Best Bicycle Pump For Electric Bikes

Best Bicycle Pump For Electric Bikes

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Hmmmm… I didn’t go through all the comments but I can’t be the only one thinking this. Why do I have to carry a battery for the pump when the bike has a giant battery on it? Is there one that runs directly off the usb of the bike battery? For those that have that connection included.

  2. Wonder which would come first, the pump or the Blackbird I ordered?!!

  3. Even more impressive if it would also hold the hose

  4. Thanks for the info. I love knowing more about bike pumps! Thanks, I’m excited to be a new subscriber!

  5. I like how compact it is and how it stops at a set pressure.

  6. Perfect. I have 20;"x4" bike. Great to know

  7. Super way cool pump.

  8. More weight to carry on your electric bike and more charge used to lug it around. Cycling should be about being more eco friendly. Why add more batteries into the mix when a hand pump is sufficient.. Marketing ploy.

  9. pros for the manual pumps are environment friendly plus you get a good arm and hand exercise when you use one.

  10. Just to satisfy my own curiosity I looked around to see if I could find this any cheaper and low and behold, I could not, Amazon has it for $45.99 and ebay ranges from $47.59 to $66.20, so if you think you will find this for less money, I won’t say it’s impossible, but I looked and couldn’t find a better deal. Just bought it at Bolton Ebikes for $39.99, great deal! 馃枛馃槑

  11. You continue to have nice gadgets and will definitely look into this pump. Thanks!

  12. My bike pump is at least 10 years old and still going strong

  13. Wow funny how the rear tire manage to get more air in it before you hook up the electric pump in the previous pictures it was sitting on the rim so the rear tire was given an advantage notice the front tire We鈥檙e still sitting on the rim

  14. New subcriber here .Nice and love your vids.

  15. You wrong, i used the regular good small hand pump on a fat bike tire and it takes me less than a mimute to get 20 psi on a fat tire. And it is light wheight and more important dosent need electricity, and it is reliable.
    Second that pump takes too long to get 20 psi on bike tire, defenitelly will not work on car tire still mounted on a car,
    For my car i have a strong 12 volts pump that work on a car and takes less than a minute to get 30 psi on a car tire that still mounted on the car

  16. Great bike pump I need one !!

  17. Question: Is there an adapter for presta valves built into the unit? I know I can get a separate adapter, but they are easily lost if they are not housed with the unit.

  18. Awesome bike pump,and always a fan of urs videos.I would like to buy one for myself.Great content u put out ,keep up the good work.Johnny.L

  19. I like that pump. I wonder how many tires you can pump up on a charge, though.

  20. I have a red rover from rad power bikes as a 2020 bike I鈥檓 looking for a rear rack do you know what size it will take or do you have someone in stock they鈥檙e real rack is out of stock

  21. is there an elect pump that can work off your elect bike battery?

  22. Very helpful video, thanks for posting.

  23. Great idea. I had no idea you could get something that small.

  24. Great idea

  25. Awesome, I was just looking for a pump too. Hopefully not too pricey.

  26. The front tire is a lot more flat at the start….a rigged test.

  27. Very cool tool.

  28. I actually have that same pump I got it off a ad on Facebook. I might have the first generation. Mine doesn’t have the USB ports. It does really work great i seem to use it mostly on car tires 馃檪 .

  29. I have a ryobi pistol type battery powered air pump, you鈥檙e right, too big to carry, I鈥檒l definitely have to get one off the pumps you demonstrated. It鈥檚 funny how you can charge your phone on it too.

  30. Yeah, but using a "CO2 bicycle tire inflator," with just a short press of the button, will practically inflates the entire tire in about 3 seconds. Plus they have a mini pump like yours as a backup, manual pump.

    That’s what I take on my Ebike excursions, with 2 small CO2 canisters.

  31. Love it, good for the motorcycle also!

  32. sweat device – would love to win one.

  33. inflation of possibility on the horizon

  34. they work great. i pumped up my run flat tires on my corvette.

  35. Great gadget. I really wish it would go to 150PSI so you could fine tune the air pressure in your front forks. But if ya lost all your pressure, it could get you home still.

  36. Good stuff man… 馃檪

  37. Mr Bolton,

    I鈥檓 a first time Ebikes owner. Did some research and took the plunge and purchased what you might call a budget Ebikes. Reigniting my love for riding again and hungry for all fat tire tech side of things as I used to ride a bit (MTB) a bunch. Hence finding your Vlog on YouTube and enjoying all the tech and product videos.
    That being said, I purchase the portable bike pump from one of you videos and your price was better than Amazon.

    All the best

  38. Hoping to win the pump

  39. Grizzlies Channel December 24, 2020 @ 10:30 pm

    Just purchased one on back order – shipping in October. Having recently acquired a fat tire ebike, I found out how much work manually pumping up one of those tires really is. This is a Godsend!

  40. I’ve been looking all over for one of those. Awesome product. You guys are doing a great job.

  41. This is so cool. I need one. I purchased an ebike recently and this is a must.

  42. I like the rear rack on your bike, what model and brand is it?

  43. Wow I have both pumps. Big one for Lectric and small one for Rad Runner. Don鈥檛 leave home without it. And 2 tubes. Laughing Out Loud

  44. I like this electric pump and would use it on the ebike I pre ordered from you.

  45. Your bike is electric – Shouldn’t your ebike be too?

  46. Hey there, just purchased the pump. New Ebike and enjoy getting tip from your Vlog. Keep up the great info videos.

  47. Nice Pump! I wish I had (2)!

  48. Air pump looks great. Can’t wait to get my Sabre YES

  49. You are a mind reader. I was thinking about a tire pump and there is a video. Thanks…

  50. I recently started my search for an electric bike pump. Kyle’s endorsement of this unit at a good price (based on the range I saw on Amazon) makes the choice easy. Wish they were shipping immediately.

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