Best Bike Accessories You Need

Best Bike Accessories You Need

The best bike accessories that I recommend to anyone that owns a bike. No matter where you are in your biking journey, you should probably have these top bike accessories. These aren’t crazy Amazon bike gadgets but instead the true and steady things I’ve been recommending to people for 15 years.

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Hi, I’m Arleigh with Bike Shop Girl. I am passionate about helping you bike more and worry less.

↣ MY DISCLAIMER: Some products are provided at no charge for review. I’m not paid or bribed for reviews, and they will be as honest as possible. Additionally, some links are to affiliate advertising where I may make a few pennies from your purchase.

Readers Comments (24)

  1. How many subs did you buy?

  2. good hemmitt shd have a brow pad … three endos.. forehead hits pavement

  3. Whitehouse Farm Barn November 27, 2020 @ 7:51 pm

    Sorry to piggy back but do not buy anything from BikeDescent. They sell crap which is overpriced and are impossible to contact. The BikeDescent website is basically a device to rip us off.

  4. Do you have a recommendation for carrying steel toed boots, a hammer, some other small tools, a couple days of clothes and food (I’m a truck driver, bike commuting to work. Usually home daily, but I have to pack for emergencies)? Right now I use a back packers back pack, but it’s kind of uncomfortable, and sometimes weight shifts all over which makes it a bit of a safety issue on busy 2 lane roads. It’s an 11 mile ride.

  5. I love the Kali helmets, my current helmet doesn’t have a rear light, that sounds like a safe feature, thanks for sharing.

  6. Found you from your super chat on Levi Allens Live video!! Great videos you have here!!

  7. Great video, feel good I ordered two of the same products for spring

  8. This Kindred Spirit November 27, 2020 @ 8:04 pm

    Thanks! I ordered the Kali helmet and a slap bag!

  9. Loved seeing around your shop. I am going to have to check out the Kali helmets if my local shop carries them.

  10. thanks so much for that video. I found that informative & educational concerning bikes.

  11. got a cargo bike …never opened the box … disabled lady I bought it for died before I got a chance to park her transport chair on it and travel the parks..

  12. Anybody have a bike to spare, makes me wanna start riding again

  13. cute mutt…

  14. I like you. You’re cool.

  15. This was super helpful….. I just got a hybrid bike after having a beach cruiser for 8 years lol

  16. Good list

  17. Yeah good advice all around. I like all of the no nonsense choices at your shop. You would be shocked at the “pro” advice being dispensed at some bike shops here in the DC burbs. Most bike shops are way too sport focused. Getting more people to bike to the coffee shop two miles away should be the first pitch.

  18. Please open a shop in the UK

  19. Love, love, love this video!!! I just bought a hybrid city bike and feel that I need a lock badly as the few times I have gone for rides I have to come back home because I have to pee lol I really loved your video and most of all your mission. I’m going to follow you on your platforms and I’m going to visit your website to purchase some of the things I need. I just love your vibe and your mission to empower new riders!!! Peace

  20. Thanks. I haven’t had a bike in decades and just want to kit up for biking around town and the park. You did an awesome job filming and editing your video!

  21. I am going to start biking and I am picking it up tomorrow. I wanted to ask you. What are would some safe bike accessories a woman should have if she’s riding alone long distance? Like 30 miles round trip.

  22. Wolfgang van Oorschot November 27, 2020 @ 8:38 pm

    Some good advice in this video 👍🏻 Should be seen by more people 🌈🚴🏻‍♂️💨💨💨

  23. Just wondering what lock you recommend for your Urban Arrow?

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