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  1. Hi I have bought one for my husband fr christmas but hes having trouble lowering the kick stand, do you have any suggestions, we have oiled it but it keeps getting stuck?

  2. Is there a vid of you riding on this?

  3. I got my bike delivered yesterday and put it all together but I can’t work out how to adjust the height of the handlebars. I secured the handle bars through the supporting post by screwing in the inner pole but there doesn’t seem to be a clamp or anything to loosen. I unscreened the large black nut just below the handle bars but that doesn’t do anything. Any ideas?

  4. Shane Nathan Franklin February 27, 2021 @ 10:11 pm

    I’ve had this for over a month and I’d say that your review is accurate though I’ve been 20+ miles in one day on a single charge using mostly setting 1 & 2. Yes this is an excellent introduction to e bikes. 👍 Recommended 👍

  5. If it is a fixie are you not able to free wheel

  6. I’m thinking of getting one

  7. Help please! I’ve just bought this and I don’t know how to assemble the handlebars- it was disconnected in the box when it arrived like yours- how do I screw it in?

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