Belt Drive & Internally Geared Insane Shopping E Bike! | The EMBN Show Ep. 145

Belt Drive & Internally Geared Insane Shopping E Bike! | The EMBN Show Ep. 145

This week on The EMBN Show, Steve takes on the challenge of climbing up one of the hardest dedicated EBike hill climbs in the world! He’s borrowed Finale resident Paul Aston’s crazy off-road shopping bike Then we have @Global Mountain Bike Network ‘s Martyn Ashton on the show to take a look at your Feedback, Where In The World, Tech and Bike Vault!

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⏰ Time Stamps 👇
00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Crazy Hill Climb Shopping Bike
07:05 – Special Guest GMBN’s Martyn Ashton
07:47 – Feedback
12:49 – Your EMTB Tech
13:46 – Your World
16:11- Bike Vault

🎵 Music – licensed by Epidemic Sound
What’s In It For Me (Instrumental Version) – Gloria Tells
Sunshine Road – Kit and the Calltones
No Regrets – Guy Trevino and Friends
Hushed – Dugway
Duck in a Box – Jobii
Acoustick – Guustavv
A Mistake (Instrumental Version) – Particle House

What do you think about Paul’s bike? Let us know 👇

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. You guys finally featured a nicolai! Cheers!

  2. Much more than a shopping bike.Yes the Rohloff gives much lower gearing plus a higher gear. Extremely versatile bike with best motor , belt and sealed gears currently available. Not quite sure about the head angle .Steve should love the long Reach. Revonte automatic transmission and motor in this bike would be a winner for me with 4.8 inch Rear 3.0 front tyres. Comfort plus go anywhere bike. E=MTB²

  3. Nicolai and geometron are sick

  4. That last picture was so good – had to pause the vid ……

  5. The forks on the Nicolai are so slack, you might want to swap your jersey for a leather waistcoat…

  6. Mothers, don’t let your cowboys ride bikes in their flip-flops! Foolish example, even in jest.

  7. Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  8. This is the formula (if it was class 3) for a perfect ebike that can basically go and do anything you want to do. Love it. Hope to see some stuff like this from the major manufactures in the future. Ebikes make daily life fun and enjoyable again. Now if we could get people to stop stealing them we’d really be rocking!

  9. Make Everything Free February 16, 2021 @ 9:29 pm

    How can I find out the name of the bike and the website selling it?

  10. DiGiTaLGrAvEDiGGA February 16, 2021 @ 9:29 pm

    You guys are bored A eMTB Network!!!

  11. Great to see two of the best hosts on the same show thumbs up 👍

  12. I wonder if a wireless hub based drivetrain is in the works. That would be awesome from an ebike perspective.

  13. коммуна горно-велосипедная February 16, 2021 @ 9:34 pm

    less bear, smaller nipples, more masculinity

  14. Future of E-MBT? Easy: remove the stupid motor.

  15. No derailer, heaven for e bikes, just need 10k

  16. I am riding ebikes with a belt drive and a Nuvinci aka Enviolo for 4 years. Never ever had to do any maintenance. Just if it was very dusty I poor a bucket water over the belt. The ONLY maintenance I do. If you call that maintenance. Oh one bike has by now 15000km on the clock. The other one 11000. No visible wear….

  17. 🤣 Nice vidéo

  18. I think Hub gears are only half way there. A better solution would be to have an integrated motor and gears with a belt drive. Early motorcycles used to have separate engines and gearboxes and look what we have now…integrated units.

  19. Electric Mountain Bike Network February 16, 2021 @ 9:42 pm

    What do you think about Paul’s bike? Rate it or Hate it? Let us know 👇

  20. Wher can I buy tensioner for belt drive like on his bosh motor

  21. 😂 those beers would have been too fizzy to drink…. for like.. a week! 😂 obviously swapped at the top of the climb 😊

  22. Thanks so much for the feature on My World guy’s… Ryan

  23. Been saying belt drive & gearbox combo is the future! Rohloff hub is 2nd best option! So freaking cool!

  24. Where’s his pants? Internal gearbox FOREVER!

  25. OMG, that Nicolai has my name written all over it.

  26. I want one

  27. I think full suspension totally makes sense for a shopping bike. If you’re riding on unmaintained roads or even cycling paths, a hard bike is just uncomfortable.

