Affordable and Complete Bicycle Tool Kit, Review of the Cyclists Kit from Amazon

Affordable and Complete Bicycle Tool Kit, Review of the Cyclists Kit from Amazon

This Cyclists Bicycle Tool Kit on Amazon is a very good quality kit for a very competitive price. Just about every tool you need is included.
This is not a sponsored video in any way. I bought this kit with my own money after searching because it seemed like a good deal.

Cyclists CT-K01 Toolkit:
Other options seen in the video:
Bikehand 17 piece set:
YBEKI Bike Repair Tool Kit:
Lumintrail Bike Repair Tool Kit 26 Piece:

Some other important bike tools I own that are not in the kit:

Park Tool Cable Cutter:

Venzo Torque Wrench:
Tacklife 1/4″ Torque wrench:
Bikehand Torque Wrench: (This one I don’t own)

Tire Pressure Gauge:

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  1. Thanks Tony. Just ordered the same toolkit. I have been looking and this seemed to be a good compromise. I have a few Park tools but they are very proud of their tools!

  2. Have you ever used any tools from Unior? How do they compare to Park Tools? What manufacturer competes strongly against Park Tools?

  3. Thank u!! These vids are everywhere for auto mechanics but so hopeful for vids like this. Thank I so much! I know I can go buy park for too much money. Makes me wonder which amazon brands are good. But I’m not wanting to buy 100 kits trying to save money, I’d spend more money and possibly strike out on all

  4. We’re
    Those metal

  5. Looks like a good kit. I will get this one. Is there any other tools you purchased to augment the kit?

  6. Why do I feel like my wife and I can rent a bike or borrow a bike or check out friends bikes quickly to check something out on theirs or ours and ours always does hard shifts or what people say are ghost shifts where it shifts when we don’t use our thumb to shift. All other bikes we are on never do it. Our bikes are newish ( 2 months) and hers is $4;000 and mine is 2,000$. Very frustrated and confused

  7. Thanks for the informative video. I just bought a cyclocross bike with tubeless tyres, any chance you could do a video abought replacing tubeless tyres? Thanks

  8. Jeyanthan Selvaratnam December 1, 2020 @ 8:27 pm

    I live in Canada and try to buy one of these toolset. Wow, the price CDN$ 358.00 + CDN$ 26.00 shipping. May be made out of Pure gold.

  9. I got an old Walmart type of bikes in need of some heavy refurbishing. Those kinds of bikes are like $100 or so.. not sure if I should invest in a bicycle tool set for $80 when I could just go and buy a Walmart bike…

  10. How about bottom bracket, acceptable play, refurb, maintenance. Tell me about the options to spend and to save.

  11. Thanks for the great review. Do you have a how to video for changing a bottom bracket?

  12. I ordered the $50 one. So far everything I’ve needed. Nice video 👌👍

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