Best Subscription Box Alternatives | The Gadget Show

Best Subscription Box Alternatives | The Gadget Show

Jon Bentley is hanging out with BBC 1Xtra DJ and part time TV reviewer Sideman Allday to find out how tech can help us avoid pricey TV subscriptions. Is it now time for us to ditch our aerials and satellite dishes for good? Watch more from our latest series over on My5 –

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Informative as always. And John you rock. New epps of the gadget show need to be shown in Australia. Up to date ones.

  2. The Humax FVP-5000T for £299 that is supposedly a What Hi-Fi Awards 2019 winner? This looks to have a poor interface/remote/severe lack of apps and that has all the freeview channels and most features i can get on my Smart TV.. – No thanks. The Roku Stick + on the other hand is great and gets used all the time

  3. Hate this guy, not mentioning which one but I’m sure people know which one. Bell…helmet that guy is.

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