Ancheer Electric Bicycle Hub Motor PROBLEM – FIX AKA Eshion Cyclamatic

Ancheer Electric Bicycle Hub Motor PROBLEM – FIX AKA Eshion Cyclamatic

Link to the $599 Ancheer – (last price check 03/30/2020)
Link to the NEW $749 MODEL (500 watt) Ancheer –
this one has Double battery Double motor

Other modes made by other brands and prices links below
Link to Kemanner $599 –
Link to Merax $599 –
Link to Unbrand $629 –

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  1. What if the motor hub doesn’t come on at all ? Is this video about a noisy hub ?

  2. what was the initial fault?

  3. Warm it with a heat gun. Mix up some epoxy and when you touch the surface with a drop it will turn water like and fill in the area permanently.

  4. I can’t believe this I’ve had my bike for one month and the motor has gone already I can’t believe you can spend £700 on a bike and have to start taking it apart and fixing it after such a short time

    Ancheer should take the responsibility to replace all the motors on the ancheer bikes because quite frankly this is unacceptable

    The bike itself is great but because of this problem that everybody is having with this bike it makes them not fit for purpose

    I am fighting with ancheer to get my money back rather fixed because I think it’s safer to go for another bike manufacture until Ancheer except responsibility for faulty unreliable design and fix this problem

    Thank you Lincoln

  5. Superglue will not hold them for long. JB Weld will really be the trick to a permanent solution.

  6. My mate when out on my folding evoke came back but now all powers up with lights but no go. Help

  7. Ssllocks Ssllocks December 11, 2020 @ 9:27 pm

    I have an issue with my bike the wire that gos to the motor spin around how do I fix this

  8. Hi. I just got a Lectric Xp about a week ago and the back tire is locking up. I loosened my brake calipers and it will move about 2 feet freely and lock up again!

  9. Hey man keep up the good videos. Can anyone point me in the right direction, I’ve got a mid drive motor on my bike. Everything works, I lift my back wheel up and it spins perfectly, but when I sit on the bike the motor just shudders and doesn’t have the strength to drive forward. Any ideas??? Does it sound like it’s the clutch?? Thanks

  10. My ancheer bike battery works and everything, turns on blah blah, but the throttle doesn’t work when turn on and also pedal assistant?? Umm what is the cause, the battery or motor

  11. Qualcuno mi può aiutare vorrei vedere un video come si cambia le pastiglie della bici ancheer non trovo i pezzi di ricambio

  12. Does anyone know where i can get an Ancheer rear wheel and hub motor assembly?

  13. Thanks so much for this upload; couldn’t figure why I was getting hub noise on start-up; sure enough the magnets were loose, this was on a Richbit…Hate that name, 250W 36V bike after about 5000km, it’ll probably keep happening I guess, how did your repair pan out in the end? Did you have to use any other type of glue after this for example. Cheers.

  14. With my bike, it makes a slight squeaking/screeching sound at full speed on throttle, can it be the magnets or just the bearings and rollers needing grease?

  15. My motor studder/ hesitation problem was a cheap half twist throttle. Replaced with a throttle and hand grip all in one and mine works perfectly now

  16. i have no lights on the display on my Ancheer battery is fully charged any ideas how to fix this i have checked the controller no wires are disconnected

  17. Jagirsingh Sandhu December 11, 2020 @ 9:38 pm

    Old desine hero cycle hub motor installed not made why

  18. There used to be a Rolls Royce aircraft engine factory near me .The glue they used was incredible for the windings etc. Try and find a good electrical engineering workshop and ask the guys what is best .Nice video Educational.

  19. Did the glue hold up over a year? Any improvement after gluing it?

  20. I have a new bike got one ride on it and now have no power for pedal assist. It shows 4 bars and light and horn work. Got this for my wife for retirement. It was shipped from China and I have problems with contacting them at all. Very Frustrating! Help

  21. Your video content is very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Just subscribed to your channel. could you stop by to my channel and subscribe? cheers

  22. Funny Gypsy accent !!!

  23. Can you use threadlocker instead of superglue?

  24. Check the other axel bearings also. The wheel will be done. The amount of grease the factory puts in bearings on the entire bike is very little.

