Ariel Rider M-Class Video Review – Compact, Cheap, Cargo Electric Bike

Ariel Rider M-Class Video Review – Compact, Cheap, Cargo Electric Bike The Ariel Rider M-Class is an approachable, highly adjustable, compact electric bike that turns into a capable little cargo bike with optional front and rear racks, great price point for being so feature-rich. Efficient and powerful mid-drive motor from Dapu offers 95 Newton-meters of torque, Shimano internally geared 3-speed hub is durable and offers shifting at standstill. Two frame color choices, internally routed cables, integrated lights, reflective tires, nice fenders and chain cover, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes set really this model apart from similar offerings. Predominantly sold online so there is some assembly required, the front and rear racks cost extra, limited suspension but the adjustable stem and seat post shock actually feel pretty good, throttle is only active at assist level zero vs. overriding. This electric bike works well with Yepp child seats if you get the optional rear rack. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Importaciones CHAL March 31, 2021 @ 11:04 pm

    Give the finger to the piggy!

  2. The direction of the light is better if steered by the frame instead of the front wheel.

  3. Helena Wolfenstein March 31, 2021 @ 11:05 pm

    Seems a better option compared to a cargo bike If you have limited space

  4. Should offer the mid driver and gearing on their full size bikes.

  5. Love the looks and obviously price of the bike

  6. This ebike is absolutely packed with features. I did not know that Dapu made a mid drive, let alone one with torque sensing, 95n.m., and a great top speed. This bike, when unlocked, for the price, is a game changer. I am seriously looking at buying this one. Another thing, is the internal gear hub!! Now I have to test ride this ASAP. Thanks a lot Court and great find here.

  7. Nice touch with showing a bit of the beautiful town , I like these types of reviews it is like travel / review. more of this please.

  8. Possibly the best compact e-bike you reviewed Court.

  9. Beach cruiser bike are the best bike

  10. Ive never seen a throttle on the left side, I want to buy this but that left handed throttle is weird. and IM Left Handed, lol.
    Do you think they could put it on the right for me?

  11. good price with those specs, good looking bike too… but in my opinion, the front disk should be bigger than the rear as all race or high powered motorbikes have bigger front disk. bigger rear disk could cause a wheel lock up, unless you purposely wanted to skid or drift, change the front disk size, then the bike will be great bike…

  12. Can u review ariel x class

  13. SOL's Barbers Ltd March 31, 2021 @ 11:20 pm

    Will this bike be available in Europe any time soon ? I’m in the UK

  14. i love this one!

  15. Do me think of the Riese & Muller Tinker. Small, adjustable, 95Nm of torgue is wow! Good price, I like this sympathiek bicycle.

  16. yoandry pantoja March 31, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    I absolutely love this mountain bike call me me and袥 my daughter both have one we ride it in the mountains as well around the house outside of course it’s very durable and adjustable from the highly recommended!it is expectacular!

  17. Michelle Neelat March 31, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    Looking to buy Tern Vektron for my parents as they go around with their RV a lot. But seems this e-bike is half the price and seems to have better specs. Also price is less than half of Tern.

  18. It seems like these guys are offering a great value product 馃コ

  19. Christine Wyatt March 31, 2021 @ 11:31 pm

    I am not big fan of e-bikes, i was looking to buy one for my mom . Now i consider to buy one for myself too. Cute bike.

  20. Looks like a great bike at this price point. My only concern would be the ride with standard width 20" tires. It’s also impressive that the bike weighs less than 60 lbs. Other than the short gear ratio of the 3 speed hub, the simplicity seems nice. I find myself skipping gears when riding an ebike, so 8 – 10 gear ratios aren’t usually necessary. Would be nice if manufacturers would come up with an e-bike specific set of ratios.

    How is the ride compared to similar small wheeled bikes such as Wallerang Tjugo or Benno Boost. The latter, despite it’s much higher price, appeals because of the fat 24" tires. I took a short ride on the Tjugo and it seemed OK, but didn’t spend much time on bumpy pavement.

  21. Randy Studebaker March 31, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    I am thinking about getting the newest model. They seem to have addressed a lot of the criticisms of the previous ones. It has 7 speeds now instead of 3, front suspension, gear shift sensors, a charging USB port at the display, and what appears to be a new motor with even more torque at 98 Nm. This checks all the boxes for me as a bike commuter.

  22. What is the top speed

  23. Awesome bike and cloudy videos bring realism to the surroundings fun vid Court.

  24. Bought one. Really enjoy riding it.

  25. It’s nice looking…begs for a banana seat and would be like my old stingray!

  26. Beautiful bike. I’d swap out the 3 speed hub for an 8 speed. Then it’s actually perfect!

  27. Roland Le Franc March 31, 2021 @ 11:36 pm

    AVOID. Who ever is interested in buying a Ariel Rider bike, I discourage you to do so. They make it difficult to get warranty, so if your bike has issues in the first year, that’s your problem, not theirs. In addition, their manuals are totally outdated so it is difficult to just get the information on how to use their bikes. Finally they do business only online, so good luck getting your complaints through.

