Best E-bike Motor You Can Buy – Grin Tech All Axle Electric Bike Hub Motor Overview | Holmes Hobbies

Best E-bike Motor You Can Buy – Grin Tech All Axle Electric Bike Hub Motor Overview | Holmes Hobbies

Ready for some E-Bike talk? John switches up gears and gets into his e-bike hobby in this video. More specifically he shows you a Grin Technologies All Axle Ebike Hub Motor and explains why the motor is superior to standard e-bike motors. John goes over details from machining to weight, torque and everything you need to know. The Grin Tech motor does carry a bit higher price, but after you see the details on why this motor will offer such great performance, you’ll see why you should consider it for your next electric bike motor.

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  1. The comments are very good. I had my experience with the Aston Rider ebike kit, it came out less than 300usd with lifepo battery and it has been running without problems since I had it more than a year ago

  2. When money is no problem, I’ll get an e-bike. Meanwhile and till I know exactly what I want, I’ll experiment with 200 box kits. Lol
    These motors sound good but extremely under-powered and pricey.

  3. I checked out the site, man those are redicoulisly high prices for only 500w kits. Bafang has 1500w for those prices.

  4. Theo Cedar Jones December 12, 2020 @ 9:23 pm

    You should re-consider your use of close-ups, and know the exact difference in the failure rates of the two types of torque transfers.

  5. i learned nothing here !!!!!!

  6. What is the name of the engine to search and its price since they are not in the link that you placed, thanks for the video is very good

  7. I have a new E/Cells hunter edition…….Twin motor/Twin batterie/ETC……..But what I really want and would trade for in a Heartbeat is a rear drive only…1000—–2000 watt with regen……Grin motor of course…………….I live in a valley…….I pull a 2 mile, 7% hill leaving town, and then fry My brakes coming back into Town…………Would be so much happier putting something back into the batt. coming down that Hill……AND saving My brakes………E/Bikes are wonderful…..But They have yet a loong way to go………….PLEEESE, Somebody, Build Me what i really want………..P_aul Holterhaus

  8. My dog loves wheels . He attacks them ( :

  9. SO……..SOMEBODY tell Me where I can buy a Cruiser Bike with One of these Motors.!!!!!………I am near 80 and NOT going to design/build one Myself………….They ALL have hub motors….even the expensive ones………….Electric bikes still have a LONG way to go………….NO ONE yet builds a really nice cruiser bike………..I have looked at a hundred………..Paul

  10. My my Chinese 750 hub motor. Just shut the bed. I got like 3,000 mi out of it. I mean my back tires some way got loose and fell off the mounts. But I can’t even get my LED to light up. I’m just going to rewire the whole bike. I kind of want a Sur Ron X.. I kind of like the mid drive better.

  11. it costs a lot of time & money to develop these products remember what a Tesla cost when it arrived. I’m sure in time the price will come down & they will produce a rear hub motor. Engineering wise it’s far better.

  12. Let’s do a cyclekart build with these!

  13. I have been using my own torque arms for a few years. Easy to make your own using 9-12mm (depending on Adel size)box end wrench with a hose clamp and bolt.. Bolt goes throu round side of box end wrench. Open end of wrench goes on axle.. Hose clamp to frame or fork

  14. Hi there.

    I buy steel drop outs bolted to the aluminium frame working great for 2ys now.

  15. what about 29inch wheels

  16. we are building bicycle trailers to explore the Baja outback. Our trailers will be powered with regen. The motor you are profiling looks perfect for us.
    We could use your expertise…..

  17. Great video and what a great product. I would like one of those hubs. I’m living in Australia and we don’t get much of the best stuff down here unfortunately. I would be in the market for a high quality electric hub wheel for communting purposes AND long distance touring in SE Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, etc..). These countries have many high mountain ranges and lots of humidity and heat. Do you think this product would be suitable for such long distance rides (100 – 300 km per day) over high ranges?

  18. This is a very bad product, the qs motor remains the best to date

  19. i just read that 142mm have the same spacing than 135mm so a 142mm hub would fit in a 135mm is that true?

  20. There are a lot Aluminum motors. Grin Tech makes Aluminum motors.

  21. I was just reading about the Grin ‘all-axle-hub-motor" last night, I have an old "Giant" frame that I converted over about12 years ago used a crystallite 407 in the rear wheel, worked ok when the SLA batteries would take a charge. The front suspension fork is an old "Judy Rock Shock" and I am thinking that if I can come up with the funds necessary, I should probably get a whole new package. The fork does have mounts for the disk calliper the rear brake is of course V-brake. It does seem that the folks at Grin have this motor nailed down, expensive yes but well worth it I figure.

