A2B 24" hybrid electric bicycle

A2B 24" hybrid electric bicycle

project on progress..
replacing the controller and adding speed throttle, finding the connections of the motor…
some help will do
2.7.2013: i connected a touch switch to the PAS connector and the motor is running on full speed. works fine.

road test – please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5wERB…
thanks good people

road test for A2B 24″ electric bicycle, after converting / upgrading it to 48v system.
the motor works great, run the bicycle to 40kmh speed!
go steep uphills and nice riding in off-roads.
i changed the a2b controller into 48v 350w controller, installed 48v lithium battery and twist throttle
wellcom to visit my site: www.neworld.co.il

if you like to support, you can order from me this controller. it’s a good quality

you can also find the wiring diagram in the product page

see more video of the A2B project:

A2B 24″ hybrid electric bicycle

A2B e-bike, connecting the lights

A2B 24 hybrid bicycle controller connections

converting / upgreading A2B ebike into 48v system

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  1. You might already know about this but there is a good e-bike forum at endless-sphere (dot) com where people share this kind of information. Good luck!

  2. i HAVE SAME WHEEL SAME PROBLEM 3 wire front wheel drive electric motor no controller, want to know how to wire to run? !!!please, accordion.eddie@gmail.com ! please let me know.

  3. hello, I hope to you could see my reply. I have a2b alva+ 2013. It has 20 mph top speed. May I have some advice from you to make my bike little bit faster? I think it needs to replay controller. Do you think I am right? and… anothre question is, there isn’t any error or problem even if I replay the controller which is not made by A2B? I mean between the controller and the display panel.

  4. Hello Mr. I tried to open my bike, but I can’t pull out the controller, any suggestions on how to get it out.

  5. Always wanted to see inside the A2B HYBRID 24. Thanks for sharing. I think it is possible to just cut the wires 20cm from the controller and add molex connectors to it will work with your controller. I have done this to several ebikes. Once in a while it won’t work to match the Green, Yellow blue wires Hall and Phase wires. Then you have to go through all 36 Phase and Hall sensor combination. Good luck.

  6. i dismantal lcd display pcb, and it has two set wires with speed pad on both sets, so i will make link from set 1 to set 2 speed pads

  7. thanks friend, i will look for information at endless-sphere.
    now the bikes is running well, just in full speed.
    good day

  8. i got an a2b hybrid nov 2013
    and i think you may be able to do a turbo press button from some of the computer conections because , my bike pulled away at fast speed when my computer connects got damp

  9. thanks for this video ,I have an a2b with this issue ,6 years later ….im in the uk and if you have any guidance that would be perfect…hugsemeuch….rob

  10. it’s truth, i did that and it works.
    if you connect the PAS to a push button so it gives a full speed.
    after some test, we replaced the controller to a 350W open controller, and the ebike go now for 42km/H 🙂
    powerful and fast ride, with twist throttle that works great


  11. Hi ilan, I got the same bike and I was thinking rather than replace another controller, it is possible to installation another set of front conversion kit instead(Ezee) as a secondary motor for the extra miles.

  12. Hi, do you know where I can get a new battery?

  13. dismantaled a2b lcd pcb and track back the connections on a2b hybrid 26" >> link to pcb >>Lcd pcb _ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OpuoNFZICCOqV0imz3LuUjr9qscIm8vn?usp=sharing

  14. Hi my name is Adriano I looking for someone help me about the key of this bike because they doesn’t turn on it
    Can you help me please

  15. hi ilan, i have this A2B model, how can i contact you? i would like to add a speed throttle

  16. have you get wire diagram for the a2b hybrid 26
    if i can photo and bits you want
    on my bike a2b hybrid 26

  17. thank you friend. i replaced the controller and it works fine :-). the original controller is here, for testing it in another time 🙂

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