Ancheer 2020 Mountain bikes: Foldable, 350W fast, and $600

Ancheer 2020 Mountain bikes: Foldable, 350W fast, and $600

We spent a week with the Ancheer Sunshine and Foldable Mountain bikes. They are quite inexpensive at $600 but did the compromises needed to get them to that price take the fun out of the bike?

350W Ancheer Mountain Bike: $649 + $20 shipping = $669
250W Ancheer Mountain Bike Foldable”$649 + $20 shipping – $65 coupon Electric5LPX = $605

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  1. how does the headlamp turn on,off

  2. A word to the wise "Don’t buy these bikes"

  3. “I’m still alive, not a big deal.” Quite an endorsement. That foldable bike looks like a product liability lawsuit in the making.

  4. I have the 2020 Ancheer Sunshine featured here. During research stage, I did consider the folding bike as I prefer vertical style bikes but I did not like the battery mounted on the handlebars. That was my single and only gripe with it. I opted for the Sunshine because it was more ideal in it’s design and I’m glad I went with it. My only dislikes being the weak headlight and the hard seat. Both remedied with a 3rd party headlight and a memory foam seat cover. I use an app called Speedometer (cool niks) and the max tested speed was 22mph. I was able to get about 20 miles out of the battery. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. I’m going to do some vlogs on it soon.

  5. Um uh, um, uh, um uh, um uh…

  6. Did I miss something? What is the range with and without pedal assist? Thanks. BTW, don’t be so enthusiastic, lol

  7. Um um um um dum dum um um um um… LOL I like this YouTube channel but this reviewer really needs a little brushing up. Where’s that other guy??

  8. I just couldn’t never pull the trigger on a 350 watt motor?? I finally after many videos and much research bought the Ariel X series bike with a 750 watt motor and a 16.2 amp battery!! I believe it pushes out 1500 watt of power under full throttle!! Not to mention about 30 miles of range with just throttle and 45 miles with pedal assist!!! Check them out!! Great video by the way I watch all yours and Mikas

  9. how about off road performance?

  10. You are a big box store product .

  11. lol horrible review.

  12. Please let the dog review more ebikes. 👌🏽

  13. Review the hiboy S2 pro

  14. These look more like hybrid? Rather than mountain bike??

  15. Is the coupon code only on the foldable one?

  16. The 250 watt I’ve had for 6 months now, using on mtn bike, hiking trails and the paved road at Fontana Village Resort in the Smokey mtns. of NC. Its steep. A true hybrid, I use for fun as well as trail maintenance. So much fun. The rear shock is adjustable and not expensive but better than a hard tail for rocks and roots. The assist levels are very noticeable, love Electrek, but bad/meh review. Brakes have been superb, surprisingly! With no experience, I set them up myself and with quick adjust every other ride have been awesome, no squeals and very responsive on steep grade. Range is around 10-15 on steepish road w assist. I even took on a section of hardcore downhill, slowly, not the most comfortable but it took it. Battery drains fast on hills but its a 36v 8amp, wondering about longevity… I use all the gears and has exceeded expectations.! Tighten bolts after off road ride. Worth every penny.

  17. Looks the same as the 2019 model, I got one last December, nothing has been upgraded, needs speedometer and MPH electronic added, so far no complaints, can’t beat the price, one year warranty on parts and battery, I notice it has lost a little power going uphill, go starter bike, can’t beat the price, my next bike probably be an Aventon

  18. You should have taken one for a ride.

  19. both links on amazon says not available

  20. ArthurDentZaphodBeeb February 3, 2021 @ 8:40 pm

    This review is hilarious. Most-honest review I’ve seen. Garbagey-quality. Fake. But it’s a $600 bike so what can you expect, right?

  21. Low quality, not mid-range.

  22. Cbonesteak Sauce February 3, 2021 @ 8:42 pm

    I have the same red Ancheer. So what does that button underneath the control panel do? It’s a black square button on the bottom side of the power switch module.

  23. I have Ancheer’s 2020 500w eMTB version. It was my first eBike and I have mixed emotions on whether I should have bought it. It’s fun to ride, but the bike mechanicals make me feel like I’m riding on the edge of danger.

    The pedal assist is worthless as it tends not to kick in unless you downshift to a very low gear and good luck with that given it has Shimano’s bottom-end derailleur and shifting is neither smooth nor consistent. However, it is fun to ride pedaling and using the throttle as-needed. Hint to newbies: they aren’t mutually exclusive. You can pedal and then throttle to ”goose it” whenever you need help or want more speed. Bike components are sketchy, at best. I’ve never felt less stable than riding a moderate trail as with the Ancheer, even with my road bike…

    All this being said, I’ve decided to keep it as a spare when my new eMTB arrives because it is fun to ride in the right conditions and if you don’t push it too much…

  24. Such enthusiasm! Uh it is a bike. I only go fast so don’t need various PAS modes. I don’t go for long rides or pedal much so don’t need 21 speeds or long range. Get on and go. Uh bike is $700.00 when you assemble tighten all bolts. Every month or as needed tighten oil clean hello!? The review is as exciting and enlightening as a crowded elevator. To use your favorite color ummnn

  25. I have the foldable one and I really don’t like the design on the motor hub,so I changed it to one that had a julet connector so it was easier to change the rear tire.

  26. FishmasterDisaster February 3, 2021 @ 8:53 pm

    Haha my bike’s brakes haven’t worked in weeks. I just use my feet now

  27. Different Perspective February 3, 2021 @ 8:56 pm

    Amazing value really

  28. Meh kinda reveiw lmao

  29. Which Ancheer is this model ?

  30. No offense, but I prefer Micah Toll doing the reviews for Electrek. This review sounds like something I would have done.

  31. Looks like a good starter bike……it seems a little underpowered for a bigger male rider. anyway, buy, use, then save your money and get the "upgrade" when you can afford it…..These Acheers will have some resale value…..any clean, operable e-bike does

  32. Hum.. hum.. hum… hum… hum… yeah. That was not your best review

  33. I would not classify them as true moutain bikes. They are more like hybrids. For $600, you get what you pay for. Meaning you won’t get much. I would not ride a mountain bike that don’t have hydraulic brakes. Folding mountain bike?!?!? Lol. A word to the not so wise, don’t buy these if you plan on riding anything other than flat roads . . . Maybe a little bit of dirt roads.

  34. Attention grosse arnaque !! Électrique et mécanique énorme Gadget .

  35. Hi, thanks for the review! But the code is not working anymore :/ do you a different one?

  36. drrobotnikmeanbeanma February 3, 2021 @ 9:09 pm

    Where can i find the lug nuts for the 350watt ancheer electric bike,so i can put the back wheel on.I’m missing 1 lug nut other than that i can be riding ???

  37. Samantha Holland February 3, 2021 @ 9:09 pm

    You people are fucking retarded, we bought two Ancheer City Cruisers for $700 each, this is our second month and my husband is LITERALLY 345 pounds, these bikes are riding strong with no rattle or nothing, very tight! Contact me for more info if you don’t believe us, my dude’s!

  38. What’s the tip speed

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