Best Low Step Off Road Electric Bikes | Step-Through E-Bike Review

Best Low Step Off Road Electric Bikes | Step-Through E-Bike Review

If you’re looking for the best easy entry, low-step off-road electric bikes or the best step thru electric bikes in general, we’ve got the review for you! We’lll show you some of the top electric bikes for off road and on road usage (list below). Best part is that all of these bikes are the easy on, easy off wave frame or low step electric bikes!


The e-bikes featured in this video (Bulls Copperhead, Riese & Muller, Cube Nuride, and Gazelle) are easily our favorites. Low step electric bikes are great for riders of all shapes and sizes, and we highly recommend them. So if you’re looking for the best low step off road electric bikes or the best step through electric bikes in general, these are the bikes for you.

Full specs and how to buy the electric bikes in this video:
1:25 Bulls Copperhead EVO HD Wave:…
3:01 Riese & Müller Nevo3 GX:…
5:15 Cube Nuride Hybrid Pro 500 Allroad:…
6:23 Riese & Müller Homage:…
8:57 Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite:…
10:30 Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB:…

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. Superb review, I think this style of bikes are the future for those of us who ride for pleasure and are past competitive riding. They seem to be very versatile and surprisingly capable. You’ve included a wide selection in this review, something for everyone I’d have thought, thank you !

  2. Vanessa Freudenberg January 23, 2021 @ 7:53 pm

    Surprised you didn’t mention the Bulls Crosslite EVO Wave. It’s like the Copperhead but with a more road-friendly trim. Same CX motor and an insane 10-51T MTB cassette so goes up any slope like butter. My wife is very happy.

  3. Great review, as always. The only low step bikes with the Bosch Speed motor are Riese and Muller. Are the 20MPH motors on the Cube, Gazelle and Bulls a disadvantage on these types of bikes, particularly on road?

  4. I think the Gazelle Ultimate T10 Plus Bosch’s motor is 85NM, not 65NM. Am I wrong?

  5. These will be the eBikes of the future. The low step feature is just too convenient and they’re becoming more versatile every year!

  6. Definitely great information my 63 year old bone on bone hips love to bike ride and Bjj , low impact 😝.Rise and Grind

  7. Sebastien Nadeau January 23, 2021 @ 8:11 pm

    Hey I was looking at the radrover what are your thoughts?

  8. Hopping on electric bike for people over 60. That cost under $2000 Would you recommend a simpler not all pro and not built for racing. I want a comfortable bike with comfortable seats higher up handlebars so I can cruise and enjoy my ride.

  9. Thanks for the great info! Might need to rethink what I currently have. 😉

  10. good reviews Scott what type of fanny bag do you have on on your waist.

  11. I am soooo jealous of folks that can afford these bikes. I’d love love love to have one of the R&M dual suspension bikes. Rubs my lamp, blah, no genie.

  12. I for one, am all about a low step (wave) especially for urban riding. Currently riding the R&M Roadster Low step but definitely like they way that NuRide looks! Thx for the vid!

  13. Low step bikes are great! I love seeing them pop up in the off road category as well. No doubt that the Bulls Copperhead EVO HD Wave and the Cube NuRide Hybrid series are top contenders for getting you on the trails but in comfort!

  14. The Gazelle Ultimate T10 is what my wife rides…great bike. Workmanship, fit and finish, along with the Bosch motor and Shimano groupo make this bike an outstanding e-bike for street use. Too bad it takes so long (3 to 4 months) to get the Ultimate T10 plus with traditional top tube or I’d have one.

  15. Hardtails are back! And the step-thru versions are going to get a lot of people back on the fire roads and light trails. Riding the BULLS Copperhead HD Wave made me feel in control on the bumpy gravel roads with the 120mm travel fork from SR Suntour. The CUBE NuRide Pro Allroad is AMAZING! 10-speed drivetrain is all you need with the powerful Gen4 Bosch CX motor.

  16. Last time I got on a bike my grand kids literally rode circles around me, I cant keep up with them. I am looking for something to keep up with them that will not take a ton of maintenance on my part.

  17. No throttle no deal

  18. Which of these bikes might be good for a beginner who just wants to cruise around town?

  19. The Evelo Aurora Limited Edition Mid-Drive electric bike looks like a good option. It has a NuVinci Enviolo rear hub and Gates belt drive with Suntour NEX forks.

  20. You never mentioned the IGH in one of the bikes?

  21. I will tell you why I need a step thru ebike. Because where I live (Tacoma WA,USA) it rains a lot like about a third of the year.
    So I have this Veltop attachment that I ordered from France. It has a big front plexiglass Windshield with a canvas cover for over your head.The model that I have is an older version of it that attaches to the rear of the bike and uses multiple fiberglass rods that connect the canvas to the windshield and give it rigidity. However I found that the rods broke too often and I replaced them with a cut steel whip CB antenna which works much better. I had it on a RadRover ebike that I bought used for $400 which was missing its battery. The main problem is that it is high step so it is hard to get on and off the bike. A step through ebike would be the ideal answer for my all weather ebike. Oh other that that it did work fantastic at riding in the rain except for another issue which I solved. I would get road splash spray on my lower legs from the wet road. So I got Rain gaiter leg coverings which worked just great and solved the final problem. I could ride like a king in the rain and would be one of the very few cyclists out there on the road or bike trails. It was wonderful. Again an Open Step ebike would be the final answer.Something to easily get on and off of with my all weather equipment attachments (Leg gaiters and Veltop accessory from France and steel whip antenna mod).
    Where I ride it’s also pretty hilly so my RadRover had 80nm of torque and did pretty well on most hills.Also I learned a trick to take it to 28 mph to keep up with traffic which is legal to ride a Class III ebike in my state as long as the rider is over the age of 16 (I am 62 and a heart patient-using it for aerobic exercise heart patient therapy and fun)

  22. Fly Rides Electric Bikes January 23, 2021 @ 8:37 pm

    Which of these bikes would you be picking up? Any others you’re looking at?

  23. The copperhead has been so popular! Adding the dropper is something you never see in the wave frame models. The NuRide is definitely the best bang for your buck in the 2021 model line up of these bikes

  24. Well I would personally love to see an electric bike that has higher handlebars even a little higher than the beach bikes. I don’t like bending over when I ride my bike and I want my hands higher up. Is there an electric bike that has higher handlebars?

  25. That wave frame Bulls Copperhead is RAD!

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