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  1. 13.8 lbs!! Sweet…But rememeber, the UCI minimum is 15lbs…what a shame to have to put a roll of pennis in your tool pouch to be legal…just kidding.

  2. Its a nice fork, but not the lightest 1.5 fork in the market as claimed in the video…

  3. nice bikes!

  4. That bike is bad ass. Wish I had an extra 10 grand to get one.

  5. Juan Luque Lucena January 4, 2021 @ 11:16 pm

    My 1960 BH eats that carbon fiber thing.

  6. el servicio port-venta es una verguenza!!en mi vida volvere a comprar algo de esta marca..ahora entiendo por que casi nadie tiene bh..

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