BionX Promo electric kit from the USA

BionX Promo electric kit from the USA

Is getting up those hill getting you down? Do you find the ride to work to long and time consuming? Don’t want to arrive sweaty at work? Family members can’t keep up on group rides? Maybe the BionX electric bicycle motor assist is the answer for you. Spelled BionX and pronounced bionix (bionics) ~ The BionX converts your bike into a lightweight rechargeable electric bike.

Made in Ontario, Canada the BionX electric bike motor conversion kits are high tech, easy to control and lightweight. We stock their top of the line PL 350 system. It features Lithium Ion batteries for light weight and long life and a 350 watt motor to add a significant boost and flatten those hills! It even has regenerative braking (like a hybrid electric car) to charge your battery while saving your brakes on down hills! We keep a recumbent in the shop ready to ride set up with the BionX electric bicycle motor, come give it a try and test ride it!

BionX Promo best electric kit

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  1. most electric bikes have a range of 25 -35 km

  2. what are the cost of the Bionx System?

  3. I’ve had a 500watt electric bike for a few years now and a friend has one of these Bionics at 350watt. Its just not enough. 500watt pushes you effortlessly at 30kms/hr. 350watt you are still going to have to pedal hard up hill. Also, you need to constantly frang with the controls to get the best out of it. Good thing is that the system is software programmable..

  4. 500 watt bike

  5. wow i just love the one girls attitude about losing weight and being healthy. dont pedal your bike yourself. instead of burning 100% of the calories you should try burning only 5% and use an ebike !

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