BIONX Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Review

BIONX Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Review

Bionx is the Best Ebike Kit in the world.
The BionX system is naturally intuitive. Energy is provided in proportion to the torque applied to the pedals: Pedal harder and get a stronger and faster assistance, pedal lightly and receive gentle, gradual assistance. Stop pedaling and your assistance is automatically cut off. Each pedal stroke is analyzed separately by a microprocessor, equalizing your energy so you can concentrate on enjoying a smooth, powerful and precise ride.
The BionX System consists of a console, a battery and a special wheel-based motor.
The BionX console lets you take control of your ride with responsive controls and accurate, timely information.

Key features
36V Hi torque Motor
Regenerative features
Silent motor
100% Waterproof
Motion Sensor Alarm

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