A2Beast 2000W Upgraded A2B Metro

A2Beast 2000W Upgraded A2B Metro

A2Beast Upgrade

Differences between A2B vs A2Beast

36V 13.5AH to 48V 20AH
500W Rear hub to 1500W Rear Hub
A2B 500W controller to 2000W Controller
-Top Speed
20mph to 35mph

A2Beast is stealthy, it looks just like a regular A2B with 4 times the power, weight gain is minimal. Retains the original battery case and charging port.

Innovation and Electric Performance


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  1. Ummm…isn’t the challenge to use the stock rear hub and upgrade the internal battery to 52v w/a controller (50amp) upgrade and sell it as a "kit"?!? 馃檪

  2. My 250W eBike is so powerless ! THEY CALL IT STREET LEGAL !! AND I THOUGHT 馃挱 LIKE BLOODY HELL !!!!! 馃槰馃槹

  3. i need yr help plz im in northe africa and i need a battery is there anyway i can fixe mine or a workarround maybe thanks a lot

  4. What is the amps for this & what would the range be throttle only?

  5. I still think the Metro is a great platform and e-bike design and this upgrade just gives it the power it really deserves. Customer supplied his/her own bike right? What happens to or replaces or put in place of the A downtube battery?

  6. What kind of battery? The A2B have different wiring, the main and a plus low voltage wiring.

  7. Wish you were still in business. Have a A2B that could use a conversion.

  8. I to am Intrested in a Upgrade Kit for my A2B Metro. How can we contact you.

  9. That’s a real beast. Where did you placed the controller if I may ask? I want to make one. Thanks for your response inbadvance.

  10. never mind this bike, have you filled in that hole in the sidewalk yet???

  11. Is the harbor city shop still around ? how do I contact you ??

  12. Just picked up a 2009 A2B and I’m very interested in doing this same upgrade. How can I contact you?

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