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  1. Hi We have an A2B Obree ebike brought in to my workshop, The bike has fallen over off its stand no sign of any damage or any marks to where it鈥檚 hit ground and nothing
    broken. Could you help where to find a fault, display is not showing any life. Connections seem all good with plenty of battery power.

    Or if you could point us in the direction who could assist

    Thanks Ron

  2. Carlos Agudelo Loaiza November 26, 2020 @ 7:23 pm

    hola, te queda f谩cil decirme la distancia distancia que existe entre los ejes de las ruedas?

  3. Nice work and Dog! 馃槈

  4. Man i need your help really i thing my hall sensor its slovely dead
    the engine it’s working but has no power and the bearing are gone on left site

  5. I’m in to alternative energy and trying to make wind generators, I recently got 3 of them from a friend and was wondering how to open them. Thanks!! 馃檪

  6. do you know hove to change the hall senso?? in this motor extacly i have same the original from A2b factory

  7. Hi Ypedal,
    I have the same motor, want to remove the stock controller and use another. I have the motor apart, great instructions, wasn’t bad at all. But how do I get the moter (stator I think) out of the shell with the gear cluster? I went to remove the gear cluster, but I have to get another cluster tool, the hole in mine is too small for the axle. Do you have a video where you continue disassembling the motor?

  8. Hi Ypedal thanks for the video i have an a2b hybrid looks same motor 36 volt 350 wats brushless motor with 3 power wires red black green and 5 small wires but no controller the motor refuse to start with a 40volts battery is it because theres a built in controller or what? by the way when i turn the wheel there is a spark between red and black wires please help thanks

  9. Cool job. Your lovely dog smurf was not the slightest bit disturbed by the hammering.

  10. It acts like it is catching inside but will start to move with a push

  11. Nickolai Skriabin November 26, 2020 @ 8:12 pm

    Hi,did you manage to fix it ?What was wrong?I have the same bike with similar issue.Thanks

  12. Do you do repairs on these Metro motors ? Please email me at

  13. I have the same motor on my Metro and it acts like it is catching fire snide but will move if I give it a push to start….do you work on these ? I can mail it to you to fix ? Please email me

  14. So I’m guessing the repair was a fail? No follow up video?

  15. I need to change it but i don’t know hove to change the hall sensor and where i can found any spare hall sensor extacly same model wich it’s actually inside this motor

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