Bionx P 250 electric hub motor kit

Bionx P 250 electric hub motor kit

This one was Made in Canada Electric hub system that has a 450 watt peak and runs on NiMH batt are the people who make it and is a place to get it.
250W Nominal 450W Peak
Weight: 7,7 lb / 3.5 kg
3.5 kg brushless and maintenance free motor as well as its 4,1 kg NiMH battery, this model will undoubtedly continue to win riders hearts for many years to come.

NiMH 24V 8AHr (192 WHr)
Weight: 9 lb / 4.1 kg

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  1. I Bionx P 250, Ver 1.2,May 2005, 24V NiMH battery does not work, I tried 24V lithium-ion battery (7S5P) Show console all functions but not help motor(not work el.motor) . put in place the battery power supply stabilized on the same rezultat.A volunteer one 10 seconds and stopped. Please help instructions.

  2. never think that you can add a trigger to your console ?? I have same system has you, but I can’t figure how to open console casing ?? I’m pretty sure that it could be possible to short cut a switch for a "boost" trigger !

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