Benno RemiDemi Review – $3.4k Best Premium Utility Ebike

Benno RemiDemi Review – $3.4k Best Premium Utility Ebike The Benno RemiDemi is a premium step-thru utility bike with extra-wide 4.25″ fat tires. Sturdy chromoly steel frame and fork deliver vibration dampening and create a smooth organic feel. Support tubing at the front and middle of the frame reduce flex and allow for up to 400lbs of total weight capacity (65lbs on rear rack, 45lbs on optional front rack). Quality Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power without much hand effort. Large comfortable cruiser saddle, upright riser handlebar, and matching ergonomic grips with lockers feel secure and steady. Despite its smaller size, the RemiDemi can accommodate riders between 5’1″ and 6’1″ in height. Shimano Sora derailleur and 155mm crank arms were both chosen to increase ground clearance for the lower compact frame. Custom plastic fenders with extra support arms look amazing and don’t rattle or buzz when riding off-road (two ribs below the fenders reduce flex). Premium Herrmans integrated lights run off of the main battery pack (headlight is aimable, rear light has two LEDs). Integrated Rear rack has swappable interface mounts for a wide range of custom accessories (works with Racktime and Yepp! Easyfit by default). Fat tires and chromoly frame increases the weight of this ebike (65.3lbs without any accessories). It comes with the smallest Bosch battery pack, the PowerPack 400 vs. 500, and the slower Bosch compact charger. While fairly comfortable on flats and gravel, this ebike does not come with a suspension fork or seat post.

0:00 Introduction
4:28 Lights demo
7:37 Child seat example
15:00 Battery & charger details
18:08 Motor overview
20:07 Display panel walkthrough
23:17 Racktime rear rack examples
25:01 Ride test begins
29:00 Downhill & uphill ride tests
31:37 Closeup motor & drivetrain
35:42 Friend ride test & feedback

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  1. No love at all for internally routed pedals 😤

  2. There is absolutly nothing, that makes it 3400$. For that money you get E-Fullys from the big brands.

  3. I’ve always been disappointed by the ebikes on the market so i’m actually in the process of building my own. Don’t even talk to me if you’re trying to sell me a bike that only has a top speed of 20 mph

  4. I like the bike uses a Bosch mid drive rather than one of the cheapie Bafang hub drives. More waterproof and durable, plus balanced weight distribution. Perhaps have an option for the Performance Line S motor?? The comments regarding motor watts and battery comparison to Rad are not that relevant. At least by manufacturer claims, the Benno has a longer range with 500 w battery (35-90 miles vs 25-45+ for Rad) but range is so variable depending on battery, rider weight, terrain, etc. Some of the details like the grips are nice. But the comments regarding price seem spot on. If this is a dealer supported bike with a robust warranty, could justify some differential. But 3X more expensive seems excessive. Rack system is great. Some people may appreciate the nicer quality details and I would compare this bike to Tern. I own a Vektron (which folds, but has a lower spec motor), which I like a lot.

  5. Ray Entertainment December 3, 2020 @ 8:17 pm

    Love the bike: Price not so much.

  6. I wonder if you’re taken with some pricey elite Euro image?

  7. Can you please do a review on the Rize RX Pro? I have a preorder for this bike and would love to hear what you think about it!

  8. I got the Radrunner for $1000 delivered to my door, think I’ll pass on the Benno at 3.4X the cost for basically the same thing.

  9. 서스펜션이 추가되었으면 더 좋을뻔!? 자전거의
    혁신제품이군요.크랭크휠은 최소50t는 되야
    속도가 잘나감.사이드미러,혼도 추가되었으면

  10. Another McBastard December 3, 2020 @ 8:22 pm

    $3,400 oh that is way too much money.. nobody’s working everything is locked down from this fake virus and nobody’s getting.

  11. I much rather save money and buy a RadRunner Plus. It does it’s job and cost far less than this nice but overpriced Benno. Thumbs down for the price but nice looking. Benno, go home and do your math again.

  12. it’s too expensive and I don’t think everyone can afford that!

  13. Dominique Labrosse December 3, 2020 @ 8:26 pm

    Looking at this bike and the Tern HSD to replace my Yuba Mundo with eZee hub kit as a daily commuter (40km round trip). You mentioned some ride feel compromises due to the shorter crank length and wider set pedals. How does this compare to the HSD?

