BionX Special Edition 48v Electric Bike Kit

BionX Special Edition 48v Electric Bike Kit
As of 2012 – Kits ship with Silver motor and battery.

The new BionX special edition electric bike kit is now in stock and I thought you’d like to see us open the first box. The BionX SL XL kit is lighter and better looking than ever.

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  1. Roses are red
    violets are blue
    this poem makes no sense

  2. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The BionX premium 48v electric bike kit will convert your bike into an ebike with fully automated pedal assist… too -Jack

  3. What is it a 9a/h? if it is it’s not good enough you need a minimum of 48 volt 20 A/H

  4. The entry level BionX kit is pretty slick at about half the price.

  5. Check the website for current prices. You can find the link in the video description.

  6. I live in the Philippines and I know someone who lives in NY who can forward it to me, so I’m not going to ask if you ship internationally. I’ve visited the website and checked the kit out and I have a few questions:
    1. Do you sell replacement 48v batteries? if so how much do they cost?
    2. How does this kit fare in rainy conditions? and is water damage included in the warranty (it rains a lot here and the streets can flood to knee high)
    3. Will shipping the kit outside the US void the warranty?

  7. You have NO CLUE what you are doing do you Mr.Andonized…LOL..I see all that college worked wonders for you..

  8. Not to be picky……..but its ANODIZED not Andanized

  9. Our thoughts exactly, Barry!

  10. @SiriuslyPtah Well, good question! I guess I’ll ask the next customer who has it installed if it is alright with them to make a movie with their bike. Definitely a movie we need to produce. -Peter

  11. I know because violet is a shade of purple.. not blue.

  12. Supermad Australian Hacker December 7, 2020 @ 8:31 pm

    go BionX

  13. How the hell can you get excited about such a small battery?

  14. @petergalli2001 Gracias por su interes Peter! -Peter

  15. Ahh I see, well your doing a very good job. I built my own I get a range of around 50 miles using a 48 volt 20 AH battery no peddling required.

  16. Responded, best- jack

  17. Actually, I’m a Machinist, so I can’t help it….(lol)
    I would like to have a gas engine on a bike, but not happening in NYS
    These electrics look very interesting, I’m just in the learning stages right now.

  18. Unfortunately we are no longer shipping internationally. Best- Jack

  19. If you’re looking for a bike that’s made electric, I would recommend looking up the Stromer Electric Bike. We have some great videos of the Stromer on Youtube which should come up with a search. In any case, again I’m sorry to hear about your experience, please keep in touch, and don’t hesitate to give us a call at (212) 737 3078 if you have any more questions. Best- jack

  20. The 48 Volt kit is 10 Amp Hours, 20 mile range, good amount of power. We kept the battery below 20A/H as many of our conversions here at the shop involve folding bikes and we wanted to prioritize lightweight and portability – jack

  21. I can’t list prices on youtube, but you can follow the link embedded in the video for information about price and specs. Best – jack

  22. pichirucha tachuelita December 7, 2020 @ 8:39 pm

    pe-de-lec !!!!!!! PE – DE – LEC. iGUALMENTE e recomendado este buen video. 48 w son muy interesantes !

  23. no handle for the speed?can someone explain to me how does this kit works?i mean without a new handle for you bike how can you change the speed during your ride?

  24. wow.. the pricea for these kits are crazyyy!! when i could get basicaly the samr effect from a 4×4 truck starter or large electric motor,lawn mower battery, and a alternator lol. plus a little more. only difference is the weight.. and the cost!!! $200 versus what your kits cost… it is a mice concept tho. but wayyy to pricey!!

  25. Good catch, do you have a BionX Special edition kit on your bike at home? best – jack

  26. Why the new BionX DX series is so awesome:

  27. Very nice, how much does it weigh with the battery? – jack

  28. All good questions. We don’t have a kit that will work for that bike and we don’t install anything that wasn’t purchased in our shop. That’s because we wouldn’t have spare parts, service manuals, or any ability to support the installation of a product we don’t carry. I hope you understand. As to the compatibility: you’d have to contact a retailer for 16" wheel kits to determine that. Sorry we can’t be of more help! -Peter

  29. @xxgg I hesitate to label anything as "the best" especially when we carry so many different brands. However, I think BionX would be "the best" for people who want smooth integrated assistance and the feeling of riding a bike. The BionX is not the ultimate-go-fast-motor-bike kit, but it does help you travel farther and faster than you ever thought you could. -Peter

  30. Supermad Australian Hacker December 7, 2020 @ 8:52 pm

    go BionX you can check my ebike 2012 on my channel!

  31. BionX rocks!- Jack

  32. why to made only 200 units world-wide if is so good?

  33. When it comes to a battery this powerful, sometimes it is the size that counts- jack

  34. Wow cool. How much?

  35. @laxwork This Special Edition BionX kit was a first run to offer early adapters something special. BionX now offers the 48V BionX kit as a standard item. Visit the link in the description for more info or to order. -Peter

  36. They’re a great alternative for gas engine, still got some oumph with the 350 watt motor, with assisted pedaling you get a respectable 45 mile range, and, as a personal preference, I enjoy the feel of electric assistance because I still feel like I’m riding a normal bike. In any case, thanks for watching our videos and for posting. Keep in touch- jack

  37. BionX the best electric kit out there ?

  38. @nycewheels WOW ,thanks alot!

  39. Very good!

  40. @SiriuslyPtah
    you are right, we are slackers…No Seriously, this is a special edition BionX kit that was limited at 200 units world-wide. They have sold out very quickly. We will do a Video on the 2012 48Volt kits. (estimated ship date is February 15th) -BC

  41. hey there i have a Schwinn stingray krate do you think a 16” front hub motor electric 48v 1000w kit will fit on it. do you guys have a 16” kit on your site. also if you guys don’t have it and i order the kit somewhere else can you guys install the kit on my bike.

  42. So, is it a 20 watt motor?  100 watt?   What?

  43. Very nice unboxing vid. Thank you for it. Everything I’ve read and heard suggests that this is a quality product. But they need to bring the price down significantly before I’ll go anywhere near it. 

  44. Sorry to hear about your experience, it’s these types of scams that make us work hard to keep connected with our customers, and make sure they’re well taken care of. – Jack

  45. Although the warranty will not technically be void, if you ship the BionX internationally we will have major difficulty servicing your bike given the overseas shipping restrictions on lithium ion batteries. Water damage is not covered by the manufacturers warranty. We do sell replacement lithium ion batteries, if you have a contact here in the states that we can ship to. I can’t list prices here, but you can get more information on our website: nycewheels (dot) com Best-Jack

  46. Copenhagen wheel stylee!?!
     Is that a 29r , 26in? Also can you buy the motor hub to build your own wheel? What is the spoke length? I can see that it’s using a 1x spoke pattern.

  47. We have them in stock and ready to order! – Jack

  48. No…these kits are retardedly expensive..

  49. You have to figure in the quality of the parts used. The BionX costs what it does because it uses very expensive high quality components that will last you forever and perform perfectly. – jack

  50. I have a BionX on a Trek Y-22 since 2007 and it’s still going. I’m surprised the battery has lasted this long and maybe it has to do with the smart charger. Yes it’s more than most kits but it’s much lighter, mostly due to the Li battery. The quality is very good. You can’t compare this to anything cheap.

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