  28. Internet Account March 31, 2021 @ 11:37 pm

    How is the IGH holding up? Even $800 dollar IGH’s get messed up quick with high power mid drives.

  29. looking at the bike on the dealers website it actually looks like the racks are included? nice bike!

  30. This bike (C-class) is a piece of junk. The components sound decent but they are not synchronized and do not work together so overall the bike is useless and VERY DANGEROUS. On my first ride the motor on the piece of junk middrive (that makes a very discernible high pitched whirring so get ready to be embarrassed about riding this piece of junk in public) the battery and motor shutoff on steep grade first ride and nearly put me in a ditch. About turning on this bike. You can only turn very slowly and with extreme caution because the bike is not designed properly and the pedals will regularly contact the ground while riding. There is no indicator for the in hub gears, which is junk too. Wear gloves at all times when riding this dangerous bike because all of the cheap cheap components attached to handle bar will cut you like little razors. I returned this bike to these people on 12/13/19 and I have yet to hear back about my refund or anything even after multiple attempts and emails to resolve the situation. SUMMATION: THIS BIKE IS JUNK get a radpowerbike and enjoy the ride.

  31. Can some one post more videos of their Ariel m class please 馃檪

  32. At the end, it looks like Fort Collins is quite the community. The kids look happy, a fellow playing the piano, job well done in my opinion.

  33. I have never seen a review of the ancheer fat 20×4 tire ebike

  34. Thinking about a folding bike so I can easily carry in my car if needed. Just saw this mini and was wondering if this, too would fit in the back of an SUV? Also looking for max weight rating with all that cargo carrying capacity?

  35. Heavy riders, note that while the guy says he was 400 lbs when he started riding, Ariel support via zendesk today says their M-class bike is only rated for 320 Lbs and their D-class is only rated for 370 lbs

  36. Could I use a yepp child seat with frame mount or would I need one that is rack compatible.

  37. beautiful looking and functional bike.

  38. I love the review and also the e-bike. Seems every detail is well thought and designed. My favorite part is this bike isn’t ugly like folding bikes. I am a big guy and i generally look funny on folding bikes. I can imagine myself on this e-bike. Just curious if can buy in Canada with this price too ?

  39. What brand of rear bike lock is that?

  40. *Looks like a great bike, but I’m a little wary of Ariel’s Return/Refund policy.*

  41. that guy named berk seems to lose lot of weight. Keep doing what you been doing. Want to see him after several months how he looks. Seems e-bikes can make your life healthier.

  42. I highly discourage riders from buying this bike due to the unreasonably short gear ratios and Ariel’s customer service. I’ve had this bike for a week now, and it’s virtually unusable as a pedal bicycle beyond 16 mph.

    1st gear at a cadence of 60 rpm is 6.1 mph, 2nd gear is 8.3 mph, 3rd gear is 11.4 mph. For an electric bike!

    I did buy a refurbished bicycle from Ariel Rider; it had badly damaged disk brake, rusted steering head, a battery unable to take a full charge (3 of 4 lights at max charge), a battery with the seal broken and crooked on the frame, some miscellaneous parts that were missing, and a front fork that was bent inward.

    Unfortunately Ariel Rider’s customer service refused to take this moderately flawed and damaged bicycle back even when I offered to pay shipping for both ways and whatever fees they assessed on me.

    This after I bought another bike (c class).

    Let repeat that; they would not take a bike back from a repeat customer for a used bike they didn’t have to pay shipping for and could assess a fee on. It’s actually the first time in my life that I haven’t been able to return something after doing some good old-fashioned horse trading.

  43. I was planning to buy an e-bike for myself and my wife . I think i find the e-bike i was looking for . Price and specs are all at the right point

  44. It looks like an amazing bike . Love the looks and features.

  45. This review, and the excellent customer support I received to answer my questions, got me to pull the trigger on my first e-bike. I can’t wait until it arrives!

  46. I am really impressed with the two brothers and their lineup of bikes. I love the two cruisers and this bike also. They are really on the ball in the features they chose etc. I have a messed up right knee, and have a rough time riding a regular bike because of that. This bike has a lower top frame bar that should be easier for me to get my right leg over. I would HAVE to get those racks too. The mid drive and internal hub gears would make this bike so easy to fix flats or replace tires. I am really looking at these gents ebikes for my first one. These bikes are detailed so well!! Well done Ariel Rider!!

  47. And what is the maximum comfortable growth for a cyclist, is Orbea Katu Compact designed for?

  48. Can you ride the bike like a regular bike with out turning it on ?

  49. Jonathan T. Arbuckle March 31, 2021 @ 11:57 pm

    With all of your reviews which cargo bike would YOU purchase for under 2K? After your excellent review, I feel like the Blix Packa is THE ONE.

  50. m class looks like a resprayed orbea katu

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