  14. At this price point, I expect auto pilot on bicycle and not to pedal…

  15. For now I just wanted to watch The motor close ups but I think I clicked on the wrong link however took in YOUR comments about the "straightness" of the chain lines filmed in use and also about the thunk issue from the inertia of the system upon you’re stopping the peddling suddenly and then I hung out for the rest of the video even boosting to 1080p for the "man on the street perspective" who had not noticed that haptic issue at all LOL. His Not having to "wait for transportation" line emphasizes what the bargain can be as he assured you had close the sale absolutely.

    Long before your kids are old enough to drive a car if you get them something that has high quality that they can operate I don’t think that they will likely ever want to be part of that supposed "Muskie ""dignity" having fenders ETC for your whole body absurdly is speciously argued to provide. Any healthy child, GET OVER IT GEEZERS, will understand there is a little less dignified to parking your bike AWESOMENESS YOUTH and pretending to be grown up just because you’re. " GOOD TO GO-BE" HUGEST part of _the_ problem. Clearly COURT unless people can identify something that has every single Merit of an entry to the market attacks on price especially for people for whom the difference between hundreds of dollars and two or three thousand is not persuasive whatsoever reek of car culture further metastasizing corruption and I say don’t be such a tool. Get a life and stop throwing stones at those who seek to actually appreciate Finer Things like anything but a car even if the fraction of the price does not handicap the choice to the extent expected.

  16. My 500w leapord ecotric bike is better

  17. More steep hills please, going up. Important.

  18. another Great Compact Non-folder rig ! i like the frill-free yet super utilitarian designing . Think i’d still opt for the Ariel Rider M-class , maybe throw on some bmx knobbies if i want dirt fatness

  19. I just got to test ride this (thanks to Propel Bikes!) super cool

  20. Thank you for reviewing this bike! I’ve admired it for a while but like others have a hard time justifying the price, unless I use it to replace my car. I understand the price tag on this one; just really wish we had better bike infrastructure and incentives/rebates here in the US to make switching to an e-bike more affordable and practical.

  21. The bike looks great. Love the styling. Any chance you do a review of the Cube Compact. Really interested on your thoughts about the Cube as its available at such a great starting price, compared to the Tinker or Tern HSD

  22. Nice review as always. But I think I’d rather go with two radrunners, accessories, and still have a few hundred to spare.

  23. Nice design for sure!
    Looks so solid, like it will last forever, but I feel like more of these mid-drive bikes should be belt driven. The chains are a weak point with these systems, and I am still not convinced the power should be put through these chains and gears. Electric cars do not need transmissions because they have massive torque at a very wide range of rpm (switching gears would be a waste of time), so why do electric bike motors need to run through gears? I am not convinced the benefits of running the power through gears outweighs tradeoffs. Either you will break chains or you will be proactively replacing them regularly…, either way it seems like a higher maintenance solution than a hub drive which puts no stress on the chain or belt. Maybe the Euro 250w limit is forcing them to run there power through gears to maximize the outputs…? Euro laws having too much influence on world ebike market?
    Further, I expect that due to easy interchangeability, a hub drive motor will likely be much easier and less costly to replace than a mid drive system that has been superceded by newer systems without interchangeability. Sorry I am digressing into a philosophical exploration of Ebike drivetrains… I really do like this particular Benno bike design overall, and Court, you are doing a fabulous service for this ebike transportation revolution!

  24. How do they justify the price? If it was 2.4k I might think about it

  25. For that money I can buy a Vespa..

  26. StuffOffYouStuff December 3, 2020 @ 8:39 pm

    Another good review. I’d love to hear more information about pricing. Some bikes are expensive (or cheaper) for obvious reasons, but having that context would be good. For instance, if the bike is made locally in the states, you can expect it to be more. Conversely, if a bike is made abroad somewhere with much lower labor costs, or if it’s made at much higher numbers. It should help people make better judgement as to whether it’s a rip off or a justified reason. Absolutely love the interaction at the end! Gorgeous looking bike

  27. $3,400 is way overpriced infact I would have to say extortionate..
    Would pay between $450 to a maximum of $600 for this bike..
    I have had four ebikes over the years. One mid drive, two rear drive & one front drive all have their plus points & bad points.. but mid drive is definitely the way to go with the battery semi incorporated lower down in the downtube.

    I think there are too many ebike companies with overpriced bikes.. Cake is one such company that does overpriced e-motorbikes with prices way over $12,500.
    E-bikes have been around for 20+ yrs. But these small ebike businesses think that selling overpriced bikes will make them rich.. wrong, it will make you bankrupt..

