Are E-Bikes Fun? Road Bike Vs Road E-Bike

Are E-Bikes Fun? Road Bike Vs Road E-Bike

Thanks to Giant for the products used in this video. All opinions are the presenters’ own.

Matt and Simon pit E-bikes against standard road bikes to find out… Are E-Bikes Fun? (Also, are they faster than Simon over the medium course at the legendary Maratona dles Dolomites)

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Capable of putting out 500 watts for one hour, the E-Bike in this video is faster than Simon. Pacing strategy aside, we wanted to find out if E-Bikes are fun?

To answer that questions, first we needed to explore who E-Bikes are for. The E-Bike used in this video has bosses for mudguards and, like all E-Bikes in Europe, is limited to 25kph maximum. That means it has a lot of uses for people who might find it more difficult to get out on a standard road bike, and commuters.

Back to the fun part. It is fun to drop Simon on the climbs, but it’d be no fun to drag the extra weight of a dead battery around having used up all the juice. Luckily, Matt had a plan. That plan involves coffee and climbing.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Nothing I love more than blasting past you lycra boys on my sit-up and beg electric Gazelle! It’s allowed me to get back on a bike after years of not being able to due to a severe lower back problem, and in fact its sort of bridged the transition enabling me to get stronger and ultimately get back on a normal bike.

  2. Angry Pixie power is bere to stay

  3. why does the E-bike rider (Matt I think) have such an amateuresque pedaling style, where his knees seem to go into the bike whereas the road bike rider (simon i think) has a much more streamlined pedaling style?

  4. Vagrant Random Stuff January 3, 2021 @ 10:32 pm

    I love this video.

  5. Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

  6. I’m in. Just ordered a Trek Domane an hour ago.

  7. Out and about and cooking with Assunta Gill January 3, 2021 @ 10:35 pm

    I’ve not long gotten an e-bike, and in 5 weeks over 300km ridden, and 155km of that done in the first 5 days

  8. are motor cycles fun?
    These are not bicycles.
    They are mopeds. Let’s do the completion between a motorcycle and a bicycle.
    Let’s talk about the environmentso impact of the batteries.
    It bull shit. Same on you GNC.

  9. e-bikes are like e-cigarettes, kind of quitting bad habits to a new fresh life those who thinks cycling needs way to much effort to commute 🙂

  10. Sitting here in Austin, Texas awaiting today’s delivery of my e-bike!

  11. Unfit people will be encouraged to go on a bike ride to work with these

  12. I found them really fun on mtb on certain places. But on the road unless and this I found myself that unless you have a serious physical condition it’s veeeryy boring.

  13. Lochsley Thomson January 3, 2021 @ 10:38 pm

    Sometimes it’s not about how far or fast you rode … sometimes it’s just about the journey

  14. E-bikes is the future for commuters and sports. The 25kph restriction is perfect. That can open more doors for cycling as a sports. Sprinting can be more entertaining to watch. Marcel Kittel tops at 60kph and with an additional 25kph it would be a thing to watch. We could even see 100kph at sprints.

    For roadies all you got to do is go further and faster.

  15. proud philippines 6:03…

  16. I love my cycling and always thought e-bikes where cheating…. However my opinion now is after a long day at work an e-bike is fantastic for making your commute faster and easier 🙂

  17. So an ad for the ebike. Not a single mention of any flaws

  18. Matts knees look like they are almost hitting the frame. Doesnt look like the fit is very good?

  19. E bikes are fun but you’ll be outcast.

  20. Thanks from India…
    I’m waiting for a fat Tyre electric bicycle

  21. Hi, I’m 69, and gave up bike racing 50 years ago. I have COPD and not so good knees, yet because of my ebike, I am able to ride about 300k plus per week in very hilly Spain. I take on a cat 4 climb with no problems. I average 50 -60 k per ride……. It’s brilliant.

  22. The Giant e plus 1 retails at £3800 about £1000 more than the Non electric. Fair enough

  23. E bike riders are kidding themselves. Sure they’re fine for transport and if an e bike replaces a car journey that’s a good thing. But it’s no form of sport. Sport is about pushing yourself and achieving what you can achieve, not about getting a helping hand so you can keep your fat gut, poor cv system and still ride with quicker people. If you’re old n slow, ride with other old n slow people. I’m middle aged and middle paced, I wouldn’t buy an E bike so I could keep up with fast 20 year olds. When did we go from ‘Cycling is suffering’ to ‘Cycling is for softies’ Please GCN don’t cover E bikes, if you’re gonna do e bikes, what about those shitty mopeds you can pedal?

  24. My 20 year old French supermarket £130 Chinese 36V electric bike recharges the battery if you go over 15MPH, did yours? I have no regen braking, did yours?

  25. Steven Rosenthal January 3, 2021 @ 10:54 pm

    I bought an ebike that goes 28mph. I spend four hours riding on it and I’m 40 lbs over weight. Best thing in the world.
    I’m 50 years old and can ride faster and longer than my teenager son. Ebikes are the future and regular bikes will be obsolete one day.
    Sorry got to go. I’ve got a four hour bike ride to do using half my energy. I wish I had the lever however not having it forced me to peddle which my fat ass needs!

