A2B Shima electric bike review

A2B Shima electric bike review

The A2B Shima is a fast and comfortable electric bicycle with high tech style and function. You’ll love the way the Shima shoots up to 28 mph with pedaling as the assist helps you automatically. It’s like riding with super powered legs! This bike comes with all the extras included – luggage rack, fenders, front and rear lights – plus some cool bonuses like an electronic ignition key and magnetic battery connector. Purchase the A2B Shima from NYCeWheels to receive expert assistance and lifetime support. Join our electric bike family!

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  1. priceanddeaersaddresswanted

  2. Stromer is safe 馃槈

  3. Too bad NYCeWheels went out of business.

  4. Yay! a new video. Looking awesome as usual. Too bad no more aerial shots now that Bert is gone. :<

    But for some laughs, 5:38 聽xD

  5. what happened to the video/audio quality? even on 720p there are a lot of video artifacts

  6. Hey sir

  7. Sujit Kumar Rastogi December 21, 2020 @ 10:12 pm

    What is Indian mony this baycaceycal

  8. Hi will the rain damage A2B shima?

  9. Can 2 people ride it?

  10. That brand is a scam, doesn’t exist anymore.

  11. DO NOT RIDE A2B BIKES! They are totally unsafe and unreliable. And, A2B/UltraMotor/HeroEco/Whatever-rebranding will refuse to fix it. I mean REFUSE to fix it. Pay to send it to them, return just as broken, demand expensive servicing for no good reason, and when I complained they then refuse to do anything because the seller wasn’t "authorised".

  12. JustCurtis FromCanada December 21, 2020 @ 10:41 pm

    How does it fold? lol

  13. beauty! if only i can afford e-bikes….

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