    Just my short commute to the nearest train station contains a pothole obstacle course dirt road, a path through the forest with roots all over the place, a high grass field, an unpaved road that’s closed for cars, an old cobblestone city road and a very uneven cobblestone access road across the former cargo train terminal.

    My bike has a front suspension fork and a saddle suspension. I wouldn’t want to ride without that anymore. I haven’t tried a serious full suspension mountain bike yet, but I assume it would do even better in these conditions.

  28. Love my Nicolai G1 EBOXX 😍But i have an QLF Line with a SRAM NX Drivetrain and without the Mudguards.

  29. ‘electric shopping bike’ LOL that things pretty dam slack and insane to be just a ‘shopping bike’ LOL where’s he shopping the top of Everest!?

  30. It cost $10k probably

  31. Good to see you are becoming open minded 👏

  32. I love the idea of belt drive.. and in particular the hub gears. unfortunately nobody makes any geared setup that can cope with 160nm+….so I’m stuck with chain and cassette for the foreseeable

  33. Fox front and rear with 14 internal gears, try it with a Raleigh motus tour, great video guys

  34. Very nice! I would ditch the rear rack and use it as a all mountain thrasher love it.

  35. Shopping bike is good, I dont really need full on mountain bike all the time and less maintenance the better, my own ebike build is based on this requirement and is cheap too.
    1000w gearless rear hub drive on a cheapish full suspension bike with side stand and mud guards and some options for adding bags if needed.( or just a ruck sack for simplest option lol ).
    I like the belt drive and gear hub though but I know that’s expensive.

  36. If I had to buy a ebike now it would be that Nicolai for sure. G1 Owner. Lovely Geometry, Sizing.👌

  37. When will this site and others start providing a Spreadsheet-style comparisons (i.e., a Matrix) showing a comprehensive listing of Gates/Veer belt drive battery-electric bicycles? Now we have lots of palaver, no Scripts, no Editing (to speak of) and no comparative Unsprung Weights of bicycles with Rohloff, nuVinci, Shimano (two) and Sturmey-Archer (Taiwanese) IGH’s?

  38. Bafang m620 hacked to take away the speed limiter, roholoff speed hub, gates belt drive and with tannus tires… why would you want anything else

  39. I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘regular contributor’, Steve’o. ‘Obsessive’ or ‘compulsive’ or even ‘borderline excessively offensive’ are the verbs I’d’ve used.

  40. Great to see Martyn on the show again and good to have crossover between the channels. Always good insights from the maestro.

  41. Nicolai ebikes 😅
    ~9k € . I need to earn more to have one of those out of the house 🏡 . Fantastic they actually built it and could offer for wealthy people to invest in production of those 💪

  42. I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  43. That Nicolai shopping bike is wicked BUT lock that up outside Tesco to go shopping & you’re walking home when you come out…..

  44. if a 75kg rider is excluded from winning uphill stages its obvious more motor power should be allowed to close that gap or there should be a minimum system weight or a bit of both ?

  45. Nicola Pellegrino February 16, 2021 @ 10:05 pm

    Of course is a mtb, that’s a G1 e14 in "SUV" version but the bike is the same as the "Mountain" version 🙂

  46. Anthony Ardissone February 16, 2021 @ 10:06 pm

    Thanks guys to have picked up the picture of my bike I took on the Italian Alps, I was so thrilled and I really preciate it

  47. I use my HaiBike Allmnt 2.0 2020 as a shoping bike… 🙂

  48. I have not driven a car since October 2019, everything is bicycle. I have set up my 1992 m900 Cannondale. Love hitting single track, short cut through a park, dropping down a staircase, or knocking out 50 miles of road. I love the idea of a full suspension, removable battery, drop post, fenders, bags, integrated lights, sealed gear set, belt drive, and motor assist… love it. It is like seeing the vagueness of a dream come to life in front of my eyes. Love it.

  49. Why is Steve’s helmet peak always cooked? Any helmet in a lot of Vids, It"s mystery that needs to be solved!

  50. I’ve been saying for a couple of years that belt drive and gear boxes are the future for e-bikes… welcome to the future… and 14 speeds – never going to get that in a 1 x configuration… plus the lack of having to oil a chain or pay money for chains & cassettes, and oil, and degreaser…

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