A look inside your E-Bike battery and how it works | IMPORTANT

A look inside your E-Bike battery and how it works | IMPORTANT

A look inside your E-Bike battery and how it works | IMPORTANT

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Today most Electric Bikes use Lithium ion batteries they have for the most part replaced the lead batteries used in recent years. There is a range of chemistry used in lithium ion batteries but the best chemistries for electric bicycles are lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) and lithium manganese. LiFePO4 has advantages of being the safest and longest lasting, while LiMn has a higher power to weight ratio, and also very high life time.

It is important to use a lithium ion battery designed for an electric bike as they have battery management systems inside them to limit excessive discharge, control maximum discharge rate and balance charge between cells when charging.

Lithium ion batteries must be specifically designed due to the presence of a battery management system (BMS) within the pack. This piece of circuitry must be set appropriately to control the amount of current draw required by the motor and to limit excessive discharge capacity. The BMS is also important for balancing cell charge between the individual cells within the battery to maintain battery life over time

Not all batteries are created equal even though the voltage and Amp hour ratings are. So what does the C rating on a battery mean? the C stands for capacity. The C rating is the maximum safe continuous discharge rate of a battery pack. If you see 2C on your battery, it means it can be discharged at 2 times that pack’s capacity. Capacity refers to the Amp-hour rating of the battery.

Calculating a battery’s capacity. Here’s an example, using a 10Ah 5C rated battery. 10Ah – 5C. 10 Amps (Ah capacity) x 5 (C-rating) = 50 amps continuous discharge. This means that you can safely draw up to 50 amps continuously from that 36V 10Ah 5C battery without doing damage to your battery.

Though often more expensive than the lower-grade lithium chemical compounds that can be sourced from China and other areas, some cell manufacturers sources its raw materials from Japanese suppliers, the best in the world. This pays off in overall higher quality control, cell stability, and safety in the end products.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Why is my 48V ebike battery only rated at 5A max. charge current when discharge is rated at 20A max? Can I charge it at 10A?

  2. I have an ebike that I bought a while ago.
    I’m interested in adding a small 12 volt horn to it.

    The battery I have looks like the one in this video. I’m not sure how I’d wire it in to the battery though.

    There’s a USB port on the side, but I don’t think that has enough power coming out of it.

    There’s a wire going to the battery from a digital speedometer on the Handel bars.
    Could I wire in to that to add a horn?

  3. Heyyy. My giant e bike battery cuts out fairly frequently . Only one of the two batteries does this,so it can’t be the bike. What do you think it might be

  4. Good info! I’m glad I didn’t try and make my own.

  5. How many batteries in the pack ?

  6. once fully charged it should have a cut out switch to prevent overcharging but the instruction booklet says do not overcharge. I would of thought my 2018 model would have that capability. By the way what do you think of chinese made ebike batteries which mostly they all are .thanks

  7. Thank you for the video and information.

    I’ve always wondered what it looks like inside the battery casing. Is it like a giant block of clay of lithium ion battery or about 20 to 30 AA individual cells welded together?

  8. David Ross miller March 24, 2021 @ 11:29 pm

    Riddle me this Bat man. I have been told a 36v battery 14ah battery should not go below 27.5v no 28 no 30v. Well I’m at a loss would it be safe to put the cut off at 28v? I bought a zero 10x controler and LCD display combo. And you have to set all the perimeters up. Thank you.

  9. NOTTINGHAM FOREST March 24, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    please help i have 5 Bosch EBIKE Powerpack battery all the BMS board are defect how and where i can find new BMS board to replacement , thank you

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