7 New Electric Road Bike for 2021

7 New Electric Road Bike for 2021

You can choose the best one from our list of the Best Electric Road Bikes that will make your ride fun & responsive and definitely change your ride experience!

Best Road Bikes List:

0:00 – Introduction

01:05 – 7. Bianchi Aria E-Road
Link: Link: https://www.bianchi.com/

02:18 – 6. Focus Paralane²
Link: https://www.focus-bikes.com/int/

03:22 – 5. Trek Domane+ HP
Link: https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/

04:25 – 4. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 3
Link: https://www.cannondale.com/en

05:34 – 3. Cube Agree Hybrid
Link: https://www.cube.eu/cube-bikes/

06:33 – 2. Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon
Link: https://www.specialized.com/au/en

07:46 – 1. Scott Addict eRide
Link: https://www.scott-sports.com/nl/en/
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***Video Credit:
*SCOTT Sports: https://www.youtube.com/user/Rideonscott
*Specialized Bicycles: https://www.youtube.com/user/specialized411
*CUBE BIKES: https://www.youtube.com/user/cube4c
*Cannondale Bicycles: https://www.youtube.com/user/CdaleBRAD
*Trek Bicycle: https://www.youtube.com/user/trekbikesusa
*FOCUS Bikes: https://www.youtube.com/user/rideFOCUS
*Bianchi Official: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmkcOpYAKNMtbzPmmPFWGpg
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Readers Comments (18)

  1. The narrator needs to slow his speech as he is really difficult to understand his accent. Awful english pronunciation!

  2. Ingleby Wheeler March 10, 2021 @ 9:59 pm

    The creo is superior to them all

  3. presented well but I wish the price was listed. That’s kinda a huge deciding factor

  4. Price range?

  5. How were the ranked? Seems strange and arbitrary.

  6. Richard Todorov March 10, 2021 @ 10:15 pm

    Need to add weight and price in video

  7. You should include the Argon 18 Subito. I have one and is even lighter than the Pinarello Dyodo. The Subito is decently specd with Ultegra, Vision and the popular X35 rear hub motor.

  8. Who’s the creepy old fart with the black and red flannel vest thingy at the beginning & end of every review informing us of the info we already know bcuz we’ve already subscribed to your channel?? Tone it down a notch please, we know what we’re about 2C. No one likes 2B talked at… rewrite that stupid intro, minus this stereotypical lecher!!

  9. Scott addict eride

  10. Have you really tested all these bikes or are you reading the different brands PR files. Prices should be communicated as well please

  11. Please review Canyon Grail ON

  12. if you have a bike like that. and the topspeed of the motor is like 60% of your normal flat road driving speed.

  13. Damn marketing videos… 🤮🤮🤮

  14. МОТОРчик Чичирка Мотоклуб March 10, 2021 @ 10:48 pm

    Hell, ee

  15. マニライド-Maniride March 10, 2021 @ 10:48 pm

    Amazing bike !
    I already subscribed your channel! 🇯🇵🇵🇭

  16. I have a Specialized Turbo Creo SL…I’m in love with it 😍🚀

  17. Scott doesn’t compare to the Specialized Creo. Yes, Scott’s weight is nice but its rear mounted motor is far more important, in the negative, when compared to Specialized center mount. There’s more but that would clinch its rejection for me.

  18. Daniel Hartmann March 10, 2021 @ 10:55 pm

    Focus Paralane2 -> comes also with carbon frame option

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