6 Brompton Accessories (from $4 to over $100)

6 Brompton Accessories (from $4 to over $100)

Hey guys, in this video, I selected six accessories that I find very interesting for the Brompton. The links are listed below:

1) EZ Clamp Springs:


2) Topeak Cargo Net:

3) Trigo Brompton Phone Mount:

4) Vincita Luna Bottle Bag
Luna Bottle Bag

5) MiniMODs EZ Wheel Extender (also called X-Roller Easy Wheel Extender)

6) Vincita Nash Rackbag
Nash Rackbag

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00:00 – Intro
00:19 – EZ Clamp Springs
01:27 – Topeak Cargo Net
02:06 – Trigo Phone Mount
04:32 – Vincita Luna Bottle Bag
05:55 – MiniMODs Wheel Extender
06:28 – Vincita Nash Rackbag

Six Brompton Accessories (from $4 to over $100)

With the increased popularity of Brompton bikes right now, some of you may be wondering if there are any accessories you can get for your new ride. From as little as 4 dollars to over a hundred, today I’ll show you six accessories you can get for your Brompton, starting with the EZ Clamp Springs. This tiny 3D printed part costs only 4 dollars and makes a world of difference when folding and unfolding the bike. Typically, when unscrewing the hinges, the clamp becomes kinda wild after a certain point. And when unfolding the bike, you need to hold the clamp in place and screw the bolt in at the same time. This tiny invention from Steve, from Gyrobot, has both a compression stiffness that pushes the clamp away from the hinge, and a rotational stiffness that prevents the clamp from rotating wildly after the hinge is undone. To install it, it’s very simple. Just remove the hinge bolt all the way, insert the spring and screw it back in. It doesn’t affect the folding mechanism or the operation of the hinge. It just adds convenience. There are other products out there that intend to do the same thing, but they typically require you to replace the original bolt and clamp. Considering that this costs only a tiny fraction of those other solutions and it doesn’t require any modifications to the bike, I think this is totally worth it.
Next we have the Topeak Cargo Net. This is a 40 by 40 cm cargo net that costs about 7 bucks. If you’ve been following this channel for a while, you know that I use this very very often. I use it to increase the capacity of my cargo trailer, to hold the contents of my T-bag in place, to keep heavy items more secure on the rear rack or even to hold all sorts of odd shaped stuff to my burley travoy. There are definitely more applications for this thing, and that’s why I bought a second one for myself.
This is a phone mount made specifically for the Brompton. It’s called the Trigo TRP1811. I bought this off of Amazon for US$ 32. It comes with the handlebar mount, an adhesive back plate for your phone and a set of transparent washers to use when installing the mount to the bike. This looks very well-made with aluminum parts and a plastic base plate. The adhesive back plate can be glued to your phone case, or directly to the phone, as I did here. Just make sure the surface is properly cleaned beforehand. I really wanted it for myself for one single reason. The plastic base-plate on the Trigo mount is exactly the same as the topeak mount on my touring bike. That means I can, not only use my phone on both of my bikes, but also my drone remote controller, because I adapted a topeak mount to the back of it a while ago. I know many people use the trigo mount without having to modify it at all, but if you’re interested in it, be prepared to make the modifications I made, if that’s the case.
Now we’ll talk about the Vincita Luna Bottle Cage. You guys know that I used to have a Btwin bag installed on my handlebar. That’s still one of my favorites. But you know, my handlebar got pretty busy now with a phone, a handlebar bag, or even a drone controller. Using a bottle cage installed to my handlebar was no longer practical. so I decided a different style of bottle cage would be beneficial, and this is where the Luna cage comes in. It’s insulated, and it uses a klickfix quick release mounting system that I can attach anywhere along the stem of my Brompton, leaving the handlebar area available for the other stuff.
The quick release system also makes it very easy to remove the bottle off the bike. Installing the bottle cage on and off the bike is extremely easy. The klickfix system is actually so versatile that I bought a separate mount to install on my small tripod, and now I can use the same klickfix mount for both my luna bottle cage and my vlogging camera. The retail price on the Luna cage is 45 dollars. That is impressive, considering that the klickfix system on it’s own is over 30 bucks.

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  1. I need all these if I’m moving to one room apartment

  2. Good vid.tks

  3. Had to pause at c.16s while I went away and bought a couple of ez clamp springs. Can I cope without them? Absolutely! – but with them, I think I won’t even need to look at what I’m doing… An elegant improvement to an already good system and worth supporting on that basis alone. Thanks for showcasing them!

  4. It’s been a long time,all ok????

  5. I just binge watched a bunch of your videos 🙂 I have 1 request. I have a real issue with my bum hurting the next day after I ride bikes; so I end up not riding as much. Can you do an accessory vid that includes the best padded shorts or any product that would help. Thanks

  6. Restu Fajar Anggriawan January 1, 2021 @ 10:20 pm

    How about the side mirror, is it doing good? I saw it on amazon and planning to buy one

  7. Av. Mehmet Parlakyıldız January 1, 2021 @ 10:21 pm

    How can I choose right brompton for me, any advice? 1.85cm 75 kg

  8. 6:26 You can use the Brompton as a shopping cart! 😮 How?