  25. Mine folding evoke powers on but don’t go no we’re help

  26. I just changed my inner tube and tires on my ancheer bike. Suddenly motor stopped working.

  27. Was that causing the error 24 code

  28. Try flex seal?

  29. Thank you!!!

  30. I was wondering weather anyone can help I’ve got the same bike the bike turns on but then turn back off in secs the battery is fine and fully charged can any help at all

  31. Hey man, love your videos… You cover all the right stuff…..
    However, I think that you have shown this disassembly more than once and each time you have found the nut in the middle of the sprockets to be finger tight. There is a video here on YouTube by Ancheer, demonstrating swapping out the motor internals and in his case, he had to use a wrench to loosen that nut. He also torqued it up when he reassembled it. Just wondering if that could have contributed to your issues (weird noise, loose magnets). I one case you believed that grease made it quieter but maybe it was that your finger-tightening was tighter than before you disassembled?
    Furthermore, I prefer the way the Ancheer tech fully disconnected the cable from the controller box…. I’m an electrician and stressed wiring makes me cringe…LOL.
    Hope to order my Ancheer next week…Please keep up the good work. You are one of the few YouTube presenters who doesn’t bore me with wasted words 🤚

    Edit: Gonna strip mine down before I even think of riding it. Just read on a forum where the motor manufacturers recommend Mobil grease 28.
    Even toying with the idea of sticking another 250w motor on the front, for those occasions where I care more about pulling power than range. We’ll see.

  32. You did not state the symptoms of the issue. So how do we know if your fix can be of any help to others?

  33. What was the symptom of the hub motor failure? Could you hear a loud scraping sound from the hub? I have the same bike and I have the same loose magnet condition. I am going to rebond them similar to your solution but I am interested in your failure mode.

  34. I would use 2K Araldite® the 24hr stuff.

  35. Do you know how to change axle. Bolt is threaded thanks

  36. Gear Gadgets and Gizmos December 11, 2020 @ 10:01 pm

    Great video! Very well explained and demonstrated. After watching your video I would not be afraid to try doing this job myself. How did the super glue fix work for the long hall?

  37. Thanks, what was the problem that you notice? Any noice or motor weak or?

  38. Hi my ebike brand new and faulty wheel runs s free till either the phase wires touch whilst no power connected when power is connected wheel wont turn like its jammed thank you if you can help

  39. Ya but what noise did it make

  40. Brilliant solution using super glue. It is good you didn’t take them out , Taryl Fixes All, channel did a small engine flywheel repair and noted that each magnet is either north or south (who would have known?) and if they are mixed up= no output, and possibly that hub motor is the same deal.

  41. Hey, do you know where online I can get a battery like that? That shape/brand I mean?

  42. What were the symptoms that showed to know thi a was the problem. Did it have any binding when pushed or does it shut down because of the magnets? Also what do you think caused it?
    Sorry, I’m very new to the ebike world.

  43. MY 1000w gearless cyclotricity hub is making a lot of noise, the power goes right down also, it could be lose magnets but I am betting the gearing is stripped, it vibrates right through the frame. I cant imagine superglue working for long, it is very brittle?, hope it works for you

  44. boostercontrol100 December 11, 2020 @ 10:09 pm

    What are the symptoms when goes out?

  45. Good video but I think you moved through it too fast. You had time left over so how about slowing down next time.

  46. Great video. My ebike front hub just died and it is a different design, but I bet it is a loose magnet. I hope to fix it with some JB Weld.

  47. My bike loses power as soon as it’s going uphill (right when you want it). If you stop and turn the key off and back on the power returns but as soon as you get back in motion it cuts out again. Could this be the magnets need to be reglued?

  48. can the motor be upgraded to something stronger?

  49. The problem is the hub motor spins but the tire wont if very little pls help

  50. I have just fixed mine (magnets slipping). I used 2ml of epoxy resin in 3 stages over 30 mins using a syringe and ran the motor to force the epoxy against the back of the magnets. I think epoxy is better than super glue.

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