BionX D500 D-Series | Unboxing and review

BionX D500 D-Series | Unboxing and review
The D-Series BionX D 500 DV is the most powerful motor system they’ve made to date. The 500 watt motor is paired with an ultra high capacity lithium battery spec’d at 48V and 11.6Ah. That’s as much as any of our best electric bikes! I was very impressed with the quality and finish of the motor kit and that wasn’t surprising because BionX is known for that type of high end presentation. We expect great things from this high powered and cutting edge electric motor kit for bicycles and can’t wait to get it on a bike to try out.

These kits are in stock and ready to ship so check out online or call us for more details!

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  1. We acquired a used trike with this Bionx system on it. Assist is new to us and we’re trying to figure it out. Watched several videos and read the booklet and apparently this system isn’t functioning. Battery is charged, display lights up but + – not functioning, neither is turbo engaging. Thoughts?

  2. I have the older PL350 kit with the rear rack-mounted battery. There’s no way that the new battery is going to fit on my tiny bike. Does BionX plan on having a rear rack version for the D500 motor?

  3. Also that IATA Class 9 DG sticker should also be on the outside of the main box, one on each box..Rgds…Laurie

  4. Mmm IATA Class 9 Dangerous Goods label on the battery..if you are shipping them fully charged I hope you have checked that is compliant with any dangerous goods shipping regulations for trucking/shipping/airfreight…FYI….Rgds..Laurie

  5. Is there a D-Series that will work/fit for my Tern Link D8 ….I prefer the slim battery that would go on the back rack and not on the frame?  Thanks!

  6. Mark ComputerTech November 26, 2020 @ 7:54 pm

    But at the ridiculous price of $2500.00 I will stick to Sondors. . . No Thank you

  7. How can you call this a review when you haven’t even fitted it to a bike and ridden it. … fail

  8. I have a Surly Long Haul Trucker with 26" wheels…will the BionX D500DV work on it? Also, if I’m not sure about installation, are there any local bike shops in Portland, OR that you would recommend? Thanks, John Young

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