56v Ego battery mount solution for your ebike!

56v Ego battery mount solution for your ebike!

These Ego batteries are awesome! Perfect upgrade for my bbshd from Luna Cycles! A lot of people have used the cheap charger that comes with the blower, trimmer, etcetera, to make a base for mounting these batteries to their ebikes. One problem is that the connection is very short and most any bump would break connection. Strapping helps, lots of things help! Lol! One full proof fix I found that works best and is actually the easiest. Is bending spring steel in this manner. It works perfect! This is actually great to if you just want to lock the battery to the charger for packing to another site! Keeps them together and protected. Or if you have these charges and batteries in a moving charge station. In the end mounting this setup in reverse of the way I did in this video is a much better mounting solution. That way the seat locks the battery in and when going up hill you will never have a disconnect!

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  1. What Controller did you use? I’m about to do this, but I’m concerned that a 48V controller won’t work because it’s a 56V battery. Thanks for your help! Great video

  2. Cool idea. I recently bought into the ego system and am wondering what else i could do with these batteries as I now have 3 of them. A solar charger would be cool

  3. Did you shape the spring steel from a strip or where did you get it? Any idea what gauge or thickness it is?

  4. When graphene batteries come out you could ride your ebike, power your tools, power your house and car with a portable battery like that. Wish I had a time machine lol

  5. Would it be possible to use the Ego back pack and battery with an ebike set up ? Has anyone tried this ? If so , was it an easy connect up? A ny downsides ?

  6. Here is a better solution, rather than destroying a battery.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9–lgqA19U You can also buy it on Amazon.

  7. How did u connect the motor to the charger

  8. William Wallace March 10, 2021 @ 10:37 pm

    Great idea, I was searching for a good mount for my battery, just bought an ebike kit. I ended up mounting the charger (sans guts) on the downtube, with some larger wires going to the terminals. Seems a bit sketchy for the 7.5….. I’ll need to strap it onto the bike.

  9. So do you use the terminals that came with the charger itself to run your ebike, or do you have another system and are just using it as a holder?

  10. Great solution! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I was thinking about doing this, but then I came across a product that would work using the water bottle screws. You may be interested in this battery adapter:

  12. Whats your range with the 7 and the 2?

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