BionX D-500 Video Review – High Torque Electric Bike Kit With Regeneration

BionX D-500 Video Review – High Torque Electric Bike Kit With Regeneration The BionX D-Series includes this 500 watt gearless motor and 555 watt hour Lithium-ion battery pack. It’s wider than most other hub motors and this allows it to climb more easily thanks to mechanical advantage, low end torque. The system can be added to most bicycles that have a downtube water bottle mount and is ideal for hardtail mountain bikes. It is center-spoked so vibration and impact is distributed more naturally and includes a two year warranty. When combined, this kit is referred to as the BionX D 500 DV for downtube and 5th generation extra large battery pack. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Hi, Nice review … I like your videos …
    Can I put this on a Giant Talon 3 2016 model that has 27.5×2.2 inch tires.

  2. This Kit looks really awesome! 聽Pretty pricey though, not sure I would want to spend that on a kit. 馃檨 聽I have a Specialized 2006 FSR XC that I use to putz around town, was thinking of commuting with it. 聽BTW, I like watching your reviews! thanks for posting them.

  3. Damn shame about Bionx going under and closing shop

  4. Canadians make things right !

  5. If you are going to have a battery shaped like this, limiting yourself to 555Wh seems a bit silly.

  6. Can you PLEASE review pricing in these videos!!!!

  7. I’m looking forward to using a gearless. Hub I’m glad they are building better batteries and motors. Charging on the bike is a great convenience.

  8. Love the bike and the kit, it’s pretty much what i’m looking for, but sadly the cost is way to high for me

  9. Need more forward facing camera angles, when you were going up the hill i had no concept of the speed because you had the camera focused on the wheel which wasn’t helpful. Otherwise great video.

  10. Good only for short < 25 mile rides. If you want exercise and want to turn the motor on
    only on steep hills, or on the way home this is not the item. It must be on 25% to overcome the
    motor. So with the motor in the off position, you must add 150 watts of pedaling power to go
    normal speed. I wanted it for long rides, but even with hard pedaling on my part (I love exercise)
    the battery was dead after 25 miles. It is fun to ride as the
    assist is strong, but that is cheating. Great for those who cannot pedal or have health issues or are out of shape.
    Those wanting to get in shape and go far, this will not help you.

  11. I forgot to mention : i have a norco (mountain bike) 29" wheel.

  12. Sydenham Road Climb Ride Segment Hamilton, ON, Canada Distance 2.0kmAvg Grade 6%Lowest Elev 104mHighest Elev 219mElev Difference 115mClimb Category 4 this kit climbs that hill at 27km easy while pedaling聽with reasonable effort

  13. Lazy fuck

  14. The company does not exist any more, you can buy the bikes really cheap now and they a have a lot of power cracked.

  15. When i install this on my 05 Specialized Hardrock Sport, I will definitely keep you posted! Waiting on Nycewheels to let me know when they get it!

  16. I just. spent. 1700. a lot. less then. you. and myn. is. 1500. watt and the. battery. is 48 v 20. ah

  17. ADDICTED TO GEAR February 6, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

    $2500 plus the cost of the bike… May as well buy a bike with a system already integrated at that point.

  18. Hamilcar Stronginthearm February 6, 2021 @ 8:52 pm

    Hi EBR, great reveiw. Can this hub be laced to other rims? I’ve been looking for this information all over, but can’t seem to find it. It seems to me that hub motors (especially good ones like the Bionx with regen) and ‘fat’ or ‘plus’ size wheels address each other’s weaknesses: Hub motors work poorly with conventional suspension because they are unsprung weight, but with ‘in tire’ suspension they would be sprung weight. Fat & plus wheels have huge rotational inertia, making starting and stopping a PITA, but with regen and a motor, starting and stopping beats up your legs (and psyche) less. Thoughts?

  19. How much?? I recently bought a moped for $500.

  20. Imagine on slick tires.

  21. Video length…

  22. So I got my D-500 installed on my Hardrock Sport and it’s very torquey and quick as advertised. But my only gripe is that when you hit 20 mph even with pedal assist the system really taps you off at about 21.5 mph. It feels like the motor drags you down so you don’t exceed 20mph. Kind of disappointing honestly. I saw some videos on here of riders going up to 28 mph with pedal assist in stage 4, was kind of hoping for the same result. Have you had anyone experience this as well?Thanks for your reviews and posts as always!

  23. Hey i have a question. Could that kit be fixed on any bike?? Or is built for special bikes?

  24. Can the bike climb hills without pedaling?

  25. noticed you have only got one brake. front . dose the controller do the back brake ?

  26. First

  27. Lazy fuck

  28. They just need to work on making that battery smaller

  29. *I love this bike. I use it to ride to work.鈼斺棓>>**銇滱** 聽 聽 It’s a 12 mile hike with several hills. It climbs hills rather well for a 500w motor. In retrospect I should have gotten a 750w or 1000w. But this bike is great. Battery life is pretty good though once it hits 2 bars you better charge it because it will cut out randomly.*

  30. whats the range distance for this bike?

  31. Great review, Court!

    When you were at the factory, did BionX provide any data on very long hill climbs?

    I’m asking because it would seem to me that a mid-drive would have a much smaller chance of overheating because the motor (with rider input and proper gearing) will be operating at or near its optimal point, whereas a rear hub motor would eventually overheat.


  32. You mention that this still has that 20 mph limit. Did you verify that to be true? The sales guy today told me there is no speed limiter on the D500. Can you clarify? Thanks for all the great reviews! I just subscribed to your channel. I’m in the market. I may get a Falco 500 watt kit but I’m also considering the BionX D500, but only if it’s not speed limited.聽

  33. Your video was really helpful! How is it on steep hills? I was thinking about adding it to a handcycle, but the hills here are really steep and I’m going to be pulling my daughter in a bike trailer behind me, which is 60+lbs. Thanks!

  34. Gearless is not high torque and it’s not as efficient

  35. Pricey鈥et the hacking begin to unregulated the top end?!? 聽馃檪

  36. Carlos Mario Perea Jaramillo February 6, 2021 @ 9:26 pm

    En espa帽ol por favor… 馃檮

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