitious December 18, 2020 @ 9:52 pm

    Can I get it delivered to the Arctic circle fifty miles below the surface of the earth

  26. Sumaryanto Sumaryan December 18, 2020 @ 9:54 pm


  27. Saw a video of a trail ride , pouring water on red hot dics , need a backup braking system

  28. Hype and BS no price points, waste of time. Thumbs DOWN!

  29. XL boss

  30. Ok it finally came. The answer

  31. It looks like a truck bike

  32. Watching this I want to modified or just build one

  33. I just ordered a Wallke X3 Pro!!

  34. Scorpion Chinese made. I bet your asking thousands for Chinese Junk.

  35. This is an awesome review!!! I think Jeep electric bike by Quietkat also deserves a spot on this list – https://ebikegeneration.com/blogs/news/quietkat-jeep-e-bike-a-review

  36. 9399572036

  37. How much if delivered in the Philippines

  38. All these bikes are similar,hub drives are great for around town and fire roads, I would like to see more Emtb’s with mid drive motors.

  39. Great list and great video! planning to buy an electric bike soon!

  40. Need backup braking system when dics gets too hot

  41. Packa is what i want.

  42. Simplesmente Caloi Mobilete from Brasil

  43. Got a Nireeka prime coming in late september. Can’t wait!

  44. The Nireeka just has too many question marks. Also, they need to make different sizes on these bike brands. All of the riders are hobbit sized.

  45. 3:16 I know that girl didn’t leave her bike just standing there in London

  46. Has anyone looked at the DOST bikes, assembled in Canada? 750W drive motor, and up to 120 miles, with the dual battery system? As nice as some of the others on the market are, I’m thinking ‘distance’ can be important, if you’re out on an all day ride! https://dostbikes.com/product/kope/

  47. si piaggio

  48. never thought that in just few years electric bikes will take over!

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