  26. I knew there was going to be a gimmick. Because even a 2 year old would know that an E bike could win

  27. what i want to see is an ebike that charges using solar too aside from a normal electric charger, that would be awesome you can cycle all day as long as theres sunlight. also i wish the european standard is up to 25miles of help from the motor not 16mph as i find it slow

  28. I’m partially disabled and cycle whenever I can for fitness reasons (When feasible) an E-bike would be great if I could afford one lol would really help me on my off days but its not possible so I will continue to use leg power when I can, I think they are fine if you are not a pro rider! What is a good entry level E-bike on a tight budget! I can’t work due to my disability but would love to cycle more when I can!

  29. For young guys road bike would be fun

  30. now …we have a life changing leisure…no emission, more fresh air to breath…i’ll start saving now…it will soon be the means of transportation…happy feet…stronger legs…happy healthy life.

  31. I feel sea sick watching why don’t you keep the camera still spoilt a good video

  32. My spouse and I purchased two Soul Beach Cruiser fat tire e-bikes…they look like BMX bikes. Every weekend we go explore local bike trails around Phoenix area, there are 100’s of miles of them. We have ridden up to four hours a weekend and don’t even lose 1 bar of power. They are a blast and bring back my childhood memories when I had a trail bike…I would highly recommend them, just buy a quality one. We added bluetooth speakers and phone holders and listen to our favorite music while riding…We purchased a bike rack for our SUV and can take them anywhere we go and then go explore…

  33. I ride a road bike… around the beach when I want to go fast and get exercise and cover long distances. I also have ebike commuter type to use instead of a car..

    The road bike would be too impractical, it’s skinny tires, and lack of suspension make it and impractical for everyday commuting.

    The ebike is great for this comfortable and the motor helps with all the extra weight, of heavier frame, suspension multiple baskets and I don’t arrive sweaty..

    However, I’m conflicted by electric motor in a road bike.. it feels like cheating.

    It’s like a boxer training everyday for a fight and then his opponent is half robot.. Lol not fair.

    I like the idea of assistance when climbing but having that option makes you lazy, I know I have both…you’ll missing out on that pump when you make it to the top of a hill and thighs are burning. It’s painful and amazing. Lol.

  34. I’m pro e-bikes for accessibility – there differently abled folk who will be able to participate because of tech like this.
    On the flip side There’s a couple of irresponsible riders near me for whom an e-bike have only served to make them more dangerous

  35. I see the Giant has rim brakes but almost looks like a super bike to me?

  36. Ali Xander MaROMAYA January 3, 2021 @ 11:02 pm


  37. I want to get to work as fast as possible. This e bike is probably faster than a car during morning rush hour. if I wasn’t a cheapskate I’d get it

  38. Oh god now I’m gonna get a bunch of adds trying to get me to buy an Ebike for watching this.

  39. Had mine now for 2 months and iv never done so many miles and trails, I live at the foot of the North Yorkshire moors and bought a full suspension giant and its the best investment iv ever made. Rides are more fun, out in all weather’s and its as fun in the wet as the dry, just takes that slog outa climbing coz let’s face it, downhill is the fun part 🚵‍♂️

  40. i just replaced my 4 year old £250 commuter bike, which is fine it has mechanical disc brakes that still work the same way and the rear tyre has only just gone. ive just got an ebike through my work cycle scheme and its brilliant. i would say its a great alternative for people who do short car journeys, same as escooters(get these legalised uk)

  41. angelão Matheus January 3, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    this channel will be great ro improve my english talking about bikes

  42. At 89 years of age – maybe I’ll think about getting one – I’m running out of gears.

  43. 11.13 I thought some one was pissing 😂

  44. Loving the dnb

  45. Sometimes I think about trading in my bike for an E bike

  46. Im a bit on the fence about taking the plunge into the ebike market as I can still average 25 to 28kmh on a 100km spin really enjoyed the review strudle looked lovely.

  47. But on the flip side how many potential future champions will discover the easy way and be lazy? Yep, theres a shocking amount of perfectly fit people operating ebikes that could have pushed themselves further riding a bike. Ok I’ll be fair, I’ll get one if my health declines so much I need one. There was a lad bragging about his, younger and slimmer than me, he said itll do 30mph and it cost £2500. I said I paid the same, only mine will do 150 and it takes petrol.

  48. If I only have a $100 budget, which bike I can use to tackle this kind of terrain?

  49. I’m acutally riding both these types of bike. While ebikes feel like a breeze and you don’t have to worry about tiring out, sweating up and showing up at work all drenched and miserable, they are actually just a comute tool and don’t pack any fun factor. It’s more a vehicule than a bike. When I’m riding my gravel bike however, which I do most of the time, having the ebike on heavy duty days only, the link to the road is just a thing you can only experience on a regular bike, as the motor from the ebike cuts you from the asphalt. Granted, regular bikes are much more demanding, but the fun and the experience your reap from riding them does just not compare.

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