A2B Monster 6800W Fastest Upgraded A2B Metro 50mph

A2B Monster 6800W Fastest Upgraded A2B Metro 50mph

A2B Metro Converted to A2B Monster
74V 20AH Lithium Ion Battery
High Speed Motor
Moto Tires
High Power
LA EBike / Edge Performance
Your source for High Performance Ebikes

Real 50mph


Readers Comments (11)

  1. veeeery nice. what controller you are using?

  2. super bike but not for Poland 馃檨

  3. I see you are sold out of these. Will you be building anymore of them?

  4. I need this same setup but for a lectric xp. Dont mind mounting battery and controller externally. Do you sell kits and or do you work on ebikes?

  5. Nice to see somebody finally took one of these old A2B’s and gave it the performance of a bomber at half the price. Looks like you added/made some torque plates to the rear dropouts. Might need a set of those from you in a half a year after some other bike projects.

  6. what price?

  7. what is the total weight of the bike?

  8. So, you have to replace the battery, controller, motor and what else?

  9. Impressive! Looks pretty quick!

  10. Hi… which tires do you used? I don’t find original… I bought a Metro A2B today… but one tire is dead.

  11. lol, I want your bike! speak of the motor and battery please

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