  22. Gilberto Restrepo December 12, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    I’ve been using Goldenmotor Magic Pie v5 and Edge Motor’s on all my builds. I’ve done 5 so far with the oldest built in 2016 still going strong. I like a super clean cockpit so the only thing on the bars is the thumb throttle. Since it’s throttle only I can use any brakes. Some bikes like the oldest uses no torque arms because the kickstand on one side and the derailleur on the other side are heavy steel and so far never had a problem even at 25amps with 52v battery peaking at 58.8v. Another MagicPie-V5 needs 2 Grintech v4 torque arms ir it will spin I the rear dropouts. The edge motors are smaller and have had years with no trouble and no torque arms in aluminum rear dropouts. All these have strong regen and are about $400 usd from or I love that the controller is built into the wheel so I get the cleanest build that’s a regular bike with a throttle for whenever you feel like using it. These are commuter type bikes so nothing fancy. I’d love to build something crazy but the costs add up quickly. Love the videos!!!

  23. I’m pedaling a 29" bike equipped with full suspension and quick release axles. Does anyone have good recommendations for such a set-up? I stand 6’6" tall and weigh around 240 lbs.

  24. 1750 $ -then it BETTER be absolute freaking AMAZING … :/

  25. First time viewer here. Great applicable information. I am interested in a high wattage motor for the purpose of speeds above 30 mph and torque for uphill. Does the motor you’re showing provide what I need? If not, do you have a suggestion? Thank you.

  26. Thank you for saving me all lot of money

  27. Five Neo Philosophies December 12, 2020 @ 9:51 pm

    We need this for automotive applications so any car can be transformed into electric…

  28. How many watts is that?

  29. Strap on a 12V car battery, Jerry rig a 13,000 RPM Dewalt grinder motor with a DC to AC inverter. Use a 15amp dimmer switch to control speed. BANG ! About 7 hrs usage at 50% pwr (35 kms/hr). TOP SPEED: 70 + kms/hr ! Next mod will include motor from Bullet mixer on front wheel for a 2×2 AWD system !

  30. Grilling with Jay December 12, 2020 @ 9:54 pm

    Justin at GRIN really has his act together. After stripping out two rear wheels on my motorized bicycle, I’m done with that route and now eagerly look forward to building a custom ride using GRIN products.

  31. so you save 2kg, most people need to just go on a diet, same result.

  32. Can i have that electric bike for free??? Iike it.. please..

  33. I’m very interested in using this motor in an EUC (electric unicycle). I just don’t know the difference between this and the Chinese motors used in EUCs to know. EUC motor run off 84v or 100v battery packs. I don’t know if that’s necessary. Anyone know?

  34. So where is made , China ? ……. What does that mean , Assembled by you ? ……. And Why don’t you know the Specs ? ……. $200 compared to $800 is a chit load of difference in cost but not much in Performance ……. So …… Why am I buying this ??

  35. HolmesHobbies, can you design me a swapshell hub for this motor? My desired swapshell hub will work for my hubmotor (on front wheel) like my swapshell for my internally geared rear hub made by Kindernay. See the way this works at 1:09 of this video: I would like to be able to switch my hubmotor among my roadbike and my fatbike on the front wheel. As a final trick, I would like to be able to use a plain front hub (no motor) for the days that I want my lightweight bike and a proper workout. This would allow me to have a single bike that can be powered or nonpowered.

  36. What do you do for a controller?

  37. So I came here for the specs numbers. All 8 got was an advert

  38. William Penn jr. December 12, 2020 @ 9:58 pm

    Most $1500 e bikes are just a regular $200 bicycle with a $250 kit and battery already installed. What a Rip offs.

  39. Awe man. Wonderful and informative videos !
    I’m looking into going electric and I never realized the cons of regular wheels vs this quality e wheel you described. Thank you very much for your insight and shared experiences

  40. the first 30 seconds had me banging my head on the wall XD

  41. Mohammed Alhayyawi December 12, 2020 @ 10:03 pm


  42. Joel McHale’s brother is doing his own thing.

  43. Maybe You should use a Lock Washer ………………..

  44. This just looks like a heavily sponsored advertisement. No critical thinking, no evaluation.

  45. i have a 12mm 135mm thru axle is there any motor for that size? cuz i oly saw 12*142mm motors. thanks cool video

  46. Be different, put one on a unicycle lol 👍.

  47. so they took a chinese motor, made it out of aluminum instead of steel and made a universal axel system for it and now the price has gone up 3x? why so expensive! maybe low production volume or more likely high profit margins.

  48. This is the same guy (?) Ha

  49. I really like bionx anti rotation locking nut seriously on of the best mechanisms I’ve witnessed for an anti rotation mech

  50. i have a 3000w hub motor and i NEED torque arms i went to a laser shop and let them cut out custom torque arms 8mm stainless steel works perfect! and the nuts i tighten with a torque key to 40nm. but i would love to have a thru axle motor but i didnt find a 12*135mm motor only 12*142..

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