A2B 24 hybrid bicycle controller connections

A2B 24 hybrid bicycle controller connections

after finding the PAS (pedal assist sensor) connector, i connected a push switch and now the motor is running on full speed when i push it.
it is not perfect, but can run the e bikes at uphills and go nice in flat roads.
the controller it programed to run at 25km/h max.
for long run rides i connected on/off switch and now i can comfortably seat and go for long distances.

this 250w motor is powerful when it gets the right amperage it needs.

if you like to support, you can order from me this controller. it’s a good quality

you can also find the wiring diagram in the product page

see more video of the A2B project:

A2B 24″ hybrid electric bicycle

A2B e-bike, connecting the lights

A2B 24 hybrid bicycle controller connections

converting / upgreading A2B ebike into 48v system

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  1. that wire is to torque sensor not pas

  2. it’s the PAS (pedal assist sensor) that give the controller pulses.
    it’s located next to the chain, on the rear fork.
    if you like to fix it, dry the sensor and use some silicon glue to sill it.

    good luck

  3. Hi, do you know where I can get a new battery?

  4. Hector Högberg Liljeblad December 2, 2020 @ 8:30 pm

    Hey! Im wondering, i have the same bike as u (but black) and the motor dont work. Also the display show a C inside a triangle. Do you know what to do? I checked the wire to the motor and its entire. Help me please! Thanks for answear

  5. Hello i have this bike and i want to replace battery t another one 36v, but therei is 6 cables going out for the battery 2 main thick ones an 4 thin ones. I tried toconect only main ones but nonthing happened. How do conecct those cables right? My old battery was stolen but i have 36v battery 11ah. How to conect it to these 6 cables?

  6. how to unlock a2b hybrid 26 "450w? my email malecki@data.pl

  7. i have a2b hybride 26
    and sometimes when its a bit damp it gets speed about 18mph or faster
    without pedeling

  8. CycleBike Dublin December 2, 2020 @ 8:45 pm

    Hey bro, do you know something about the error 12 ? I have a A2B Ferber and during my ride the bike always turn off.

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