  9. Where can i purchase the items am from Malaysia

  10. Perfect to improve my English and my brompton. Thanks!

  11. youdontneed 2knowwho January 1, 2021 @ 10:24 pm

    eventhough i dont ride brompton bikes, it still show some cool accessories that i dont even know exist. good video anyways!

  12. 1:25 Thanks. I finally learned how to pronounce *_TOPEAK_*
    7:09 Your chain is very clean.
    7:46 If you think $110 for a lunchpail bag is worth it, you may be an elitist.

  13. Victor – Mirror just arrived, ordered the wheel extender and waiting for the plastic inserts for the frame clamps from the UK. Vincita Web site caused my computer to give a warning message ( Malbytes action). I want that water bottle( currently have a Bushwacker one hanging on the seat post), cant find it anywhere else. Do you have any suggestions? Love your channel as much as the Brompton! I bought an older Burley Travoy cargo carrier, mine was a store demo, and the pin that holds the kickstand post is broken. Is there a way to fix this ? It is stuck inside of the tube trying to fish it out. Is the kick stand that critical to function of the Travoy? I suspect it will tip forward when upright, but will it tip over? Was it even sturdy to begin with? In looking at your Brompton carrying case video I see you have a newer one with a bar on the bottom, ever own or hear about kickstand issue with the single peg style?

  14. Shahriman Abdul Hamid January 1, 2021 @ 10:26 pm

    how to buy the ez clamp springs?


  16. Excellent video, very helpful!

  17. So glad I’ve found your channel! Real life Brompton + Accessories reviews! Thank you!

  18. I recommend Quadlock case for use with the Brompton. In particular the kit for motocycles works better than than the bike kit: https://www.quadlockcase.co.uk/collections/shop-mounts/products/motorcycle-mount?variant=38928185682

  19. Good luck buying a Brompton or any bicycle accessories… everything sold out! My local bike shop closed down for 3 months because he can’t get bikes or parts!

  20. Best Brompton related reviews and videos I have seen online, and only found your channel the other day. Have you considered toeclips on your Brommie? Eliminates the foot slipping issues.

  21. I have enjoyed and appreciated your videos. I bought the Vincita Nash bag, and I want to ask you: Did you have to adjust the clip-on bottom to fit your rack? I think I finally got it to the right place, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I find, too, that I have to click down one side at a time or else the bag doesn’t grab hold of the rack. Any recommendations?

  22. Everyday Cycling January 1, 2021 @ 10:36 pm

    Which one was your favorite? Let me know here!

  23. After 6 years of Brompton ownership, my personal favourites are: Restrap Handlebar Bag (I’ve got the Chpt3 edition), UPSO Ferrybridge bag for bad weather, Ergon Brooks GP1 grips… and that’s about it. My ride is 2017 S6L in Green, modded to full black edition spec, with SON dynamo.

  24. Hey Victor i hope everything is ok.Miss your videos

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    What type of your brompton bro ?

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  28. Yep getting creamed by Brompton in all directions. People are foolish enough to pay

  29. Well done. I like the phone holder

  30. Good advice

  31. thnx for you great video’s i purchased a vincita bottle holder but i have no idea how to install the KLICKfix to my brompton… any help or video?

  32. I love the bike on minute 1:51 in that green/teal color. would love to know what it is]:]

  33. Hi, your leather frame hand handle where can you get them? Cheers!

  34. Samuel Hadeli Lie January 1, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    Hey does a bottle in the luna bottle cage shake around when you ride? can it pop out if you hit a rough bump? and also is it secure for smaller sized bottles?

  35. Nice

  36. I see somebody already asked the question but it has no reply as far as I can see – I am very interested to know where you got the leather frame protector with the stiching close?

  37. Chino Villaverde January 1, 2021 @ 10:48 pm

    Hope some of the other products are available here in ghe Philippines. Shipping and customs would really boost the prices to unreasonable levels. I love all the accessories on this video and for someone like me who uses my brompton for literally everything, these items would really be worth having.

  38. Most of us couldnt even afford a secondhand brompton, why would we want to buy the accesorries? 🤷‍♀️❤
    Though I would love to have one 🤭

  39. Love your recommendations! Very simple yet effective! Do you have a recommendation for phone mount for Brompton M handle bar? One that is secured and fuss free (no modification needed).

  40. Nice man!
    It’s not a problem 👌

  41. A longer stem bolt would work for the phone-mount. Add a nut, and affix the mount to the part of the bolt that sticks out of the handlebar clamp.

  42. Shanthuru Premkumar January 1, 2021 @ 11:01 pm

    Hi, i hope you are doing well, been a while since your last video. Hope we can get some update. cheers 🙂

  43. which model of your drone do you use?

  44. Vincita bags are instant sellers !!

  45. Cheers for vid, I’ve just purchased the ezclamp, such a wicked idea.

  46. You’ve convinced me to bring my Bromie out from the dust bag – it’s been over 2 years since I’ve ridden it.
    I feel like I’ve neglected my child 😅
    No more!

  47. The clamp spring is a nice thought. How about the durability?

  48. Thanks for sharing our Trigo mount

  49. Charisma LaBarbiera January 1, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    this is soo useful video.. very informative.. thanks a lot

  50. Man the production quality of your vids is great it’s clear you go the extra mile so thanks! Please don’t stop anytime soon! 🙂

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