    You want ebikes to be available to the masses not just the filthy rich!! So please think with your brain & not your bank balance!!

  28. Lmao,3300 for that!? I could purchase 2x750watt Rad Runner Plus, which are even more practical, have a more powerful motor and front suspension. I would love to see a head to head performance battle between the 2 because IMHO this bike is not good value at all.

  29. Interesting to read the comments here and on the Tern GSD review. Price-wise this sits a bit below the Tern, carries less, but has the same low-step-low-gravity frame approach. Having tried the Tern and owning the RD i would say the Tern is more capable, but the RD is less nervous/tippy over bumps, -even with no shock.

  30. usernametaken 56 December 3, 2020 @ 8:55 pm

    RadRunner is better than this for waaay less money!

  31. Any reviews on EMMO ebikes?

  32. I like this bike but I’m not really sure how good it will handle very stiff hills considering that is quite an heavy bike with 250w motor, nm are good though. What do you think? Thank you for another great review😊

  33. for that price it needs to be renamed to the bendover remi demi!

  34. The adventures of Taco December 3, 2020 @ 8:59 pm

    $3.4 k??
    Does it come with a mouth??

  35. Gary Fujioka Sr. December 3, 2020 @ 8:59 pm

    Appreciate the comprehensive, objective intro to the RemiDemi, Court. Nicely engineered, the accessory integration is premium for sure. It doesn’t appear the commenters are acknowledging the differentiation the mid-drive Bosch represents compared to the lower price bikes in the category. I also have a new pro tip to try; your rack mounting protocol – brake, rock back, front wheel in tray!

  36. Do "average" Europeans pay 3000+ Euros for an e-bike ?? …… Unless the bikes are car "replacements", I’m gonna say no. While sales are rising in the US I don’t think they ‘re going to go mainstream anytime soon, not at prices like this. Florida, for instance, would (should) be a ripe market for e-bikes with no hills and year-round riding conditions but anything over a 1000 USD is just not a value proposition for most working folks… Hopefully, someone will engineer and realize a Commuter-ready Class 1, 20" wheel, 350W, one speed, universal frame bike with two 36V batteries (to quash range anxiety) and most importantly, NOT an AliExpress or Wally World "toy" ….. for under 750 USD tax included. (?)

  37. Like in majority of other comments, I find that this bike is slightly overpriced: only 9 gears, only 400W battery, Acera shifter…
    The wide bars of rear rack surely make it very strong (and are part of the nice look of the bike) but are not compatible with common panniers like Ortlieb or Vaude ones.
    All in all, the bike looks very nice, like a beach cruiser, but seems to have kept utility in mind.

  38. December 3, 2020 @ 9:00 pm

    4:28 & 22:39 Lights demo, 7:37 Child seat example
    15:00 Battery charger, 15:35 Battery pack removal
    18:08 Motor details, 20:07 Display panel walkthrough
    23:17 Rear rack example, 25:01 Ride test begins
    29:00 Downhill & Uphill test, 35:42 Friend ride test

  39. It don’t matter if it’s a £100 e bike or a £10.000 it’s a review cut chort some slack he’s not forcing you to buy one just enjoy

  40. Isn’t that a RadRunner?

  41. Would like to see a second, dual battery mount on the downtube

  42. You talk too much, and repeat yourself frequently. Cut your review times in less than half. Thanks.

  43. Skúli Arnlaugsson December 3, 2020 @ 9:05 pm

    Great review, interesting bike! I noticed the Cube Compact Sport Hybrid in the shop, and would be super interested in learning more about that bike. Do you know of a review worth checking out? Do you plan do do one yourself? 🙂

  44. Class 1 250W only for $3.4k?! Made for Europeans…get a Rad Runner

  45. This bike doesn’t even seem like a $1.4k bike. Way overpriced. Especially with such a trivial display

  46. got to say, best reviews

  47. It looks like something my grandmother would have

  48. Great bike, but much to expensive. I’ll take a Rad Power Bike over this and save over $1500. You know, I wish people today would stop with this masculine and feminine thing regarding colors. Bright colors are for everyone, not just for women. We have to get out of that archaic mindset of years ago. After all, the male species in the animal world are the most colorful. Besides, watch the Tour de France, and notice all the colorful bikes and jerseys. 😁

  49. Yeah. No thanks.

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